Here's The Best, Greatest, Dumbest April Fools' Gags This Year

It’s April 1, and as foretold on the ancient tablets that can mean only one thing: The internet is even more full of lies than usual, except today we call them “pranks.” The video game industry isn’t quite as active in the holiday merriment this year due to, you know, everything, but some studios are still getting in on the goofs.

Check out some of the best pranks this year, and leave a comment if you spot any that we haven’t.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Makes Shipment Even More Cramped

The notoriously tiny map Shipment is now playable in 10v10 teams, making for a wildly frantic match.

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Overwatch: The Eyes Have It

Overwatch got in on the act a little early by putting craft store-style googly eyes on all of its characters, and even some ultimates like Hanzo’s Ultimate ability.

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PUBG Gets Fantasy Makeover

The realistic battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds went a whole new direction, with a “limited-time game mode” that pits trash can knights against spellcasting wizards. But hidden in the silliness is a crafting system that PUBG Corp says it may implement in the actual game.

Pokemon Go Gets Tricky

The April Fool’s prank for Pokemon Go is relatively friendly, giving you a chance to catch some monsters you might otherwise be missing. For a limited time, “Tricky” Pokemon (like Voltorb, Ditto, Sudowoodo, and Foongus) will appear more often than usual.

Pokemon Masters Gets Nostalgic

Not to be outdone, the other Pokemon mobile game, Pokemon Masters, has replaced its main theme with the Pokemon Center music from the original Pokemon Red and Blue.

Honey, I Shrunk The For Honor

Ubisoft sent out a teaser about miniaturizing its live combat game, For Honor, with a new “Mini Edition.” The little itty-bitty samurai are kind of cute.

Platinum Games’ Fourth Announcement Is… A Prank?

Platinum Games may be the winner for the most prep work. It’s been teasing a fourth game announcement for months and today it put out a trailer suggesting it was all leading to an April Fools’ gag.

Codemasters Gets Dirty

The studio behind the Dirt series introduced a new spin-off of the popular franchise: Dirt Rollers, a marble racing game.

Darkest Dungeon Gets Even Darker

The Darkest Dungeon Twitter teased a new hero vs hero Arena Fights mode.

Zombie Army Gets GBA Port

Now in beautiful dot matrix green.

Playtonic Makes A Game Announcement

On a more serious note…

Some developers have abstained from April Fools this year but put out statements urging their fans to be safe and look out for each other.

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