The Community Artist Bundle Program continues in Year 8 and is bringing yet another amazing operator bundle made in collaboration with Notamutemain! Starting June 12th, his Mute bundle will be available to redeem for a limited time on the dedicated Rainbow Six Siege {LINK REMOVED}Prime gaming page.

With this program, we want to celebrate our amazingly creative and dedicated community artists and give them the chance to have their art styles represented in-game. Each chosen artist will have the opportunity to design a full set for an operator of their choice and the resulting bundles will become available during Year 8.

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Notamutemain’s Mute operator bundle includes:
• Uniform
• Headgear
• M590A1 weapon skin
• Charm


The Notamutemain operator bundle will be available via Prime Gaming for a limited time, starting from June 12th. Prime Gaming members will be able to claim this exclusive set for free. If you’re not a Prime member yet, you can sign up for a free trial.
A Renown Booster is currently available from Prime Gaming until June 12th so don’t forget to claim this too!
Here’s how you can get these Prime Gaming offers:

• Link your Ubisoft and Amazon accounts {LINK REMOVED}here.
• Redeem the respective offer through Prime Gaming {LINK REMOVED}here.
• Receive the content automatically in-game within 48 hours.


Shaun E, known in the Siege community as Notamutemain despite Mute being his top played operator, found art as a great creative outlet since he was young. Inspired by community artists such as Sunstark, he began posting Siege-related fanart in July of 2018. From this date, Shaun rapidly honed his artistic skills, leading to many opportunities. He collaborated on multiple occasions with Ubisoft, from having an early look at Flores to create a promotional fanart, to being a part of the Siege Champions program, and finally working on a bundle for Mute!
Shaun uses thick outlines and line art to create his bold, colorful artwork. He gets his inspirations from comic books and expressive artwork with movement and weight.
As a queer individual, Shaun wanted to represent the LGBTQ+ community in his bundle. He pulled inspiration from the artist Tom of Finland, who had a large influence on the late 20th century gay culture. Many symbols of the queer community have been included in this bundle, from the leather biker cap to the transgender symbol. Shaun was also influenced by the punk movement and used some of its distinctive symbols – spikes and chains, slogans of resistance, graffiti and spray paint motifs – to represent the LGBTQ+ community’s resistance to oppression and persecution.
There’s also a distinct clash of art styles reflecting his identity as a Chinese-American artist. We can note the Chinese expression present on the weapon skin that can be translated to “Paint the dragon, dot the eyes”; it is taken from a story which meaning refers to the lack of one small element from the creation that would make it perfect. Shaun is a very driven artist, but he likes this story to remind himself: even when the perfect detail seems to evade him, he can still look back and be proud of what he accomplished.
Today, Shaun is leaving his mark on Rainbow Six Siege with this bundle and the symbols incorporated in it, making it a very meaningful and personal representation of who he is.

Don’t forget to have a look at Shaun’s Twitter and {LINK REMOVED}Instagram accounts to see more of his incredible art!


What is the Community Artist Bundle Program?
The Community Artist Bundle Program launched in Y6S1 and it brings operator bundles created by some of our most talented and dedicated Siege fan artists into the game.

I’m a Siege fan artist too – what can I do to get selected as well?
Given the length of our production cycle for in-game content, the fan artists for Year 8 have already been determined. However, we are always on the lookout for future participants. If your goal is to see your bundle in-game, continue showing us your passion and strive to be an outstanding member of the Siege community. We have multiple ways for our dedicated community artists to get more involved with the game, such as the Ubisoft Star Player Program.

How can I get the Y8S2 Notamutemain operator bundle?
Link your Ubisoft account with your Amazon account {LINK REMOVED}here and claim the operator set through {LINK REMOVED}Prime Gaming starting from June 12th. After successfully redeeming the content, it will be available in your in-game inventory within 48 hours. Players must have Mute available as an operator.

Can I buy the Notamutemain operator bundle with Renown or R6 Credits as well?
The Notamutemain operator bundle is exclusive to Prime Gaming for a limited time only and can be obtained via the Prime Gaming offer as described above. Prime Gaming is included for free with Amazon Prime, and free trials are available for new users.

Will this offer be available on all platforms?
Yes, it can be redeemed on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia.

How long will this offer be available?
Following its release on June 12th, you have one month to claim this offer via Prime Gaming.

I don’t see my rewards.
If you’re having trouble redeeming your Notamutemain operator bundle, please contact our {LINK REMOVED}support.

For more information about Prime Gaming, visit the {LINK REMOVED}Prime Gaming FAQ.


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