Call Of Duty Season 5: Modern Warfare/Warzone File Size, Battle Pass, New Maps, Modes

A new season is about to begin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the battle royale game Warzone. Activision has now lifted the veil on the Season 5 content, and it sounds like one of the biggest seasons to date. We’re breaking down all the big-ticket items here, while you can expect the update to drop on August 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Here’s everything new that’s coming, including a revamp to the Warzone map that opens the stadium, new Modern Warfare maps, and much more.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Content And File Size:

One of the first things you may notice in Verdansk is that the stadium–which is now officially known as the Acropolis National Arena–is now open for visitors.

The stadium is gigantic, and players can either drop directly into it or enter from the ground. The stadium has a field, of course, as well as rows of seating where skirmishes will no doubt take place. There is also an underground parking garage, a lobby, and “multiple interior concourses.”

Also now open in Season 5 is the train station that was previously closed off. The station features multiple areas to move through, and they are all linked to the main concourse and platforms. Activision said this update will “significantly” change the look, feel, and tactical approach for the area.

Connected to this, Season 5 also introduces a freight train that constantly runs on the tracks throughout the southwestern part of the map. “It can be a source of protection, an epicenter of firefights, and even offers some exceptional takedown potential if your team claims the train for themselves, and guards it with additional vehicles and heavy weaponry,” Activision said.

A train comes to Verdansk

Also new for Season 5 are “exterior ascenders” that can be found throughout the map. These ascenders were previously limited to elevator shafts in tall buildings, but now you’ll find them throughout the map to help you reach higher places faster. This may be particularly helpful for taking down snipers who are perched in hard-to-access locations.

File Size

Like previous seasons, the new Season 5 is another gigantic download. This one ranges from 33.9 GB on PS4 to 54.2 GB on PC for those who own Modern Warfare.

PlayStation 4: 33.9 GB (Modern Warfare and Warzone owners)

Xbox One: 49.8 GB (Modern Warfare and Warzone owners)

PC: 54.2 GB (Modern Warfare owners) and 47.4 GB (Warzone only owners)

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New Warzone Modes

New to Warzone in Season 5 is a new mode called Mini Royale. Described as a condensed and faster-paced version of the standard battle royale, this variant drops the number of operators on the battlefield, though an exact number was not mentioned. “Only the first and last five minutes of a normal BR game exist, meaning rapid deployment, constant movement, and high-kill strategies are set to yield victories that are both short and sweet,” Activision said.

Weapon Changes

The weapons found across Verdansk either on the ground or in crates has been “meticulously updated,” Activision said. There will now be eight common, 13 uncommon, 15 rare, 19 epic, and 25 legendary variants across the map.


Included with the new Season 5 battle pass is what Activision is called “Wartracks.” There are three songs, one of which is called “Sepulchre,” that you can equip to listen to as you play. Tracks can also be equipped to vehicles, so you only hear the music when you’re driving. The music can also apply to your entire squad. You can unlock the tracks by purchasing the battle pass or by grinding through the tiers.

Free Weekend

People playing the free-to-play Warzone client will be able to try the standard Modern Warfare multiplayer from August 7 at 10 AM PT through August 12 at the same time. There are only five multiplayer maps available, but they include some of the new Season 5 ones, Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig.

Modern Warfare Season 5 Updates

Moving to Modern Warfare, players are getting a lot of new content, starting with more maps. The new Gunfight map is called Livestock, and it’s set on a rural compound surrounding a barn. Hay bales can be used for cover, but watch out because they can also be set on fire.

Another new map is Petrov Oil Rig, which is available for standard multiplayer at launch. This 6v6 map is set on an oilrig in the middle of the ocean. “This new map is divided into five distinct sections, with players starting on opposite ends of the rig; either at a lifeboat muster station or a helicopter landing pad,” Activision said. “Other areas to explore include a central bridge, an interior cafeteria, oil storage, and the massive rig drill itself.”

