Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Coming This Week, Here's What It Changes

It’s going to be a big week for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Community manager Ashton Williams confirmed on Twitter that the military shooter’s next big update should release sometime before the week is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

This is the big update that developer Infinity Ward has been talking about for some time already. The update will include general stability improvements and bug fixes, as well as bigger-ticket items like weapon tuning and adjustments to footstep audio. There will also be changes to how claymores work “and more,” Williams said.

Modern Warfare’s co-director of multiplayer, Joe Cecot, added that there will be even more updates and improvements to the game in the upcoming update, though he did not offer any details on what they might be.

The update will be release “over the next few days,” Williams said in a tweet sent on November 6. That means it should be released any time now, though as Williams mentioned, specific release timing could change. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

Since launch, one of the biggest complaints players have put to Infinity Ward is that two weapons in particular–the M4 rifle and the 725 shotgun–are overpowered. Williams said in a follow-up tweet that the 725 should be among the weapons that gets addressed in the update. Players have also reported that claymores are generally over-used and too effective, so it will be interesting to see what changes are in store. There should also be fixes for the Spec Ops mode, Williams said in another tweet.

Modern Warfare launched on October 25, and it needed just three days to bring in more than $600 million in sales. Its sales over its first three days were better than every other Call of Duty released during this generation of consoles.

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