Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Updates Its Playlist With New Modes, Including A Fan Favorite

Infinity Ward has just rolled out a multiplayer playlist update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The update rotates in some new game modes (including an old fan favorite), adds a new map to Ground War, and includes new additions to the shooter’s Hardcore mode.

For starters, Gunfight has now been replaced by Gunfight: OSP, which adds a twist to the small-scale 2v2 mode introduced in this year’s Call of Duty. The setup is much the same, with the key difference being players will have to scavenge weapons on the battlefield as opposed to being provided with a loadout at the start of each round.

The fan-favorite Infected also makes its way to Modern Warfare for the first time. Originally introduced as an April Fool’s joke in Modern Warfare 3, the mode has since become a staple of the series, pitting a randomly selected “infected” player against everyone else. Uninfected players have to avoid or kill the infected, while the infected player has to spread the so-called disease until the uninfected’s player numbers dwindle and there’s eventually no one left.

Both modes will be leaving the game in just over a week on December 18, so make the most of them while you still can.

In addition to Gunfight: OSP and Infected, the playlist update also adds the Aniyah Palace map to Ground War–the large-scale 64 player mode that’s got more than a little Battlefield about it. Aniyah Palace was actually one of the first Ground War maps Infinity Ward showed off prior to Modern Warfare’s release, and it’s finally made its way into the game now. A smaller version of the map was previously available in 10v10 modes, but even then the map felt too big for the player numbers, so it was removed.

Elsewhere, the Hardcore playlist has added Shoot House 24/7, another NVG Moshpit, and a Free For All mode.

Season One of Modern Warfare kicked off last week, bringing with it new content and a 100-tier Battle Pass. It also marked the opening of an in-game store, which has now been stocked with a couple of new cosmetic bundles: Cold Blood and Mother Russia. Activision described both bundles in a blog post, saying, “The ‘Cold Blood’ bundle is fit for a cold and hardened Operator. Pick it up to look fierce in the ‘Winter Warrior’ skin for Golem, take out the competition with the ‘White Out’ handgun weapon blueprint, or take some time with the ‘Precious Commodity’ watch, and more. Get this collection of chill items to look the part of a stone-cold killer.

“Say ‘Dasvidaniya’ to your foes and channel the menacing force of the Red State with the ‘Mother Russia’ Featured Bundle. The bundle includes the ‘Commuter’ Operator skin for Yegor to blend in with the locals, the ‘Old Country’ LMG weapon blueprint for high damage eliminations, the ‘Brass Tactics’ Finishing Move to pummel your enemies, and more. Get the ‘Mother Russia’ bundle for themed goods from the Motherland.”

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