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Y6S3.1 Patch Notes


Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.29 GB
  • Steam: 847.7 MB
  • Xbox One: 1.07 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.56 GB
  • PS4: 1.46 GB
  • PS5: 1.07 GB


  • FIXED – After spawning with Blitz or Montagne and switching PC windows, hip-fire spread is reduced.
  • FIXED – The operator can lean and clip inside the electrical box at EXT Garage on Villa map.
  • FIXED – Various asset issues on Bank map.
  • FIXED – Various collision issues on Coastline map.
  • FIXED – Various LOD issues on multiple maps.

  • FIXED – The refill SFX for Lesion’s GU is not triggered.
  • FIXED – When shooting Clash’s CCE Shield with Kali’s CSRX 300, the operator will not receive the Guard Break state nor the animation.
  • FIXED – Osa’s bullet impact decals disappear when deploying her Talon-8 Shield.
  • FIXED – The first-person camera is offset inside Maestro’s Evil Eye when a player spectates through it.
  • FIXED – Voice Chat Volume is set to 0 when accepting a party invite on Stadia.
  • FIXED – Under certain conditions, HUD markers will not be visible to players.
  • FIXED – ADS Sensitivity slider jumps in increment of 2 when set to Standard.
  • FIXED – Extra texture is present in first-person view on all of Buck’s uniforms.
  • FIXED – Various localization issues.

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Community Artist Bundle Program Y6S3: FrAgMenT

After releasing the amazing SAU_SIEGE[rainbow6.com] and Sunstark [rainbow6.com]bundles in Y6S1 and Y6S2, we are delighted to continue our collaboration with Prime Gaming for the Community Artist Bundle Program in Y6S3 Crystal Guard!

With this program, we want to celebrate our amazingly creative and dedicated community artists and give them a chance to be represented in-game. Each chosen artist will have the opportunity to design a full set for an operator of their choice and the resulting bundles will become available during Year 6 and beyond.

Today, we are proud to present our next Community Artist Bundle: A Samurai and Oni – a type of yōkai, Japanese spirit – inspired set for Hibana, designed by FrAgMenT.

This Hibana Operator Bundle includes the FrAgMenT:

  • Uniform
  • Headgear
  • Weapon skin
  • Charm


The FrAgMenT Operator Bundle will be available via Prime Gaming for a limited time, starting from Wednesday, September 22nd.

Prime Gaming members will be able to claim this exclusive set for free. If you’re not a Prime member yet, you can sign up for a free trial.

A Renown Booster is currently available from Prime Gaming until September 22nd when the FrAgMenT Operator Bundle will be live, so don’t forget to claim this too!

Here’s how you can get these Prime Gaming offers:

  • Link your Ubisoft and Amazon accounts here[primegaming.ubisoft.com].
  • Redeem the respective offer through Prime Gaming here[gaming.amazon.com].
  • Receive the content automatically in-game within 48 hours.


Before joining the Siege community, FrAgMenT was mostly known as a community artist for For Honor, which he continues to love, especially for its setting.
In 2018, when FrAgMenT was a Ubisoft Star Player, he was contacted by Ubisoft Australia to draw Siege artwork. As this was his first time drawing tactical gear and modern elements, this was a new challenge for him. During this process, FrAgMenT gained an appreciation for this style of artwork, and along with the support of the Siege community, it led him to join the Siege Champions Program[rainbow6.com] along with other talented community members!
FrAgMenT’s art is all about challenging perspectives and details while telling stories and bringing emotions into his artwork. But why Hibana? FrAgMenT wanted to introduce his passion for Japanese mythology and folklore in a well-fitting way. On top of being his favorite operator, Hibana felt like the perfect choice for his vision. The design is inspired by characters he’s created with some important elements: horns, a headband, and typical Oni colors.
Don’t forget to follow FrAgMenT on Artstation[www.artstation.com], Twitter, and Instagram[www.instagram.com] to see more!


What is the Community Artist Bundle Program?
The Community Artist Bundle Program launched in Y6S1 and it brings operator bundles created by some of our most talented and dedicated Siege fan artists into the game.

I’m a Siege fan artist too – what can I do to get selected as well?
Given the length of our production cycle for in-game content, the fan artists for Year 6 have already been determined. However, we are always on the lookout for future participants. If your goal is to see your bundle in-game, continue showing us your passion and strive to be an outstanding member of the Siege community. We have multiple ways for our dedicated community artists to get more involved with the game, such as the Siege Champions Program[rainbow6.com].

How can I get the Y6S3 FrAgMenT Operator bundle?
Link your Ubisoft account with your Amazon account here [primegaming.ubisoft.com]and claim the Operator set through Prime Gaming[gaming.amazon.com] starting from September 22nd. After successfully redeeming the content, it will be available in your in-game inventory within 48 hours. Players must have Hibana available as an operator.

Can I buy the FrAgMenT Operator Bundle with Renown or R6 Credits as well?
The FrAgMenT Operator Bundle is exclusive to Prime Gaming for a limited time only and can be obtained via the Prime Gaming offer as described above. Prime Gaming is included for free with Amazon Prime, and free trials are available for new users.

Will this offer be available on all platforms?
Yes, it can be redeemed on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia.

How long will this offer be available?
Following its release on September 22nd, you have one month to claim this offer via Prime Gaming.

I don’t see my rewards.
If you’re having trouble redeeming your FrAgMenT Operator Bundle, please contact our support[support.ubisoft.com].

For more information about Prime Gaming, visit the Prime Gaming FAQ[www.amazongames.com].

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Y6S3 Crystal Guard Patch Notes Addendum

Updates and fixes made over the course of the Y6S3 Test Server. For the full Crystal Guard Patch Notes, follow the link below.

Crystal Guard Season Patch Notes: https://rainbow6.com/crystalguard

Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 24 GB
  • Steam: 12 GB
  • Xbox One: 20 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 20 GB
  • PS4: 20 GB
  • PS5: 16 GB


Ranked and Unranked Earning Increased

  • Increased XP and Renown gain in Ranked and Unranked by 15% to match other PVP playlists.

Modified M762 recoil so it’s slightly easier to control.

  • Horizontal spread to the left has been reduced.

Modified AK-12 recoil so it’s slightly easier to control.

  • Horizontal spread to the right has been reduced.


  • Decreased the duration of the flash effect based on player’s orientation.
  • Affects Stun grenades, Ying’s Candela and Blitz’s G52-Tactical Shield.


  • FIXED – Windows cursor remains stuck on screen, blocking camera movement.
  • FIXED – Reinforcing a partially damaged hatch does not destroy the original wooden surface.
  • FIXED – Battle Pass reward system is not functional for all game modes and completing a match results in an infinite error message.
  • FIXED – Revive animation isn’t canceled when players fall through a hatch while reviving a teammate.
  • FIXED – Operator first-person view shifts downwards when players lean right while rappelling.
  • FIXED – Defenders can exit onto Skyscraper scaffolding without being detected.
  • FIXED – Players don’t receive Kill score if they are eliminated after they DBNO an opponent and a teammate finishes the opponent.
  • FIXED – Death Replay camera is offset if player is eliminated by an electrified wall.
  • FIXED – Health bars of spotted opponents are visible in HUD.
  • FIXED – Multiple LOD and LOS issues on various maps.
  • FIXED – Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps.
  • FIXED – Exploitable gaps on various maps.
  • FIXED – Multiple clipping, collision, destruction, and asset issues on various maps.
  • FIXED – Multiple lighting issues on various maps.
  • FIXED – Environmental destruction does not occur around indestructible assets.


