New Call Of Duty 2020 Game Seemingly Teased In Warzone, Possible Announcement Today

Update: The Call of Duty boxes sent out have now been opened, and they only contain further teases. The new CoD 2020 game still hasn’t been announced, but the slide projectors may have some further clues about what to expect from it.

Original story: With coronavirus raging and a bona fide live game hit on its hands, it seemed likely Activision would drop teasers for its next Call of Duty game within the structure of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone. Now it appears that’s happening, as a mysterious new message introduced in Season 5 looks like something out of Black Ops. We could very well be going back to the mystery-filled Cold War era games we’ve seen a decade ago. The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?

Players are randomly receiving blurry, glitched messages saying “Know Your History.” GameSpot confirmed the message during a Warzone session, but it appears so quickly you could easily miss it. Another part of the glitched message appeared to show a message in Russian, and it certainly seems to hint at a new CoD.

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The allusion to history could be a reference to the rumored Black Ops: Cold War. That would set it in a historical context, and Black Ops is known for its mind-bending plot elements that revolve around false memories and other light sci-fi elements.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty fansite Charlie Intel received a package with a note not to open it until August 10. That could give us some indication of when to expect an official announcement. This sort of espionage-like tease is certainly on-brand for Black Ops. The original game involved a CIA plot and brainwashing mixed with appearances from some real-world political figures.

Reports that the new Call of Duty would be a Black Ops game have circulated for quite a while, but without an E3 this year, Activision has been quiet about its plans for longer than usual. That may finally be changing soon.

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