Call Of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale Update Fixes Gas Ring Exploit

Infinity Ward has released a few hotfixes to address bugs and exploits in Call of Duty: Warzone–a new free-to-play battle royale game that also ties into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. One of the more notable hotfixes addresses an exploit that allowed players to easily survive the gas cloud ring.

YouTube user Steve noticed that, while in the gas cloud ring, two players can keep their squad alive by constantly reviving each other. The reason this worked is because Warzone didn’t have a feature tied to revives to discourage players from helping each other multiple times in a row.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, for example, decreases the amount of time you can remain in a downed state before an ally needs to pick you up with each time you’re killed–this makes it hard to reach a teammate in time if they quickly get downed two or three times in a row. In Apex Legends, your time decreases if you’re downed in quick succession and you come back with very low health, making it all but impossible to pick up a downed teammate as the closing ring grows more deadly with every round.

Since you can revive your squadmates relatively quickly in Warzone and they come back with most of their health, Steve and his friend discovered you could just endure the gas cloud and automatically win. If you’re far from where the final safe circle will be, there’s pretty much no way the final few squads will be able to locate and kill you.

Infinity Ward has also rolled out a hotfix to address the lag some players experience when approaching or picking up a contract in Warzone. Additionally, on Twitter, Infinity Ward co-design director of multiplayer Joe Cecot wrote that a future update will address one of the more annoying aspects of Warzone. Currently, downing a player doesn’t net you the kill–finishing them does. You could down 50 players, but you’ll still only have zero kills if your teammates or another squad swoop in and finish off all 50. The update will change that, adopting Apex Legends’ system where the kill goes to the person who actually downed the target and removed them from the firefight.

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