  • FIXED – EXT location on Bank map that’s normally inaccessible can be accessed by players.
  • FIXED – Deployment animation is no longer available if the barricade animation is canceled on the door that is west of 1F Teller’s Office on Bank map.
  • FIXED – Operator floats and shakes when positioned between the trash bags and concrete ramp on Bank map.
  • FIXED – Aruni’s Surya Gate does not deploy on the door that leads to 1F Tellers’ Office on Bank map.
  • FIXED – Players can navigate onto the top of the fridge on Bank map.


  • FIXED – Hostage is located in 1F Workshop not 1F Server Room as specified by the objective location on Border map.


  • FIXED – Multiple navigation issues where the operator is floating and shaking in specific locations on Clubhouse map.
  • FIXED – Drone can navigate under floors on Clubhouse map.


  • FIXED – Echo’s Yokai loses signal near 1F North Stairs and 1F Hallway on Coastline map.
  • FIXED – During Preparation Phase, a red wall can be seen on one side of the window located at 2F Hallway on Coastline map.
  • FIXED – Echo’s Yokai loses signal if it’s navigated near the wall at 1F North Stairs on Coastline map.
  • FIXED – A gap is visible when Osa’s Talon-8 Shield is attached to the door between 1F Service Entrance and 1F Kitchen on Coastline map.
  • FIXED – Lion, Finka and Iana’s first-person device animations are not interrupted by Oryx’s Remah Dash or Nomad’s Airjabs.
  • FIXED – Operators with wearable electronic devices are not revealed after being pinged by IQ’s Electronics Detector.


  • FIXED – Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher destroys Osa’s Talon-8 Shield when thrown.


  • FIXED – Energy bar for Clash’s CCE Shield is missing.


  • FIXED – Dokkaebi’s 3.0x scope reticle appears in EOR replay.


  • FIXED – Collisions involving Echo’s Yokai interfere with navigation.
  • FIXED – Echo’s Yokai can be attached to any exterior doorframe.


  • FIXED – Flores’ RCE-Ratero Charge gets destroyed near fences on various maps.


  • FIXED – Drill SFX for Fuze’s Cluster Charge continues playing when device is destroyed.
  • FIXED – A reinforced wall is treated as a soft wall if Fuze deploys the Cluster Charge exactly where another device is deployed on the other side.


  • FIXED – Gridlock’s M249 SAW has only 60 bullets when reloading with 1 bullet in the chamber.


  • FIXED – Occasionally, some of Hibana’s X-Kairos pellets don’t deploy when shot in succession.
  • – FIXED – Reload animation for Hibana’s X-Kairos experiences glitches.


  • FIXED – Multiple detection and ping issues with IQ’s Electronics Detector.
  • FIXED – Camera pulses remain stuck on screen of IQ’s Electronics Detector after cameras are destroyed.
  • FIXED – Captured Mozzie drones don’t appear as captured in IQ’s Electronics Detector.
  • FIXED – Regular ping appears instead of smart ping when IQ uses the Electronics Detector to ping the counter defuser in PVE.
  • FIXED – IQ’s Electronics Detector detects friendly drones that have recovered from disabled state.


  • FIXED – Area of effect feedback for Kaid’s Proximity Alarm remains stuck on screen in Support Mode.
  • FIXED – Kaid’s Rtila Electroclaw activates without delay when it drops from one surface to another.


  • FIXED – Lion doesn’t get +5 pts when the EE-One-D detects an opponent.


  • FIXED – Maestro’s Evil Eye can’t destroy Gridlock’s Trax Stingers when they’re deployed on uneven surfaces.
  • FIXED – Shooting the back of Maestro’s Evil Eye while his shield is open, destroys the device.


  • FIXED – Mira loses points when another player breaks a Black Mirror that has a friendly gadget deployed on it.
  • FIXED – Crash occurs if player ejects Mira’s Black Mirror while a device is deployed on it.


  • FIXED – Mute’s Signal Disruptor doesn’t get destroyed when an opponent shoots the antennas.


  • FIXED – HEL Presence Reduction grants Nøkk immunity to slow effect produced by Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense.


  • FIXED – Osa’s weapon collides with Talon-8 Shield if she picks it up while rappelling.
  • FIXED – Handles on Osa’s Talon-8 Shield are incorrectly positioned when she equips/unequips the device while rappelling.
  • FIXED – Osa’s hitbox is too small when she rappels and picks up the Talon-8 Shield.
  • FIXED – Various Osa animation issues.
  • FIXED – Osa does not have a Nighthaven model phone.
  • FIXED – Player can cancel the equip animation for Osa’s Talon-8 Shield.
  • FIXED – SFX is missing when Osa picks up the Talon-8 Shield.


  • FIXED – Health bar flashes when players equip one of Rook’s armor plates after being revived.


  • FIXED – Twitch’s Shock Drone lights appear detached.
  • FIXED – Twitch’s Shock Drone clips through any asset.
  • FIXED – Twitch’s Shock Drone gets destroyed near fences on various maps.
  • FIXED – Landing SFX plays twice after player jumps Twitch’s Shock Drone.
  • FIXED – Twitch’s Shock Drone does not appear during EOR replay.


  • FIXED – Total loss of functionality is encountered when swapping between Zero’s Argus Camera and other Observation Tools.
  • FIXED – Multiple UI and graphics issues.
  • FIXED – Various Match Replay issues.
  • FIXED – Various localization issues.
  • FIXED – Various voice chat and VFX issues.
  • FIXED – Various customization and Shop issues.
  • FIXED – Surrender vote remains active when round ends before the vote expires.
  • FIXED – Player usernames are sometimes replaced with random numbers and letters representing the profile ID of a linked account.
  • FIXED – Operator icons and player usernames shake when players move around.
  • FIXED – Tactical map was not updated after release of reworked Bank map.
  • FIXED – UI elements present during EOR replay do not respond correctly after player modifies the HUD Display Area.
  • FIXED – MMR Rollback popups appear after players complete a match, not when they log into the game.
  • FIXED – Online ID on PS5 is split in Simplified Chinese.
  • FIXED – A PC player has the communication disabled for all Stadia users if the PC user activates the Crossplay Communication option only after entering the session.

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In Year 6 Season 3, the Sixth Guardian Program[news.ubisoft.com] rolls onward! The program aims to support a charity via the sales of an in-game bundle which is available throughout the entire length of a Season, with 100% of net proceeds (with a minimum of $6 USD per bundle sold) going to the charity. Your purchases will help to directly support a charity and help a diverse range of causes. Together, we hope to unite the Rainbow Six Siege community and make a positive change outside of our game.

Since the program’s launch in the past year, together with our community, we have raised well over $200,000 USD* for charity! Big thanks once again to our first two Sixth Guardian partners: AbleGamers Charity[ablegamers.org] and Stack Up[www.stackup.org].

