Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Teases Simon "Ghost" Riley For Season 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has confirmed the return of a fan-favorite character. A brief teaser hints at the return of Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley, scheduled to drop on February 11, when Season 2 is likely to begin.

The teaser on Twitter shows someone logging into view encrypted files from Captain Price, ending with a brief view of Ghost’s reflection in the laptop screen. The files themselves may hint at what to expect on the release date, as it teases “updated weapons system/ordinance” and “new team operators” for support. All of this is said to be happening at the location “Grid X-Ray Delta Yankee 4.”

Aside from those clues, the teaser doesn’t give any more details. We can probably expect Ghost to join as a multiplayer character, or a new Spec Ops mission featuring the character.

The inclusion of Ghost doesn’t come as much surprise. He’s been one of the most popular Call of Duty characters since his debut in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, and Infinity Ward has been hinting at a return. Modern Warfare 2019 was something of a soft reboot, reintroducing characters like Captain Price in a new, updated context. We will have to see how Infinity Ward updates the enigmatic Ghost, if at all.

This Modern Warfare is also being treated as a live game, with regular updates adding new battle pass rewards, maps, playlists, and other features. The latest update added Shipment as the 24/7 map, and tweaked several weapons.

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