Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Adds A Familiar Game Mode

Infinity Ward has introduced a new mode to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with the start of 2020. The studio shared details about Grind, a deathmatch mode combining two Call of Duty game types into one fast-paced battle for dog tags, in a blog post.

Grind, as seen in 2013’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, is an amalgam of Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed, and is now playable on all platforms. The objective is to kill your enemies and collect their dog tags by delivering them to your team’s location. Similar to Kill Confirmed, you can deny dog tag confirmations by grabbing them yourself. But you also drop your own dog tag, along with the many you may have collected, when you are shot down.

Infinity Ward said Grind “add[s] multiple levels of tactics into an already tension-filled battlefield,” and the studio shared several strategies and tips on how to perform best while playing the new mode.

Infinity Ward also tweeted a playlist update alongside Grind’s announcement, saying the new mode replaces Drop Zone, Shoot House 24/7 replaces Shoot the Ship, and Snowfight has been removed.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare received an update on December 18 that added several new pieces of content and implemented numerous balance changes and bug fixes. Packaged within that update were new multiplayer maps brought back from 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The patch also included a new Operator and Special Operation, addressed issues with audio and weapons, and much more.

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