The Siege team is excited to reveal that throughout Crystal Guard, players will be able to purchase this Thunderbird SG Bundle, with all proceeds will going towards an incredible charity called Indspire[indspire.ca]. Their North Star (see what we did there) goal is to see every Indigenous student in Canada graduate school within a generation. Indspire serves First Nations, Inuit, and Métis students in remote communities, rural areas and urban centres across Canada. With the support of their funding partners, they disburse financial awards, deliver programs, and share resources with the goal of increasing graduation rates for Indigenous students. We felt this was a perfect organization to partner with on a Thunderbird-themed bundle, and we’re honored to be working together on this.

This bundle features a full Thunderbird set with Indspire’s signature gradient colors and Sixth Guardian branding. Specifically, the set includes:

  • "Sixth Guardian Uplift" Uniform
  • "Sixth Guardian Uplift" Headgear
  • "Sixth Guardian Uplift" Weapon skin
  • "Guardian Thunderbird" Charm

The bundle will be limited in time and available only for this Season. Make sure to check it out before Season 3 ends!

If you’d like to donate directly to further support Indspire, click here to go straight to their Donation page.[indspire.ca]

Learn more about Indspire – https://indspire.ca/

* Not final numbers as Year 6 Season 2 is still ongoing at the time of this writing


New Rainbow Six Siege Streamer Charms for Y6S3!

Announcing the next Streamer Charms!

Each season will bring the release of new charms, as well as a return of the streamer’s charms from previous seasons!






Ad9m[www.twitch.tv] Alfredoplays[www.twitch.tv] AnneMunition[www.twitch.tv] Beaulo[www.twitch.tv] Bighead[www.twitch.tv] BikiniBodhi[www.twitch.tv] Bnans[www.twitch.tv] Braction6[www.twitch.tv] Drid[www.twitch.tv] Gabbo[www.twitch.tv] IceyCat25 Interro[www.twitch.tv] JerichoFive[www.twitch.tv] JessGOAT[www.twitch.tv] Jinu6734[www.twitch.tv] Just9n[www.twitch.tv] Kalera[www.twitch.tv] KingGeorge[www.twitch.tv] KittyR6[www.twitch.tv] Kixstar[www.twitch.tv] LagonisR6[www.twitch.tv] Lil_Lexi[www.twitch.tv] Lt Custard[www.twitch.tv] MacieJay[www.twitch.tv] Matimi0[www.twitch.tv] MrBboy45[www.twitch.tv] Narcoleptic Nugget[www.twitch.tv] PaladinAmber[www.twitch.tv] Pengu[www.twitch.tv] Punjistick[www.twitch.tv] REMGURI / 렘쨩[www.twitch.tv] Rubsarb[www.twitch.tv] Salty Academy[www.twitch.tv] SexyCake[www.twitch.tv] Shorty[www.twitch.tv] SilphTV[www.twitch.tv] TangyD[www.twitch.tv] Tatted[www.twitch.tv] THE_M3RY[www.twitch.tv] Tranth[www.twitch.tv] Varsity[www.twitch.tv] WhiteShark67[www.twitch.tv] z1ronic[www.twitch.tv] Zander[www.twitch.tv] Zigueira[www.twitch.tv] yo_boy_roy[www.twitch.tv] Mag6[www.twitch.tv] CCSesports[www.twitch.tv]

How to acquire charms

These charms are only available by subscribing to the respective streamer’s Twitch channel with a linked Uplay account. For more information on how to link your Uplay and Twitch account, as well as opt-in for Twitch Drops, please refer to this FAQ[support.ubi.com].

How to get involved

Given the length of our production cycle for in-game content, the participants for Y6S1 S2, S3 & S4 have already been determined. We are always on the lookout for additional content creators to add to the program and will be exploring new candidates in 2021. If your goal is to see your charm in-game, we use the following criteria to begin the selection process for potential candidates:

Requirements to be considered

  • Approximately 350+ concurrent viewers – preferable.
  • Average of 10 Rainbow Six streams per month.
  • Average of 20 hours of Rainbow Six streamed per month.
  • Positive standing with Ubisoft/Rainbow Six Siege.
  • High-quality level of content.
  • Twitch Partnered.
  • Rainbow Six Siege reserves the right for final decision.

Consideration for Removal

  • Less than 10 Rainbow Six Siege main streams over 3 months.
  • Level of quality dropping below an acceptable level.
  • Standing with Rainbow Six Siege/Ubisoft compromised.
  • Any actions that may negatively affect the R6S/Ubisoft brand.
  • Loss of Twitch Partnership.
  • Rainbow Six Siege reserves the right for removal of any charms.

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Crystal Guard

Introducing Crystal Guard, Rainbow Six Siege’s third season of Year 6! This season, we’re introducing our latest Operator, Osa, an engineering prodigy from Croatia who brings expertise to Nighthaven with her quick wits and unapologetic enthusiasm for ’60s sci-fi movies.

This season is packed with a plethora of updates including changes to Operator armor and DBNO scoring as well as balancing for Twitch, IQ, Mute, and Fuze. Players also have a new way to customize Elite Uniforms. Read more in the Patch Notes below.

View Patch Notes[rainbow6.com]

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In this latest edition of Designer’s Notes, we’ll go into more detail about the balancing changes that’ll come with Crystal Guard and give you an insight into the reasons behind these changes.




Please note that we are using presence to gauge the popularity of an Operator. This notion had to be introduced to reflect the implementation of the pick & ban.

Presence definition: pick rate of an Operator when not banned. Win Delta: The Win Delta is aggregated from Operator’s Win Deltas per Bomb Site.




  • Adjusted ammo count for primary and secondary weapons to set a consistent magazine ammo range for each weapon in a weapon type

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

Over the past couple seasons, we’ve spent a great deal of time behind the scenes looking at how we could rework the ammo system. Specifically, we wanted to establish a consistent ammo count range between weapons of the same type, while also improving the experience and increasing the ammo of "utility" weapons like DMRs and shotguns. Below, we’ve broken out the updated total ammo ranges for each weapon type (except for secondary shotguns which will remain unchanged), alongside explanations for each weapon type’s change:


In addition to everything noted above, each weapon will also get one extra bullet, similar to what you previously saw with open bolt guns. Unlike open bolts, closed bolt guns will get this extra bullet in their initial magazine.

  • Adjusted damage drop-off for each primary weapon type (except for shotguns with spread pellets) to have consistent, linear curves
  • Unified damage drop-off for silencers (15%) across all primary weapons (except for shotguns with spread pellets)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

Similar to streamlining "hidden" passive abilities with past updates, we’ve wanted to rework how damage drop-off functions for a while now. With so much going on under the hood, weapons have historically had multiple different damage curves that address damage drop-off over distance while reacting differently to certain attachments – specifically silencers. This made it hard to pick up a new weapon (even if it was the same type as the last one you were using) and understand at a glance how it would react to long-range engagements without first taking it to the lab.

With Y6S3, we want to take the guesswork out of damage drop-off by giving each primary weapon type (except for shotguns with spread pellets) its own distinct, linear curve that’s consistent across every weapon in that type. While you won’t notice a change with pistols, secondary SMGs and regular shotguns, the following weapon types and Glaz’s OTs-03 have all received tweaks to their damage drop-off curves. The first distance value represents the point at which damage begins to drop off. Damage will drop off in a linear curve until it reaches (and then stays at) its minimum damage at and beyond the second distance value:


As for silencers, we’ve made the damage reduction of this attachment consistent across all guns. As many of you have rightfully pointed out in the past, the loadout screen previously claimed that silencers had the same effect on all guns, even though there were slight variations in the damage reduction per weapon. With Y6S3, we’re making 15% damage reduction the uniform value across all weapons that have a silencer equipped, which will now be reflected accurately on the loadout screen.

