In Operation Para Bellum, two G.I.S. Operators join Rainbow as the unit raids a luxurious Tuscan villa, our 19th map.

The villa was specifically designed to offer a competitive showdown. It sets the stage for diverse gameplay, providing wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches. Don’t let the lush décor fool you, the villa is deadly: some of its floors are destructible and can fully expose you.

The land belongs to the Vinciguerra, a dangerous crime family known for their smuggling activities. The house is their retreat, where they lead a lavish lifestyle and collect rare art pieces. Now we catch the villa in a snapshot of time: Vinciguerras are burning documents and transporting their holdings before the big raid. But they’ve got wind of Operation Para Bellum and fled, leaving everything in disarray with vital information ready for the taking.

Visit our channel on May 19-20th for a full reveal of villa during the Pro League Finals.

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