Call Of Duty: Warzone Brings Back Trios

Call of Duty Warzone, the free-to-play battle royale as part of Modern Warfare, got rid of Trios mode when it launched Season 3, introducing Quads instead. That only lasted a couple of days, because Infinity Ward has now added Trios back into the game, alongside Quads so you can take your pick.

Infinity Ward tweeted out the announcement that Trios was back. At first the return of Trios was using older, pre-Season 3 loot pools, but Infinity Ward quickly issued a fix for that as well.

Other recent changes include a price increase for the Loadout Drop to $10,000, marking another price change to the powerful ability following feedback that it was still overpowered. It lets you call in an airdrop that comes with a loadout of weapons, so the ability to pick your weaponry beforehand can be a big advantage. The update also shows a distance counter between yourself and teammates to help squads stick together.

Season 3 introduces more free maps and free weapons alongside the paid cosmetics in the premium battle pass. It also brings back a familiar face as a new operator, Alex from the Modern Warfare campaign. Two more operators will be joining during the season. A teaser for the season could hint at what’s to come next as well. Plus, it brings back the series’ favorite very good boy.

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