  • Ying’s Candela, Blitz’s G52-Tactical Shield, and the Stun Grenade use a new flash detection system that calculates flash duration. It takes the environment and angle of the explosion into account as well as players’ distance and orientation.
  • If an Operator is affected, they will always be flashed at 100%, but the duration will change each time, increasing the reliability of the flash effect.

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

One of the most frustrating parts of coming face-to-face with a flash has always been the consistency. It’s not fun to use a gadget and be unsure of exactly how it will affect your enemy. In order to address this, we’ve completely reworked how flashes interact with operators and the surrounding environment in order to take the guesswork out of encounters.

The new flash detection system uses four parameters to determine the intensity of flash a player will encounter. Whenever a player throws a flash, it now calculates the operator’s distance from the explosion, the orientation of that operator, the environment around them, and the angle of the explosion. This calculation is performed for every player caught in a flash’s radius, ensuring everyone’s results are accurate to their situation, while still being consistent across matches.

With this change, we hope that players will be able to trust the consistency of their flashes once more as they come to understand exactly how they should react in a given situation. We expect that this reliability will also increase their effectiveness in combat, making them a more valuable resource.

  • Operator armor will be converted to HP:
    • 3-armor operators will have 125 HP
    • 2-armor operators will have 110 HP
    • 1-armor operators will have 100 HP
  • Rook’s Armor Plates will grant a buff to permanent HP for the round:
    • Picking up Armor Plates will buff an operator’s maximum HP by 20 until the end of a round
    • Any heals will heal up to this new maximum value for the duration of the round
  • HP is now represented using a bar in the HUD instead of a circle

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

Many of you likely got your first taste of this on the Y6S2 Test Server. Well, we’re happy to extend this rework to Siege’s Live servers this season. The goal was to streamline certain "hidden" passives that are difficult to understand at a glance in a match without hitting the lab or looking at a ton of different variables.

To streamline this and establish clear health pools for all operators, each armor class has been assigned a different HP total. This should make it easier for players to accurately judge the impact of an offensive play and coordinate accordingly, taking the mystery out of armor values. We’ve also updated the way HP is represented in the HUD to make the information clearer at a glance, specifically the different amounts of HP for each armor class and the immediate effects of damage, heals and overheals on these values. This also means that everyone – from players to casters – will see HP represented in one unified style.

It’s also important to note that this is the first step in an eventual move away from rigid armor and speed ratings. They can be artificially limiting when trying to realize an operator, so in the future we would like to rework speed values in a manner similar to this HP rework, ultimately opening more options for balancing operators. While we don’t have a timeline to share at the moment, we’re investigating this and will be sure to follow a similar process of working with pros, testing on the Test Server, and digging into your feedback to ensure any reworks meet your expectations.

  • Screen shakes that result from explosions are now reduced across the board and are completely removed from certain device explosions
  • Screen shakes are completely removed from explosions caused by:
    • Ela’s GRZMOT Mines
    • Zofia’s KS79 Lifeline concussion grenades
    • Echo’s Yokai sonic bursts
    • Nomad’s Airjab Launcher repulsion devices

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

While screen shakes can be an important effect to convey the power of an explosion, we’ve heard from players that they can be overwhelming, uncomfortable, and particularly intense when the effects come from multiple sources simultaneously. In response to this, we’ve reduced the intensity of screen shakes coming from explosions, while removing screen shakes from certain gadgets completely.

Since this change affects quite a few operators and gadgets, we wanted to dig into some of the reasons for these changes. Looking first at concussive blasts and Echo’s Yokai bursts, we’ve found that their effects can be frustrating, jarring, and produce some physical discomfort when paired with screen shakes. At the end of the day, they should be efficient at disorienting affected players in-game without creating discomfort outside of the game. Of course, they will still retain their other disorienting effects to ensure they operate as you’ve come to expect in-game. For Nomad’s Airjabs, our intention was to make the screen shake intensity consistent with the lethality of the explosion, so we decided to remove screen shakes from the non-damaging explosion. The push-back will still feature a screen shake as you would expect, but the non-lethal explosion of the device will not add to the ability’s existing shake.

Our intention is for this to create a competitive environment where screen shakes are experienced in expected scenarios, but are not overbearing. Specifically, approaching this as a matter of comfort rather than a nerf. It’s also worth noting that we’re investigating options to accommodate players who are prone to motion sickness in the future. While we don’t have any dates to share, we’ll be sure to share updates when we can.



We know you’re excited to give Osa a try on the Test Server – we’re right there with you! While the Test Server will launch tomorrow as mentioned in the reveal, Osa’s Test Server debut will be delayed by one day. The team wants to make sure we do her justice for her debut. Just like her work leading Nighthaven R&D, sometimes it takes a little extra time to make sure you’re getting the best possible first experience.

That means Osa will be available to play on the Test Server beginning Wednesday, August 18. You’ll still be able to check out the many operator changes below and map buffs coming tomorrow, so we appreciate your patience as we get Osa ready for testing. We can’t wait to hear what you think of her!

  • Added Frag Grenades (removed Hard Breach Charge)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

Moving into Y6S3, Finka’s win delta is the highest of all Attackers, but her presence continues to be among the lowest. She has an effective loadout, but so much of her play requires effective coordination with her team.

By replacing her Hard Breach Charge with Frags, the intention is to approach her in a way that’s similar to Iana. Whereas Iana is an intel gatherer with Frags and the GONNE-6, we wanted to extend this to an operator in the healer/support role, making Finka the clear choice. Our hope is that this change in utility will open up more on-the-fly strategic options for her.

  • Cluster Charges
    • Can be deployed on reinforced surfaces and Mira’s Black Mirror
    • Charges take longer (3s) to pass through reinforcements
    • Reduced charge bounce after triggering
    • Extension tube is now vulnerable to damage
    • Added gadget light to signify phase of activation
    • Added VFX for Cluster Charge triggering on soft walls and reinforced surfaces
    • Added SFX for Cluster Charge triggering on reinforced surfaces
  • Increased recoil on AK-12

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

Despite having an interesting ability, Fuze has struggled to increase his presence. We know that some of this comes from his ability, specifically that it can be difficult to understand exactly what effect it will have on the other side of the surface it’s applied to. To improve on this, we’ve reworked Cluster Charges. In an effort to make their effects clearer, we reduced the amount they bounce after being triggered and added a light to show what phase of activation the device is on. Probably most exciting is that Cluster Charges are now useable on reinforced surfaces.

Now that they’re no longer restricted to soft walls, Fuze’s Cluster Charges will be useful in a much wider range of scenarios. This is expected to make Fuze a strong counter for heavy utility strategies thanks to his increased effectiveness against bulletproof utility. Plus, the more versatile nature of being able to deploy on reinforced surfaces should make Fuze more fun to play, as this opens up more options for in-the-moment strategies.

