Everything New In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's New Season One Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has launched its Season One content on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, alongside a patch that makes several quality-of-life and balance changes. The update includes tons of new additions and even more from the Battle Pass bonuses, so Infinity Ward has provided an overview of all the new additions.

First, the update adds four new maps, free for all players. Those include Atrium and Cargo maps for Gunfight, and a Ground War map called Port. The Crash map from the original Modern Warfare also makes a comeback, and Infinity Ward promises that two more retro maps will be added sometime this season: Vacant and Shipment.

The new season also brings a Reinforce game mode, that acts as a hybrid of Domination and Search & Destroy. You’ll only have a single life, and your teams will compete for control of three flags. Capturing a flag respawns the members of your team–hence the name. This season will also add two more modes, Infected and Gunfight OSP. Infected has you fight against knife-wielding infected players trying to add you to their ranks, while Gunfight OSP is like traditional gunfight, but you start with no equipment or weapons. You’ll have to scrounge for survival.

Finally, the new season brings five new Special Ops missions to play cooperatively. Those include Operation Just Reward, Operation Strongbox, and three classic Spec Ops missions: Pitch Black, Grounded, and Bomb Squad.

All of those free additions come along with the Battle Pass. The pass itself has free tiers which can earn you RAM-7 bullpup assault rifle (Tier 15) and the Holger-26 (Tier 31). Purchasing the Battle Pass will get you a full 100 tiers to unlock boasting 170 items, and simply buying into the Battle Pass will get you a new Operator, Mara. A Battle Pass Bundle gets you 20 Tier skips for a head start, and individual Tier Skips cost 150 CP (about $1.50). If you’re new to Modern Warfare you can jump straight in with the “Battle Pass Edition.” That includes 3,000 CP–enough for three Battle Passes–and some other in-game bonuses. It’s available for $80.

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