PSA: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 3 Battle Pass Is Ending Soon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone‘s Season 3 Battle Pass is nearly finished. The Battle Pass is in its final week, so now is your last chance to progress through the pass to unlock everything.

As usual, you can earn new tiers in the Season 3 Battle Pass through gameplay alone, or you can spend real money to buy tiers. Alternatively, you can buy the entire Battle Pass–containing all 100 tiers–for $10 USD. The Battle Pass includes a new Operator, Alex, along with all kinds of extras such as cosmetics, weapon blueprints, double XP tokens, and more.

The Battle Pass applies to both Modern Warfare and the battle royale game Warzone, because the two titles share progression.

Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 4 is just around the corner, but Activision has not yet announced an exact start date or provide any details on what will be in its Battle Pass. Activision has posted a few teasers that suggests the iconic Call of Duty character, Captain Price, will be included in the Season 4 Battle Pass. All of the details should be confirmed soon, with Season 3 currently wrapping up.

It’s an intriguing time for Modern Warfare and Warzone, as Activision is expected to announce 2020’s Call of Duty game anytime now. Interestingly, reports have suggested that Activision will in fact announce the new game–rumored to be Black Ops: Cold War–through the Warzone game. The nuclear warhead discovered in Warzone will reportedly eventually detonate, changing the Warzone map to give it a Cold War-era look to promote the new game.

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