For those looking to counter Fuze, this rework also opens up some new options:

  • Now that it can be deployed on reinforced surfaces, electricity can be used to effectively destroy it.
  • It also won’t trigger if it’s within the range of Mute’s Signal Disruptor, although if the disruptor is placed once the Cluster Charges have already been triggered, it won’t have any effect.
  • The updated visual effects will allow players to accurately anticipate where the charge has been placed.
  • While players won’t be able to shoot the gadget until it has breached the surface, its extension tube can now be destroyed with any type of damage. Note, no matter how quick you act, the gadget will always release at least one sub-grenade.
  • The charge will now take longer to drill through Castle’s Armor Panel and Mira’s Black Mirror, making them a little more reliable.

For information on the increased recoil on the AK-12, scroll down to the Weapon Balancing section.

  • Increased OTS-03 magazine size to 15 bullets (from 10)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

As it stands with the Balancing Matrix, Glaz has a very low presence and win delta. Considering he only has a single primary weapon available to him, it’s important that it serves him well. Tying into the rework to ammo mentioned above, we’ve increased his DMR’s mag size and updated his maximum ammo to fit the weapon class’ new normalized values. This should encourage more active play in the field, especially when he previously had less ammo when compared to other DMRs.

Now, missed shots won’t be as immediately punishing given his larger magazine and ammo reserve. Players will be able to approach combat situations more aggressively, making him a more viable pick for players who like the range of his loadout, but also want to get in their opponents’ faces more often.

  • Removed 2.0x scope from G36C
  • Removed 2.5x scope from ARX200

Population targeted by this change: Top Ranked and Pros.

Since the last update, Iana’s presence has been steadily rising, to the point where she now has the second highest amongst Attackers. An increase was expected following Zofia’s nerf, but similar to Ace and Sledge who are receiving nerfs to bring their presence, versatility and fragging potential in line with other Attackers, Iana is also receiving some tweaks to her kit.

Specifically, the longest-range scopes for her two primary weapons have been removed. The intention here, much like the others mentioned above, is to lower her overall versatility, as she is capable of excelling in just about any situation. Now, it will be more important that players make strategic use of her Gemini Replicator to get an edge on their opponents rather than simply picking them off at range with such a powerful kit.

To give some more background to this balancing philosophy, with all these changes to weapons, we want to make sure that operators with really strong or essential utility don’t also excel as strongly in the fragging department. That’s not to say that we want to completely cut their fragging potential if they have strong gadget utility – simply that we want to find a balance between the two. As a gadget-based game, removing utility puts more emphasis on weapons. We try to explore weapon-based adjustments first where possible, as this allows us to make more granular adjustments to the balance without causing the meta to swing too strongly to being weapon-first, utility-second. We previously saw this happen after adjusting the utility meta, which made utility easier to clear. These wild balance swings create frustration for players, so we think it’s important to take a more iterative approach to find that sweet spot, and it just so happens that beginning with weapons is often the best starting point.

  • Electronics Detector
    • Can use Ping 2.0 through walls
    • Can ping operators with wearable electronic devices (Vigil, Counter-Defuser, etc.)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

When it comes to intel gathering, IQ has historically been a solid pick. This is despite the potential shortcoming that much of her value requires quick and effective communication with the rest of her team. Unfortunately, not all players find themselves in situations where this is possible. That’s where Ping 2.0 comes in.

We’ve updated IQ’s Electronics Detector to now use the Ping 2.0 system when scanning for electronics. This means IQ no longer needs to use comms to contextualize pings. Once pinged with the Electronics Detector, the rest of the team has the most important intel at the ready on-screen. The goal here is to make IQ even more effective in her intel-gathering role and make it easier to share information if voice comms aren’t available. This also allows her to keep the focus on her actions in-match instead of having to also make regular call-outs, which should help speed up her game.

This rework also increases the effectiveness of her interaction with Dokkaebi. Since cell phones function as wearable electronic devices when in use, IQ is now able to share more contextual info with her team when she spots Defenders affected by Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb.

  • Signal Disruptor
    • Disruption zone shape changed to sphere with the same radius of 2.25m (from cylinder)
    • Warning zone shape changed to sphere and radius reduced to 4.75m (from cylinder, 6m radius)
    • Added AoE VFX (red area removed)
    • Added new LEDs
    • Improved accuracy of bullet collision

Population targeted by this change: Top Ranked and Pros.

The heavy utility meta has made it very clear that while many operators offer incredible utility through their abilities, some are still overtuned. One of those operators is Mute. He has become an popular pick for his Signal Disruptor, which acts as an extremely powerful denial tool thanks to its large area of effect – particularly vertically. From denying intel to denying entire reinforced walls, the Signal Disruptor has been in need of a tweak for a while now.

In its pre-Y6S3 state, it used a cylindrical shape for its area of effect, which began at the device’s base and extended vertically. This allowed it to cover a significant amount of space in a column, effectively denying on its own terms while also outclassing the options of similar operators. With Y6S3, its area of effect has been changed to a sphere, extending outward with the Disruptor at its center. This means that while the disruption radius will stay the same at ground level, it will not extend to the same vertical heights as before.

With this change, the goal is to make Mute less of a jack of all trades denial expert and instead make him more focused on intel denial. Since the device’s disruption radius is the same at ground level, he’ll continue to excel at cutting off drones. This should then open the door to more viable denial picks like Bandit, while encouraging a wider range of strategies and synergies.

  • Removed SMG-11

Population targeted by this change: Top Ranked and Pros.

Coming into Y6S3, Sledge continues to show an upward trajectory on the Balancing Matrix, rising in presence and win delta. A big part of his comes from the high degree of utility in his loadout that makes him incredibly versatile.

By removing his SMG, this will bring his overall versatility down and encourage a slightly more focused approach to his moment-to-moment play, given his strong soft breaching capabilities and vertical control. We may be closing one door for Sledge, we can’t imagine anyone better at breaking open another door in its wake.

  • Equipped with a regular drone during Preparation Phase – only 1 regular drone available
  • Shock Drone can jump
  • Shock Drone’s projectile changed to laser (from taser)
    • Deals 5hp damage (from 1)
    • Has infinite range
    • Does not disable electronic devices
  • Shock Drone has a larger bullet collision (double the size)

Population targeted by this change: Casual, Top Ranked and Pros.

It’s possible that some of you caught a hint of this earlier this year, but the secret’s out – Twitch’s Shock Drone can jump now! That’s not all, though. In addition to getting a little more mobility, we’ve tweaked the drone’s projectile to bring its damage type more in line with other gadgets. This means that it will now deal damage that destroys gadgets, rather than disabling them.

To offset this increase in utility, Twitch won’t immediately have access to a Shock Drone. Instead, she’ll begin the Prep Phase with her sole regular drone. Once the round starts, though, she’ll be able to use her new and improved Shock Drone. While we expect many of Twitch’s existing strategies to stay the same following this rework, normalizing the drone’s damage type to match other lasers should help make its effect more clear at a glance. Since this is quite a large change, however, we want to hear what you think about it.


  • Increased recoil on AK-12
    • First shot kick increased
    • Vertical recoil increased
    • Horizontal spread will be stronger and constant to the right
    • Long burst recoil will start on the 10th bullet (was 12th)

Population targeted by this change: Top Ranked and Pros.

Please note that recoil simulations shown are representative of recoil on PC without attachments.

We know recoil changes can be frustrating, especially when they target an operator as widely loved (at least by Attackers) as Ace. They require you to rethink and relearn muscle memory, so we want to help with that process. Moving forward, we will be sharing diagrams that break down the before and after for any recoil changes. This should help to visualize the change up-front and take a lot of the guesswork out of the relearning phase.

