With Ember Rise release, comes the latest balancing changes. Our goal is to offer you a list of what has been adjusted for the new season and to share our thoughts on these tweaks.



Shotgun destruction
We are continuing to improve the reliability of soft wall destruction with shotguns. Our goal is to make sure that any wooden beam preventing the creation of rotation hole is consistently destroyed. By doing so, we hope to make site preparation easier for defenders.

Keratos .357 and LFP 586.

The Italian and the French revolvers destruction output will be on par with the D-50. We expect this minor improvement to offer more viable loadouts and increase their attractiveness.


Added 100 extra bullet to the G8A1 LMG.
IQ’s LMG, which will also be Amaru’s is receiving more ammo to be on par with other weapons of the same class as this LMG had even less ammo than most of our assault rifles.

417 DMR
Expanded magazine capacity by 10 rounds.
To try and make the 417 a more appealing option, we have decided to increase the number of bullets per magazine. Twitch and Lion will be able to rely on 10 extra bullets per mag with this DMR upgrade.

Base damage: 34.
Damage at 18m: 34.
Damage at 28m: 26.
The SMG will now boast regular damage drop-off, like any other weapon of its class. It will still remain a completely viable option for the Spanish Operator.

AugA3 damage increased from 33 to 36.
The TCSG12 continues to be Kaid’s weapon of choice, but we would like the Aug A3 to be a viable alternative. Now that the Moroccan defender has received a C4 and impacts, he is able to remodel any site to his convenience, even without a shotgun. Increasing the AugA3 damage should bring the SMG on par with the TCSG12.


Penalty on posture change: 30%
Penalty on movement: 20% per meter
Time before penalty removal is set to 0.1s
Full recovery is changed from 1s to 0.5s
Penalty on rotation is removed
Penalty on lean: 20%
Following last season changes brought to Glaz, we are looking to implement a similar system to Warden’s ability. The system used for the Russian sniper enables us to have more options to tweak Warden’s vision.

This modification is also a good opportunity to reduce his movement penalty. The greatest mustache in Siege should now be more comfortable to play with, have more mobility and be a bit more powerful.

Improved visual and sound effects for Capitão’s Fire Bolts.
Fire bolts will now have the same visual and sound effects as Goyo. This change is primarily made for consistency but will also increase the visual feedback of his ability. It should now become easier to figure out if you are going to roast your toes.

Changed fuze deploy speed from 2 seconds to 1.6 seconds.
Fuze’s ability is very risky to use, especially on windows. With an improved deployment speed, his gadget should be safer to use and more likely to surprise an unsuspecting enemy. Our goal here is to try to find a way to increase Fuze’s attractiveness and boost his pick rate.

Increase the ADS time when the shield is equipped from 0.4s to 0.6s.
Operators using shields were too complicated to take down and the window of vulnerability they offered when switching to ADS was limited. We hope that increasing the time needed to ADS when using a shield will result in more fair gunfights.


  • Smoke: Impacts replaced with a Deployable Shield.
  • Rook: Deployable Shield replaced with Barbed Wire.
  • Jager: Deployable Shield replaced with Bulletproof Camera.
  • Frost: Barbed Wire replaced with Deployable Shield.
  • Mira: Deployable Shield replaced with Barbed Wire.
  • Lesion: Deployable Shield replaced with Bulletproof Camera.
  • Maestro: Deployable Shield replaced with Impact Grenades.
  • Warden: Impact Grenade replaced with Deployable Shield.
  • Dokkaebi: Stun Grenades replaced with Frag Grenades.
  • Glaz: Claymore replaced with Frag Grenades.
  • Nøkk: Stun Grenades replaced with Claymore.

The arrival of the updated Deployable Shield[] has forced us to rethink the utility used by all our operators. We want attackers to have the right tools to counter any defence relying heavily on these shields. Also, Warden and Nøkk will finally receive their initial secondary gadgets, which were temporarily replaced[].


  • Defusal planting or deactivation increased from 5 secs to 7secs.

Planting or deactivating a bomb defuser proved to be too short. To try and reward effective control over a bombsite more fairly we have decided to increase the planting or the defusing of the device to 7 seconds. We hope that this change will give more time to both teams to react accordingly.

Full Ember Rise patch notes are available here[].

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