Special Operation 4 Patch Notes

Tomorrow our last update of Year 2 will be released: Special Operation 4.

This update will be available on PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One. The size of the patch will be 19.7 GB on PC. Please note that you will need to restart and update your platform to be able to play online.

Free PvE Mode: Guerrilla

Test your endurance with our brand-new PvE mode: Guerrilla. In Guerrilla Mode you and up to 3 friends will face waves of Cartel and Unidad members. With each round, the forces rallying against you will grow deadlier as you gather resources to defend key locations.

Before each wave starts, you will enter a preparation phase in which you can strategically chose your weapons and attachments. These can be upgraded by collecting gear by defeating enemies and exchanging the gear with the shopkeeper.

Completing waves will grant you XP, Tier points, and Prestige Credits as well as an exclusive gear set the first time you beat all 25 waves.

For more information about Guerrilla Mode, head to our Developer Q&A here[www.ghostrecon.com].

Community-Requested Features

Time of Day Setting – Solo Campaign

You will now be able to choose your time of day via a new setting available in solo campaign and solo Ghost Mode.

Once you choose your selected time of day from the menu, you will re-deploy to the nearest spawn point.

Custom Match Browser in Ghost War

You will now be able to create and filter matches using the following criteria:

• Game Mode
• Map
• Game Format
• Round Time Limit
• Supply Crates Restock
• Adrenaline Rush
• Starting Hour
• Weather
• Friendly Fire
• Realistic Magazine Reload
• Ignore Full Matches

Bleeding Notification in Ghost War

Ghost War will now contain an audio notification when your Ghost has started bleeding. Players that turn off notifications or play without their HUD will be able to hear when the status triggers.


The compass from Ghost War will now be a HUD option for all PvE modes.

Year 2 Pass

Year 2 Pass holders will get a free pack with Special Operation 4.

The Active Duty Pack will contain:

• Pencott LN [Weapon Camo]
• UMP45 [Submachine Gun]
• Blast Face Shield [Facewear]

Year 2 Pass holders will get early, direct access to the new Ghost War class for one week starting on February 27. Non-Year 2 Pass holders will have access to the new class on March 6th.

Ghost War

New Class

Special Operation 4 will contain one new class.


The Sapper is a new Support class option. His primary weapons are the TAR-21 and 9×19 VSN. Sappers can deploy a specialized drone that shoots "concussion" mines. These mines drain stamina from players and suppresses them, slowing down their rush.

New Maps

There will be two new maps added to Ghost War.

Gas Station

A Santa Blanca gas station currently under construction at the bottom of the forest valley in South Libertad.

The map has light forest vegetation cover, with a spacious building complex near the center. Long lines of sight are available for marksmen to scope enemies from afar, whilst buildings provide cover for assault and support classes.


A Unidad helibase located in Eastern Koani.

The elevation of this map offers some exciting opportunities for gameplay. This map provides something for every class: long sightlines for Marksmen, flanking opportunities for stealth classes, and a variety of interior obstacles that force thrilling CQC gunplay for the Assault and Support classes.

PvP Event

Two new events will be added to the rotation: Arms Race and Danger Zone.

The duration of the events will be reduced from 60 hours to 36 hours.


We are introducing a new Heatmap View to your TacMap. Using this view you will be able to see the most visited locations in the Wildlands, and perhaps discover some you’ve never visited before.


We are moving from Challenge Seasons to a selection of Daily Challenges (thee solo, one Task Force, and one Community Challenge) with increased Prestige Credit rewards.

• 400 Prestige Credits for completing three Solo Challenges
• 200 Prestige Credits for completing the Task Force Challenge
• 25 Prestige Credits for completing the Community Challenge

Completing a certain number a Daily Challenges per week will grant you additional rewards, such as Prestige Crates and a Battle Crate.

• Three Prestige Crates for completing five Solo Challenges
• Five Prestige Crates for completing 10 Solo Challenges
• One Battle Crate for completing 15 Solo Challenges

Ubisoft Club Rewards

Year 2 Anniversary Pack

Celebrate the second anniversary of Ghost Recon Wildlands with us! If you have played Wildlands between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, you are eligible to unlock the Year 2 Anniversary Items in the Ubisoft Club.

