Dread Factor Battle Pass

Dark clouds gather over the horizon and danger springs from every shadow. From May 30th to August 28th, Rainbow Six Siege unleashes Operation Dread Factor to light the way. To aid during these troubled times, new Operator Fenrir arrives to bolster the ranks. Hailing from Sweden, Fenrir brings a cool head and a calculating approach to battlefield tactics. Deploying Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine causes vision-restricting fear to those who blunder into it.

Navigate the multiple paths of our Battle Pass and collect up to 100 rewards. Play matches, earn tokens, and reach for the rewards you desire in the order you want! Acquire marvelous items, such as Viking-themed sets for Fenrir and Ace, a must-see Punk-style set for Nøkk and the delicate Porcelain set for Kali, among many others. To top it off, do not miss out this season’s signature weapon skin, Fable Shapings, and the Vicious Little Nightmare drone skin!

For those wishing to start the season in style, ahead of their peers, get your hands on the Premium Battle Pass. At only 1200 R6 Credits, it allows early access to the new operator, the mysterious Fenrir. If you grab the Premium Bundle, you obtain 20 Battle Tokens and 2 Breach charges to jumpstart your journey!

Join us in Operation Dread Factor, learn to control your fear and unleash your full potential. For more information, visit https://rainbow6.com/battlepass

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