Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Third-Person Glitch Shows Surprising Potential

Call of Duty games have occasionally featured third-person modes over the years, but 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is not one of them—or it wasn’t one of them. A glitch discovered in the game’s Survival mode on PS4 turned the game into a third-person shooter for one player, and it shows potential for an official mode.

Discovered by Reddit user Tkade14 by accident, the third-person “mode” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare puts the camera far behind the player-character, and their movement remains smooth enough that it doesn’t look like a glitch. The player stuck with a knife for much of the footage and no target reticle made shooting a challenge, but they still managed to take out several enemies first.

It isn’t the only instance of the glitch happening recently. Another instance was captured in a separate game of Survival mode, but the video has since been deleted.

The glitch arguably gives the player an advantage over first-person players because of the increased environmental awareness you get in third-person, though the Survival mode is against computer-controlled enemies. When they’re swarming your position and you need to make an exit, being able to see in all directions is a huge asset. It comes at the cost of quicker aiming and accuracy, but this is less important in single-player and cooperative modes.

Call of Duty Mobile on iOS and Android does include a third-person option, as well, for its battle royale mode. Players are given their own lobbies in order to eliminate any balance issues, but the console games have seemed opposed to the idea for more than a decade.

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