• FAL [Assault Rifle]
• Year 2 [Parachute Wing]
• Year 2 [Gear Patch]

Voice Line Pack

Unlock 48 new voice lines for 40 Ubisoft Club Units.

Shifumi (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Emotes

Get all three emotes to play Shifumi (Rock-Papers-Scissors) for free.

XP Boosters

Extra boosters will be added to the Club.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Audio Recordings

Discover an exclusive new audio story set between the events of Tom Clancy’s The Division and Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Hidden in the world, there are six audio recordings.

At the location of the final recording, you will find a reward to unlock.

Store Updates

Frontline Pack

A new pack with the following items has been added to the store:

• Mk 16 [Assault Rifle]
• M110 [Sniper Rifle]
• Riot Control [Vest]
• Heavy Riot Control [Vest]
• Armored Pants
• Tigerstripe [Weapon Camo]

Battle Crates

All voice lines have been removed from Battle Crates and moved to Prestige Crates. We are also moving a selection of emotes to the Prestige Crates.

There will be 30 new items added to the Battle Crates in Special Operation 4:

• Mk 18 [Assault Rifle]
• Gorka Outfit [Costume]
• FAST + Panoramic NVG [Headwear]
• FAST + Monocular NVG [Headwear]
• FAST + Special NVG [Headwear]
• High Cut + Spec. NVG [Headwear]
• HALO Mask [Facewear]
• Khaki Netting [Weapon Camo]
• PenCott SD [Weapon Camo]
• PenCott MP [Weapon Camo]
• KT Pontus [Weapon Camo]
• UCP-D [Weapon Camo]
• British DPM [Weapon Camo]
• Urban ERDL [Weapon Camo]
• MO5 Snow [Weapon Camo]
• MO5 Woodland [Weapon Camo]
• Tactical Taylor MAV [Vest]
• Insulated Sleeveless [Top]
• Adaptation Jacket [Top]
• Hiking Backpack
• WW2 [Parachute Wings]
• SEAL [Parachute Wings]
• American Eagle [Parachute Wings]
• Golden Eagle [Parachute Wings]
• Owl [Parachute Wings]
• Nuke [Parachute Wings]
• Shooting Star [Parachute Wings]
• American Viking [Gear Patch]
• Knife CQC [Emote]
• Knife Twirling [Emote]

Prestige Crates

The drop rates for items in the Prestige Crates have been modified to be increasingly generous with items of higher rarity.

• Rare Items: 55%
• Epic Items: 34%
• Legendary Items: 11%

All social items (victory poses, emotes, and voices lines) are now considered rare.

Tactical Hand Signs Pack

Get 11 new emotes based on real military signs.


The following weapons will be available for individual purchase:

• Mk 18
• M110
• Mk 16
• ACS-12
• Honey Badger

Bug Fixes and Improvements

PvE/General Fixes

All Platforms

• Fixed an issue where the M60E4 weapon was not held by the handle during emotes.
• Fixed an issue while using the ACS-12 where the hand was overstretched while in crouch or prone position, and during idle animation.
• Fixed an issue where Nomad disappears from the vicinity in cutscenes if the player has a female character.
• Fixed an issue where the mission discovery blade appeared after deploying on any Rally Point, once the mission had been discovered.
• Fixed an issue that caused Nomad to disappear from the vicinity in cutscenes if the player has a female character.
• Made various improvements and fixed several glitches with the Optical Camo.
• Fixed an issue that caused some suppressors to retain the Optical Camo cloaking effect under certain situations.
• Fixed an issue where changing certain weapons or costumes in the load out would affect Optical Camo.
• Fixed an issue that caused Scott Mitchell’s belt to clip through his body.
• Fixed a missing line of space between the handgun text and the level text.

Photo Mode

• Fixed an issue where the player’s NPC teammates glitch through the ground when opening photo mode and some icons were glitched.
• Fixed an issue that caused a delay and HUD issues with the camera option icon when opening Photo Mode.


• Fixed an issue where the aim assist option doesn’t save after applying the change and confirming the save change prompt.
• Fixed an issue where Missions and Tacmap HUD was displayed in Cinematics when using mouse in Kingslayer Files menu page.
• Fixed an issue where the wrong selection is made in Store after purchasing credits pack.

