Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale Mode Possibly Discovered Through Glitch

A battle royale mode is all but surely coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as the Season 2 opening cinematic strongly suggested it’s on the way. Now, more evidence for this has emerged. As Charlie Intel reports, multiple players have glitched into the menu for a new mode called “Warzone,” which is presumably the name of the battle royale mode.

Images from the menu show options for Weapons, Operators, and Barracks, while a page for “Drop Kits” that you can edit before matches has also popped up. Additionally, people have claimed to be able to see the new battle royale map by various and unconfirmed means. A video of the entire rumored map has also been posted online.

The Modern Warfare Season 2 update added a new “Classified” page to the game’s title screen; this is believed to be the placeholder for the Warzone battle royale mode. While these latest details seem to be legitimate, Infinity Ward has yet to make any official announcements outside of the teaser. You can re-watch this teaser in the video embed above.

Modern Warfare already has a large-scale mode in the form of Ground War, which supports 64 players. Before launch, Infinity Ward teased that the game could support a 100-player mode at some point, and now it seems it’s happening with a battle royale mode.

There are numerous unsubstantiated rumors about Modern Warfare’s reported battle royale mode floating around now, including that Warzone could be a standalone free-to-play game, but nothing is locked down yet. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

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