Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Adds Infantry-Only Ground War

Update: The latest patch which adds the infantry-only Ground War–playfully nicknamed “Boots on the Ground War” mode–is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It also adds a new Bazaar map and balance tweaks. However, one change since the release of the update sees the removal of the Giant Infection playlist, which was providing players with more XP than intended. The original story follows.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has shared a few details on what’s coming to the multiplayer shooter this week. Playlist updates are typically released every Tuesday, and the headline addition this week is a twist on the massive 32v32 Ground War game mode.

An infantry-only playlist is being added, removing both tanks and APCs from the equation. This should make Ground War matches akin to extra-large variants on the usual Modern Warfare action, as opposed to the Battlefield-tinged mayhem that comes from adding vehicles to the mix.

Gunfight’s 3v3 sniper variant is also coming back this week, taking place on Rust. Gunfight is getting a new map, too, called Bazaar. This was previously teased in the Season 2 roadmap.

To wrap up the week, a double XP event kicks off on Friday and runs through the entire weekend. This is a good opportunity to move up a few tiers on Season 2’s Battle Pass.

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