Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare New Maps, Spec Ops Missions Continue Season One Drops

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched its Season One content on PC, PS4, and Xbox One recently, but part of that live game plan includes regular content drops throughout the season as well. That will be the case with this week’s “Season One Refresh,” which will include a new game mode, operator, maps, and Spec Ops missions. Plus you can claim a little bonus for logging in.

The refresh includes the Cranked game mode, a Deathmatch variant that has you racing to get kills. You can also try the new Spec Ops missions Operation Strong Box, Classic Special Ops Disinform, and Classic Special Ops Bomb Squad. The new operator Nikto will be available in a new operator bundle that includes the character along with a watch, weapon blueprints, and customization items. The Docks map will also get a holiday-themed reskin called Over Winter, and the the classic maps Shipment and Vacant are still to come later this season.

Finally, if you log in on December 18 after 10 AM PT, you can get a free gift pack in the “Just For You” section of the store. From December 20 at 10 AM PT to December 23 at 10 AM PT, you can score double weapon XP.

Other content drops are still planned for throughout the rest of the season. This is part of Infinity War’s live game plan for Modern Warfare, having announced before release that it would no longer use map packs that splinter the player base. The seasons do come with Battle Passes that earn you some cosmetic items, but all maps and game-changing additions like new weapons or equipment are free for all players.

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