The new Livestock map

Also coming to Modern Warfare’s standard multiplayer at the Season 5 launch is the Suldal Harbor map. The 6v6 map is set in a Middle Eastern harbor, and players will do battle through locations like fish markets, administrative buildings, and shipping areas.

Another new map is Verdansk International Airport, which is a large-scale map for the Ground War mode. “The zone encompasses the airport interior, parking garage, adjacent apartment complex and subway entrance, as well as the hangars along the eastern edge of the map,” Activision said.

New Game Modes And Playlists

In addition to the new maps, Activision is delivering new game modes and playlists in Season 5. In the Bare Bones playlist, players will take part in Team Deathmatch, Domination, HQ, Hard Point, and Kill Confirmed, but the twist is that there are no killstreaks, field upgrades, or perks.

Also new in Season 5 is the Search and Destroy Double Down mode. One team is charged with planting a bomb while the other must stop them or defuse it. What’s different here is that the team size is doubled from 6v6 to 12v12.

New Challenges

More than 12 new “mastery challenges” have been introduced for both Modern Warfare and Warzone. These are described as being aimed at the “most elite players,” so they will likely be very difficult to complete. However, Activision did not say what the challenges will entail.

Season 5 Battle Pass

Like with previous seasons, the new Season 5 update introduces a new battle pass. Purchasing it outright instantly unlocks the ISO SMG and AN-94 assault rifles. Alternatively, the ISO SMG is unlocked at tier 15 and the AN-94 rifle can be yours once you reach tier 31.

The battle pass also comes with new emblems, stickers, calling cards, charms, more Call of Duty points, and weapon blueprints, among other things.

New Operators

The Season 5 battle pass contains the new Operator, Lerch, who is a member of the new Shadow Company faction. You must purchase the battle pass to unlock Lerch. You can also unlock special variants of the soldier, “Gargantua” and “Colossus,” by completing Lerch’s new Operator mission.

Other new operators in Season 5 include Velikan, who is a member of the new Shadow Company faction, along with Morte, who is described as a “skilled tracker who loves the Old West.” These operators will be rolled out later in Season 5.

More Bonuses

Also included with the Season 5 battle pass are new vehicle skins, including the Tarrasch (ATV), Siege Tower (Cargo Truck), and Night Ranger (SUV). More skins are in the new battle pass, too, including Safeguard (Otter), Lynx (Domino), Honcho (Yegor), and Chill Pull (Syd). A new finishing move is also included in the battle pass; it’s called “Nevermore,” and it calls in a raven to kill your enemy.

Players who make it all the way to tier 100 of the Season 5 battle pass will get the “Rook” skin for Roze, along with the “Veil” skin for vehicles, among other bonuses.

Season Trials

Activision is expanding the roster of trials, which are single-player missions that offer extra XP. Here is a rundown of the new Trials in Season 5:

1. Gun Course (Hideout and Trench): Make your way through the course as quickly as possible while clearing all enemy targets and avoiding civilian casualties.

2. Marksman Challenge (Grazna Raid): Engage waves of long distance targets and beat the clock. Missed shots burn time.

3. Risky Parkour (Hackney Yard): Move through each checkpoint and finish the course as quickly as possible. Beware of the heavy toxic gas on low ground.

4. Risky Parkour (Suldal Harbor): Collect all Dogtags to finish the course as quickly as possible. Beware of the heavy toxic gas on low ground.

5. Quad Race (Euphrates Bridge): Race an ATV to the finish line for the fastest possible time.

6. Price’s Alley (Guncourse): Practice your throwing skills with lethal equipment and reach as many targets as possible before time runs out.

7. Shooting Range (Livestock): Locate and shoot all targets in the area as quickly as possible while conserving ammunition.

8. Behind Enemy Lines (Hovec Sawmill): Live fire exercise. Find and eliminate all hostiles in the A.O. as quickly as possible.

While Modern Warfare and Warzone are still going strong, Activision is releasing a new Call of Duty game this year, and it’s rumored to be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War from developer Treyarch.

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