CoD: Warzone – Strange Keypads And Telephones Found On The Map

Like plenty of Call of Duty multiplayer modes before it, the Warzone battle royale seems to have a few hidden secrets or possible Easter eggs scattered across its massive map. Players have discovered bunkers you can open, telephones you can answer, laptops you can log into, and teddy bears.

According to Reddit user BirchTreeMilk, the CoD Discord channel has been compiling a list of locations for where you can find computers, keypads, and phones that you can interact with on the Warzone map. So far, most of the items found are scattered around the edges of the map. On Twitter, Drift0r has a video of what one of the keypads looks like–it’s connected to a mysterious vault and asks players to input a code when they approach. The tweet is embedded below.

Some players have cited seeing teddy bears on the map as well, though there haven’t been nearly as many reports and you can’t interact with them like the keypads, telephones, and laptops. So it’s not clear on whether they’re also an Easter egg or just a random, reused asset for decorating the map. It seems like an odd decorative choice given the setting, but the idea isn’t impossible.

Though these points of interest could all be hinting towards additional content or map changes, similarly to what Fortnite and Apex Legends do (it’s not the only thing that Warzone does similarly to Respawn’s battle royale), hidden secrets and Easter eggs aren’t new for Call of Duty–these could all just be fun things to find during a match. Both Plunder and Battle Royale use the same map, so you can drop into either mode if you’re looking to find all these Easter eggs yourself.

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