Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Charity Campaign Raises $1.6M For Australian Bushfire Crisis

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in-game charity campaign raising money for the Australian bushfire crisis has come to an end, and it brought in a lot of money. Activision has announced that the campaign raised more than $1.6 million through sales of the “Outback Relief Pack.”

The money will go to the charity Direct Relief. The group is already putting the money into action, as Activision said Direct Relief is providing emergency and health supplies across Australia.

“Call of Duty players around the world came together in support of this terrible tragedy. We’re honored to help in this effort with the funds from the Outback Relief pack,” Call of Duty executive Byron Beede said in a statement. “We thank everyone for their generosity, and we look forward to putting this donation into action.”

Direct Relief’s Thomas Tighe said, “This was an astounding act of generosity on the part of Activision and the larger Call of Duty community, and we at Direct Relief are deeply grateful. Most importantly, the Call of Duty community’s amazing support will translate directly into help for people in Australia.”

The Outback Relief Pack, which was sold throughout January, included a Bushranger operator skin, a koala charm, and the blueprints for the legendary “Big Game” sniper rifle. There is also a new sticker, gun art, operator quip, and finishing move, as well as a token to skip one tier in the Modern Warfare Battle Pass. It cost about $18 USD.

The bushfire crisis is an ongoing concern in Australia. As of February 4, there were 62 bush and grass fires burning in New South Wales, 29 of which are not contained.

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