Commendation System: How It Works


Y8S3.1 brings the latest update from the Player Protection team, the Commendation System. The Commendation System gives teammates a new avenue to share their thanks and appreciation with one another, while showing how they’ve added to the experience. In Siege your team matters, and any team member can be key to your victory and enjoyment. With this update, you can show players your gratitude and allow them to shine.



Players will be able to give Commendations at the end of a Quick Match, Standard, or Ranked game, via the Commendation screen. Each session, players can commend up to two teammates by selecting one of three categories.

As well as showing your appreciation to teammates, you can vote to commend the opposing team. In order for the vote to be successful, a majority "YES" vote will be required.


  • Players who abandon the match won’t be eligible for Commendations.
  • A player cannot give both of their Commendations to the same person.
  • To prevent abuse of the system, a player cannot award more than one Commendation to the same player within a 7 day period.


When it comes to giving out your Commendations to your teammates, you’ll have 3 options, and choosing the right one will help players know how their efforts have added to your experience.

  • Valor: A great teammate who stays cool and is fun to play with.
  • Dedication: A reliable teammate who stays engaged, fills in roles, and actively relays intel.
  • Guidance: A teammate who takes on a leadership role, helping the others by sharing knowledge and developing strategy.


Receiving Commendations can result in rewards being given at certain points in a season, as well as a temporary passive bonus. Note that right now, it will not affect your Reputation Standing.


If a player receives Commendations consistently, a Streak bonus will be activated, giving a +1% drop chance on their Alpha Packs. The Streak status will be reflected in the in the Reputation Center, in the main menu squad panel, and in matches for other players to see. Of course, if a player wishes to protect their privacy, this icon can be disabled as part of Privacy Mode.


  • Players who have a sanction or reputation penalty will have their Streak stopped and will be unable to attain a new Streak.


As well as an increased Alpha Pack drop rate, if you meet the right requirements, you could qualify for more rewards.

  • At mid-season, any player who has received a Commendation in the current season, will receive an Alpha Pack of Epic rarity.
  • At the end of a season, players in the top 25% of Commendations for that season, will receive an Alpha Pack of Legendary rarity.


The following players will not be eligible for mid-season or end of season rewards:

  • Players who are under sanction of any sort.

The Player Protection team continues their work on both the Commendation System and Reputation System, helping to support and protect players’ journeys in Siege. With this update, our aim has been to increase the opportunities for positive interactions in-game, with the ultimate goal of giving players a more positive overall experience. We look forward to players using the system, earning Streaks, and receiving their Alpha Packs!

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