For Ace, it’s likely not surprising that he continues to boast one of the highest Attacker win deltas on the Balancing Matrix. His AK-12 is a force to be reckoned with and the utility that comes from a ranged hard breach makes him a powerful all-around operator which is reflected in his presence. By giving his primary a little more kick, this should help bring him more in line with other Attackers while maintaining the unique utility he brings to a team.

Fuze is a different story. As mentioned above, his Cluster Charge has been buffed considerably, which is expected to make him a strong counter to current heavy utility strategies. Our intention is for his increased effectiveness against bulletproof utilities to far outweigh the AK-12’s nerf. As always though, we will be keeping a close eye on him post-patch to make sure this change is tuned appropriately and can tweak as necessary.

Try out the latest Rainbow Six updates on the Test Server and earn an exclusive charm through the Bug Hunter Program[rainbow6.com].
Follow us and share your feedback on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook [www.facebook.com] and on our forums[forums.ubi.com].


Y6S2 Dev Team AMA

The Siege community has a lot of questions about the current state of the game and its future, which is why we brought together members of the dev team for a Reddit AMA on July 22nd. You can find a recap of the most important questions and answers below, the full Reddit thread can be found here.


Have you made any significant progress to detect MnK and have a reasonable timeframe for banning people who abuse it?

Our MnK work currently is still very much a R&D subject. We have dedicated people in the Rainbow Six Siege team who are actively working on MnK to not become an unfair advantage, but an additional input that we support to make everyone’s experience fairer without impacting our players with disabilities. We plan to run tests in the coming months to validate our approach, once properly validated we can move forward.

(Full Post here)


What are your plans to fix the cheater issue?

A large portion of what we do unfortunately can’t be shared here, as security is a huge part of anti-cheat and we need to guarantee we’re not giving any hints to cheat makers. While we know this is frustrating, know that we have ongoing initiatives already live and in development that we can’t explicitly share.
We’ll be sharing a data-focused update to this Anti-Cheat article in August, but today, we’re going to break down some of our most recent actions and plans for dealing with cheaters.

(Full Post here)

Will you guys ever consider manual bans of players doing new glitches in ranked that are found and exploited?
When someone finds a glitch, our stance is to fix it as quickly as possible. For that reason, we don’t want to penalize someone who has found it in the first 24 hours – especially if this helps to identify the issue.

(Full Post here)

Are there any specific plans to add new level requirements or other/more forms of verification to Ranked?

In the future, we aim to add some access restrictions to Ranked for players who have not relaunched and played the game for a while or any new account that has reached the Clearance Level allowing access to Ranked and has not made sufficient matches in PVP Public Matchmaking to validate its eligibility.
We are also actively looking with our partners inside Ubisoft at reinforcing the account security to make sure it gets harder and harder for hackers to get their hands on accounts.

(Full Post here)

If we report a cheater in-game via the overlay, does an actual human look into the report? If not, how is it done?

We have a team dedicated to going through these reports and identifying cases that involve cheating. But, considering the high number of reports we receive each day, we have to prioritize which reports are reviewed immediately.

(Full Post here)

What do Developers plan to do in order to curb rampant cheating for Siege aside from automated bans? When will Devs look into the possibility of hardware-based bans?

Hardware bans are indeed a sanction used by us and across the industry, however, it’s not a silver bullet since advanced hardware ID spoofers can disrupt the detection.

(Full Post here)

In a time where it feels like every game has a cheater in it, wouldn’t you agree that manual bans would improve relations with the community?

Manual bans are not our long-term strategy as it would not be scalable, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t do manual bans – they’re still very valuable to the team.

(Full Post here)


Is the overabundance of operators and its resulting unpredictability seen as a design challenge that needs to be addressed?

We had introduced the Pick and Ban and the Sixth Pick to help on this. The current system encourages to pick operators who do a bit of everything or perform specific basic functions and for us it’s something we would like to address. The Attacker Repick will answer to this.

(Full Post here)

I am curious to know how you conceive a new character, and which are the main factors you focus on during the creation; the aesthetic, or the gadgets first?

Sometimes the Gameplay will come first and drive the whole development of the operator. That was the case of Wamai for example, or Hibana as we wanted to give alternative pick choice for teams to fulfill one core function.
On the other hand, sometimes the Lore or the history of a CTU is very strong and attractive and drives the process of making the operator, such as Nokk from the Jager Corps.

However, we will never reach a point when we "sacrifice" the gameplay for the lore.

(Full Post here)

I know people working with R6 have said in the future they hope for around 100 operators, but do you genuinely feel that is realistic with the current trajectory of the game?

This statement of reaching 100 operators was a strong symbol of us, the Siege dev team, claiming and saying to our community that we were HERE TO STAY.

(Full Post here)

How does the balancing team incorporate less tangible factors into their process when balancing operators?

We have different processes:

  • The Balancing Matrix helps us to have an overview/data of the performance of the Operators.
  • Regular pro workshops to collect feedback from them.
  • We also have calls with the pro players to present them various ideas/balancing changes. Those are also an important source of information.
  • We have all the week some internal Playsessions to test each change/rework — with different player levels.
  • Finally, of course, the community’s feedback is another of our core inputs, which comes to us regularly from our community team.

(Full Post here)

Why does Twitch’s gadget completely prevent her from having two regular drones like every other attacker?

We are agreed! News coming (very) soon for Twitch.

(Full Post here)

Are there any plans to change something about IQ’s kit, whether that be her loadout, gadget etc.?

There is a plan for IQ to improve the intel sharing, so stay tuned!

(Full Post here)

Will there be any LGBTQIA+ representation?

Representation is incredibly important to us as a team. This year, in fact, the team has taken great strides to really level up how we are authentically representing our Operators, for example with the partnership of Nakoda consultants for the creation of Thunderbird. This is an approach we’ll be taking moving forward as well, to ensure the future LGBT operators we bring to the game feel like honest, real people.

({LINK REMOVED}Full Post here)

What are your thoughts on Kali’s balance at this current time?

She has a very good secondary weapon and to be honest, for now, we are not looking to give her another primary. For us, if we do that, nobody will use her sniper anymore and that’s a shame.
So we need to look at the sniper itself how to buff it. We still believe in a bolt action sniper rifle in Siege.

(Full Post here)

Siege’s lore has made a shift from it being a realistic counter terrorist game, to more of an Olympic-style game. What is the reason for this?

It’s no secret that our obsession since the beginning has been competition rather than making a realistic and immersive game. So the more the game evolved, the more we felt the need to explore gameplay areas that were no longer compatible with the "realism" and the original settings.

(Full Post here)

When you think about how the game has evolved from the beta to now, are there any gadgets you feel didn’t keep up in viability or purpose?

We cannot imagine releasing some of our Legacy operators today, this is why we have established some guidelines to help the creation of the operators:

  • Define the player skills needed to manage each operator such as knowledge skill, communication skill, resource management skill, …
  • We need to have some balancing levers
  • Play around soft counter instead of Hard Counter — Soft counter creates more gameplay and implies more skill.

(Full Post here)


Is there a plan to incorporate new maps instead of just reworking old ones?

Now that the competitive map pool is more solid, we will be switching to hybrid mode. This means that we will continue to maintain and improve the released maps with reworks but we will also start to make brand new ones again.