Store + Items

• Fixed an issue where the M1911 Golden and Luger didn’t have a store watermark and redirect.
• Fixed an issue where a gap was present in the Dokkaebi icon when crouching.
• Fixed an issue where patches that were unlockable through Deluxe edition redirected the player toward Featured Content.
• Fixed an issue where the Infantry Pack items do not redirect the player towards Year 2 Pass offers.
• Fixed an issue where there was a missing description for the 416 weapon pack preview.
• Fixed an issue where credits asset overlapped the Featured Content tab when returning from the Prestige Store using the mouse.
• Fixed an issue where the beard was clipping through Airframe Chops on the item Crate Card.
• Fixed an issue where the R93 LRS2 sniper rifle dropped in Ghost War crates even though it’s an item only available in PvE.
• Fixed an issue where the weapons from the Ghost War classes redirect the user to the featured content tab.
• Fixed an issue where the Cross Draw Vest was clipping with tops for the female character.
• Fixed an issue where the Windblocker Jacket clipped through several Vests.
• Fixed an issue that caused holstered weapons to clip through the character model if holstered on the left side of a female icon with no backpack.
• Fixed an issue that caused weapons to clip through backpack while running if holstered on the Maestro Icon.
• Fixed several clipping issues with the Scott Mitchell Icon.
• Fixed an issue that caused the CBRN Half Mask to clip through caps and skin.
• Fixed a clipping issue with items and the CBRN Half Mask on several heads.
• Fixed clipping texture issues of several weapons in victory pose Kneeling.
• Fixed an issue that caused the PenCott GZ camo on the Trapper Mask to not turn the front area into a matching color.
• Updated the animation on several emotes.
• Updated several Victory Poses.
• Updated the Coyote Brown and Sand Storm camos so they are identical on all compatible pants.
• Updated the text for the Gendarmerie Parachute to fit better with the canopy.
• Fixed an issue that caused The Vanguard and Sharpshooter weapons to clip while doing the Come and Get Me! emote.
• Fixed an issue that caused the character model to have no facial expression in-game while doing emotes if they’re wielding the crossbow.
• Fixed an issue that caused inconsistency in the sound quality and origin point of voice lines while in co-op.
• Improved an issue where the character grabbed the magazine instead of the grip on bullpup weapons for certain emotes.


All Platforms

• Fixed an issue where the user could holster their weapon by throwing grenades, activating abilities, or deploying drones while performing emotes that holster your weapon.
• Fixed several issues that allowed players to enter closed buildings.
• Fixed an issue where players could pass through a rock collision and gain an advantage on Zinc Mine map.
• Fixed an issue where players could get out of bounds on maps through some corners.
• Fixed an issue where players could climb inside the lithium reservoir through a specific spot.
• Fixed an issue where the SR-635 weapon magazine still counted 30 bullets instead of 20 as stated in the patch notes for Special Operation 3.
• Fixed an issue where the silencer for the Assassin’s primary weapon Vector Spectra was not shown and could not be removed.
• Fixed an issue where the user was unable to scroll from the first tab of the Ghost War menu to the last one by scrolling up on the list.
• Fixed an issue where the icon for the Edit button was misplaced on the customization screen.
• Fixed an issue where the wrong message was displayed when the user tried to unlock an Armory Pack without enough Prestige Credits.
• Fixed an issue where Toxic’s Toxic gas would not affect players when deployed on certain props.
• Fixed an issue where Echelon’s Sonar Vision was not deactivated when the character was swimming.
• Fixed an issue where the Doc/Surgeon had aim assist present while walking with stim pistol near an enemy.
• Fixed an issue where some languages had information going out of text-designated areas in Event descriptions.
• Fixed an issue where the Event Voting Page transitioned from Voting Closed phase to Event Ended phase for some users until session restart.
• Fixed an issue where the vote card was not highlighted when the user voted for an event unless they switch between tabs.
• Fixed an issue where Time doesn’t show days in the landing page.
• Fixed LOD issues that were present when approaching the concrete pillar props near the recon tower area on Outskirts.
• Fixed an issue where Lock Spectate Camera could be deactivated by spamming the options button.
• Fixed an issue where the observer player would see the same objective for all the players in the session.
• Fixed an issue where the observer sees proximity mines and C4 deployments as Recon Towers on Tacmap.
• Fixed an issue where the observer player will notice the wrong notification activating the Recon Tower.

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