From October 13th to November 3rd, the haunted return to the Doktor’s Castle as the Hunters begin their hunt for the horrific Monsters. This year, new Hunters are joining the roster of horrors to fuel your twisted nightmares! Step into the abyss and slay every damned Monster this Halloween in *Doktor’s Curse 4: Night of the Hunters!* Will you survive the horrors that await, or become just another victim in this dark tale?


Ready to terrify your opponents with a nightmare version of your favorite Operator? Fear not, you can find all the previous and new Operators in the Doktor’s Curse Collection, including uniforms, headgear, weapon skins, and Operator Card Portraits. For true fans of terror, a Signature Pack is also available with an exclusive drone skin and weapon skin for the 556 XI.

All Doktor’s Curse bundles will be available for 1680 R6 Credits or via the collection packs at 300 R6 Credits (12,500 Renown) each. If you connect to the game during the event, you will also receive one Collection Pack for free, and additional ones when completing weekly challenges.


Both teams do not have access to firearms of any kind in this game mode. The Hunters only have a modified version of Sledge’s Hammer and unique abilities to track the Monsters. Monsters cannot attack Hunters directly but have access to traps and abilities as well. Hunters win if they hunt down all the Monsters while the Monsters take the round if they survive the night!


In Doktor’s curse, the deadliest game of hide and seek ensues between the Hunters (Attackers) and the Monsters (Defenders). Returning Operators from last year, alongside a rebalanced Oryx, are joined by newcomers Dokkaebi and Nøkk with their own exclusive accursed cosmetic bundles. As a special surprise this year, Iana will also have her own exclusive Doktor’s Curse bundle for a limited time too!

In this fast-paced chase of terror, Hunters are equipped with hammers while Monsters have access to the Nightstride ability, granting temporary invisibility with increased movement speed along with their traps. Nightstride has a cooldown effect and may only be used three times by a player during a round. This year one of the Hunters also will have this ability to keep the chase frantic so keep watching your six while running!

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