(Full Post here)

What kind of maps will we see changed in Y6S3?

For Y6S3, we’re doing Buffs in 3 competitive maps: Clubhouse, Coastline, and Bank. The 3 maps received a complete tech overhaul (transparent to players) and some gameplay changes (balancing, quality of life). The total amount of changes in those 3 maps are about equal to the number of changes of a single rework. We wanted to be more surgical but tweak more maps.

(Full Post here)

Any plans on reworking Bartlett U. into an actual PvP map, or is it destined to be excluded forever?

It will come back in some form. We are currently trying some things from minor changes to a complete overhaul.

(Full Post here)

What aspects of a map make it ‘competitive’?

The top one is overall balancing. Each team must have equal opportunities to win at high skill level of play. There must never be a point where one team can’t do anything due to the layout or setups. It is also a question of trade-off. When a map has a certain aspect that favors one side, we try to counterbalance by having something else that favors the other side.

(Full Post here)


When is the rank rework taking place?

We’re still in the early phases so we don’t have dates to share, but we are planning an update to Ranked. Among the changes that we have planned one of the core changes is to split the MMR from your ranking. MMR will be kept hidden. Your ranking will be a value that is slowly progresses towards your MMR. It will ensure better matchmaking from the start of the season without the stress of good/bad placement matches. It will also reward dedication on top of pure skill.

(Full Post here)

As a solo queue ranked player, what are your plans to improve the experience?

We’re looking at two possible solutions.

  • Solo & squad queues: While this would address many concerns, it has a drawback. This option runs the risk of increasing queue times and decreasing matchmaking quality.
  • A single Ranked queue: Rather than just using MMR, it would also factor in the advantage of playing in a squad vs. playing solo. This would ideally offer fairer matches without splitting the community between queues.

(Full Post here)

Will the 700 MMR gap be changed? It’s difficult to play with my friends with the current restrictions.

We’re looking at a couple of different solutions:
The most promising one is to allow players to play with nearly anybody (some extreme limitation might apply) and then take into account the squad skill disparity into the MMR update. The goal is to dampen the unbalance that teams with a big skill spread can create.

(Full Post here)

Do you guys ever plan to rework the MMR/ELO system for ranked to make it more dynamic instead of just being "you get MMR if you win a game" and "you lose MMR if lost a game."?

We want to improve our skill rating system so it computes your skill with better accuracy and more importantly: faster.
In R6S it’s a bit tricky. We tried using kills and in fact, our system was less accurate by taking that into account, which means that the game is strategic and not just about who got the better aim.
We also have to be careful about those stats, they could be datamined and people could try to adapt their playstyle to ‘min-max’ the stats instead of thinking about winning the game.

(Full Post here)

Will attack repick be coming soon?

The ATK repick is planned to be pushed on the Test Server in Y6S4 (but will not ship immediately).

(Full Post here)

Do you plan to do something about the growing number of smurfs in the ranked ladder?

We have already committed ourselves and are currently working on this topic within our team and with our partners to get an accurate understanding of the smurfing ecosystem via data collection and analysis. Currently what we want to do is:

  • We are looking at account rules modification to establish stronger controls at the account level.
  • Also, on the game side we will explore various possibilities including the identification of the main account (in terms of performance) to automatically adjust certain values so that alt accounts meet this rank/performance.

(Full Post here)

Is there a plan to fix the rollback system to rework it?

As mentioned in our last [Top Issues & Community Concerns](https://www.ubisoft.com/en-ca/game/rainbow-six/siege/news-updates/1YPQ5yw9TaRhQwghjStqn2/top-issues-and-community-concerns) article, we are currently working on a major update of our MMR Rollback system. This new version aims to bring changes that will restrict the time window for rollbacks and addressing rollback that occurs when you win against a cheater.

(Full Post here)


Will North Africa get its own servers?

At this time, we have no short terms plans to open a North African location but as we said previously, we are open to looking at the options in the future.

(Full Post here)

Can you add the option for picking your server on console?

It’s a direction we want to go in, but unfortunately, we don’t have it in our timelines right now.

(Full Post here)

What exactly is the reason you guys decided against the AWS/gamelift gameservers?

We have indeed added Gamelift to the roster. The idea behind is 3-fold and pushes to improve the overall server quality of service:
Improve our resiliency, offering a service backup in case of outage of our other providers.
Mid-term we plan on putting Gamelift in the Siege server pool more frequently in order to improve connectivity.

({LINK REMOVED}Full Post here)


Why doesn’t Siege have a form of bracket tournament similar to the ones in Rocket League or Fortnite?

We are working on a competitive playlist that will be activated only during weekends. We call it the R6 Cup as a code name. 5v5 pre-made squad only. However, new features like the R6 Cup have to be delayed because it’s counterproductive to make this feature in the old online environment, and then have to redo it again when the transition it’s over.

(Full Post here)

Will we be getting a gun range and is that idea even being considered?

I am happy to say that we currently working on some prototypes where the focus would be to learn & practice weapon recoil control and also visualize the effect of different weapon attachments.

(Full Post here)

Any thoughts on removing friendly fire from casual? That game mode is supposed to be relaxing and fun.

There is no plan to remove friendly fire in casual. The problem there is not about being relaxed, it’s about toxicity.
However, you are right to say that this game is a very sweaty one and we acknowledge that sometimes you might want to enjoy Siege without necessarily having the whole pressure of a 5vs5 bomb match.
That’s why we are working on a prototype of a TDM mode that we call Warmup. The main goal is to have something easy going, easy opt-in and opt-out where you can practice your aim and try different weapons.

(Full Post here)

Will there be any more work or updates for Terrorist Hunt?

To be dead honest, we have wanted to remove TH from the game for a while now. It has a lot of flaws, costs a lot to maintain, and doesn’t really fit anymore the direction we are taking with Siege.
However, it still has some interest and some purpose for some people. So, we said to ourselves that before touching the TH we need to deliver some features that answer the needs I mentioned above.
We need to ship a Warmup game mode first. And we also need to have a way to play with bots in a safe environment for people that want to learn or play coop with their friend without playing against human.

(Full Post here)

What is the ideology that is used to determine the 4 bomb sites on a map?

These days the bomb site areas are decided upfront, and we build around them once we have the building skeleton. We noticed that it is faster to converge toward something solid this way. But there is a drawback, it tends to make all bomb sites more similar to each other’s so we must keep this in mind.
When we decide on the general location of the 4 bomb sites, we try to cover most of the footprint of the building so that every part of the map will be used at one point.

(Full Post here)

Is there a plan to make a better Tutorial mode for beginners?

We are actively working on a brand-new Onboarding experience for new players which will take them through the Basics of Siege, such as destruction, verticality, and intel. We also want to have a more Siege-like preparation for players where the essence of Attack and Defend are introduced and how Operators play an important role in this experience.

(Full Post here)

Will there be a permanent Arcade playlist?

It’s been in discussions on the team for some time, but we’ve lacked a large enough variety of modes to support a permanent playlist that players would actively use. Our intention is to release on a more regular basis arcades like Golden gun and headshot, until we build a large enough bank, to keep the quality of the matchmaking on par with the rest of the game.

(Full Post here)

Will you guys plan on rotating Arcade modes more often?

We are looking at how we can increase the frequency of Arcades while still having enough diversity so that it doesn’t become redundant for players.

