Call Of Duty's "Border War" Skin Gets Less-Controversial Name

Infinity Ward has changed the name of its controversial “Border War” skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone after backlash. The Call of Duty developer changed the name to “Home on the Range” while also changing its in-game description.

The studio’s use of the skin has been criticized for glorifying the police at a time when protests against police violence are ongoing around the world. It also carries anti-immigration sentiments that some fans have called out on Twitter. The Santa Monica-based studio announced the change, which came via a patch on July 14, with a tweet.

The skin’s description originally read “show them the error of their ways and make them pay with D-Day’s Border War operator skin” and has now been changed to “play along with the deer and the antelope with the Home on the Range D-Day operator skin.” Nothing else about the skin was changed.

Infinity Ward also removed the OK sign gesture, an in-game gesture that has been culturally associated with white supremacy, earlier this month. The symbol has been replaced with a new one called Crush during the game’s latest mid-season patch.

Infinity Ward has made a number of changes within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone amid the global Black Lives Matter protests. Several loading screens for both games were replaced with messages supporting Black Lives Matter in early June. Activision also released a new playlist of modes and bundles earlier today. You can check out the details from the update here.

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