(Full Post here)

When Game After Death was first brought to TS many asked to cancel the feature entirely. However, Seb Francois (UX Designer) put out a tweet saying "Gameplay After Death is not a ‘take it or leave it’ situation at all" is this correct?

The community’s feedback to Gameplay After Death was super useful after its appearance on the Test Server. It didn’t feel balanced, so we’re continuing to experiment with it. It’s a feature we plan to release someday, but ONLY when it truly feels like it fits within the Siege experience.

(Full Post here)

Can we please get cross-save?

It’s coming in 2022 🙂 You’ll be able to transfer all your cosmetics to PC once it launches.

(Full Post here)

Are you guys going to enable cross-play between PC and console, with an option to disable it?

We believe in developing and deploying features in an iterative fashion. This is how we’re proceeding for cross-play. So far, console generations (e.g. PS4 & PS5) can play together. Stadia, Luna, and PC players can play together as well. Coming up next is cross-play between all consoles.
Crossplay between PC and consoles is a more complicated subject, and we want to make sure we can provide a good experience before activating it. It’s not a technical restriction, but more a matter of making sure we have better control over cheating, toxicity, and type of controllers.

(Full Post here)


Will we see changes to the Battlepass at all, and will we ever see the return of the year pass?

We are looking to re-introduce the benefits that were previously given to Year Pass owners in the short term, including Boosts to Battle Points earned from Premium Battle Pass players.
Additionally, we are still not satisfied with our Battle Pass solution overall. We are actively working on a new type of Battle Pass that won’t be found anywhere else. We’re also looking to tweak challenges and make them more engaging in the upcoming seasons.

(Full Post here)

Click here[rainbow6.com] to have more information about topics such as: in-game content, toxicity, and more!

Kompletter Artikel: Y6S2 Dev Team AMA


We’ve interrupted our usual broadcast to report a “situation” of unprecedented magnitude! It seems an unknown life form settled itself at the French Consulate in Ivory Coast. A team of REACT agents were dispatched to neutralize the threat, but the presence of humanoid creatures ready to stop them raises the question of the unidentified entity’s purpose. Is it here for pure destruction… or to replace us all? From August 3rd to 24th, carry out the Containment!

Learn more[rainbow6.com]

Kompletter Artikel: Containment

Y6S2.2 Patch Notes

Y6S2.2 will release the week of July 26 on all platforms. For additional information and further details on the balancing changes listed below, please see the Y6S2.2 Designer’s Notes[rainbow6.com].

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.48 GB
  • Steam: 850 MB
  • Xbox One: 1.28 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.61 GB
  • PS4: 1.77 GB
  • PS5: 1.43 GB

  • Added 2.0x scope to ACS12 (removed 1.5x scope).
  • Added 1.5x scope to MX4 Storm.
  • Removed 1.5x scope from C1.
  • Added Deployable Shield (removed Proximity Alarm).
  • Increased Shumikha Launcher grenades to 14 (from 10).
  • Improved DP-27 destruction:
    • 0 to 4.99m: 0.3 radius hole per shot.
    • 5 to 7.99m: 0.2 radius hole per shot.
    • Beyond 8m: 0.2 radius hole after three shots.
  • Modified M762 recoil so it’s harder to control:
    • Increased vertical recoil.
    • Horizontal spread is stronger to the the left.
    • Long burst recoil starts on the 8th bullet (was 12th).

  • Increased damage to 69 (from 59).
  • Increased damage to 63 (from 57).


Included Favela map in Ranked and Unranked

  • Added the reworked Favela map to Ranked and Unranked playlists so players have more opportunities to play and test it.

Added feature to report players who left the game

  • In the Post-Action Report, Ranked and Unranked players can now block or report players who disconnected before the last EOR replay.




  • FIXED – Players can vault through barricades after a single melee hit.       
  • FIXED – Operator Selection remains stuck on screen during gameplay.     
  • UPDATED – Players can destroy a barricade with certain weapons, causing it to desync and become exploitable. There is an ongoing investigation into this issue to ensure it works as expected for players.  
  • FIXED – Players can deploy a reinforcement or barricade while falling through a hatch.     
  • FIXED – Players can select the same Operator as another player during a match.  
  • UPDATED – Sometimes the Windows cursor remains stuck on screen, blocking camera movement. There is an ongoing investigation into this issue to ensure it works as expected for players.  
  • FIXED – Some players above 4400 MMR are unable to Squad queue with other players, despite being within the accepted MMR range.           
  • FIXED – Players lose camera control if they play a match while under an Abandon Penalty.


  • FIXED – Operators can fall out of bounds or clip through the wall to get inside the building after exiting rappel in the gap between vents at EXT Forklift Alley on Kanal map.       
  • FIXED – Attackers have unfair LOS into 1F Main Hallway and 2F Landing after vaulting over a bush on Villa map.               
  • FIXED – The destructible floor doesn’t fully break when Sledge uses the Breaching Hammer on the metal support beams on Favela map.  
  • FIXED – Two soft walls cannot be reinforced while Defenders are standing on a reinforced hatch in 1F Public Bathroom on Consulate map.    
  • FIXED – Gap on top of barricaded doorway allows LOS into EXT Pedestrian Customs on Border Map.          
  • FIXED – Several LOD issues on Villa map.
  • FIXED – Defuser can be dropped behind indestructible plant pots at EXT Terrace on Villa Map.      
  • FIXED – Player movement dips while passing over the triangular gap between PC boxes in 2F Coin Farm on Favela Map.       
  • FIXED – Deployable devices float when placed on wooden beams on Kafe Dostoyevsky map.
  • FIXED – Fuze starts a round with a default weapon loadout if the player doesn’t swap between weapons during Operator Selection.        
  • FIXED – Jackal stops rappelling for a moment if gadget is enabled or disabled.      
  • FIXED – Lights on Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher appear in an incorrect location.
  • FIXED – When Kali cancels a reload by switching weapons, the player is unable to ADS.    
  • FIXED – When Buck cancels a Skeleton Key reload, the player is unable to ADS.    
  • FIXED – Jackal’s Eyenox Model III continues to ping Defenders after Jackal is eliminated.  
  • FIXED – IQ’s Electronics Detector automatically reequips after IQ places a Breach Charge.


  • FIXED – Multiple localization issues throughout the game.             
  • FIXED – Deployment SFX is silent when a player deploys a Frag Grenade or C4, then crouches or goes prone at the same time. 
  • FIXED – New HUD can be activated through a game console command.   
  • FIXED – Popup for redeeming the Sunstark bundle crashes the game.       
  • FIXED – Prompts may linger on screen over several rounds.          
  • FIXED – The iron sight attachment for the ITA12S and SMG-12 floats in multiple menus.  
  • FIXED – Players can create a hole in Castle’s Armor Panel if they melee a spot near the frame on both sides.               
  • FIXED – Rappel SFX is sometimes inaudible.         
  • FIXED – Keyboard players who browse the Charms category in the shop experience navigation issues.
  • FIXED – UMP45 has the wrong weapon skin thumbnail for Six Major NA 2021.       
  • FIXED – Booster icon is missing from the Booster activation confirmation side-panel.        
  • FIXED – Battle Pass tab in Post-Action Report does not immediately update for players who complete the last tier of the Battle Pass. 
  • FIXED – Incorrect Traditional Chinese character present in Thunderbird’s Bio.

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