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200,000+ Accounts Have Been Banned From Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone

Like many popular games, cheaters are flocking to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the battle royale game Warzone. Developer Infinity Ward isn’t letting these cheaters run amok, however, as the company has confirmed it has banned more than 200,000 accounts for cheating since launch.

This number applies to Modern Warfare and the Warzone spinoff, but Activision did not provide a breakdown by game. There was a new wave of bans this week, Infinity Ward said, and this is seemingly the 20,000 Warzone players that had their accounts deactivated for using cheats, according to a Vice report.

In addition to announcing the new ban total, Infinity Ward said it is staying vigilant in the fight against cheaters by releasing “additional security updates” and “backend enforcement tools.” The developer did not provide any specifics on these, and that may be intentional so as not to give cheaters a heads-up.

Overall, Infinity Ward said it has “zero tolerance” for cheating in its games.

Modern Warfare and Warzone recently welcomed its big Season 6 update, introducing new multiplayer maps, a big change to the Verdansk battle royale map, a new Operator, and more. Check out GameSpot’s Season 6 breakdown to find out everything that’s new.

The next Call of Duty game is Black Ops Cold War, and it’s set for release in November. You’ll be able to play the game much sooner, however, as the open beta begins later in October.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone: Season 6 gestartet – Update im Überblick

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone sind in dieser Woche in die sechste Saison gestartet. Spieler dürfen sich auf zahlreiche Veränderungen für beide Shooter freuen. Dazu gehören neue Spielmodi, neue Maps und das Metro-System in Warzone. Wir haben die…

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 6 Adds More PS4 Exclusive Content

The partnership between Sony and Activision for Call of Duty continues with Modern Warfare and Warzone, and now it’s been confirmed that the Season 6 update includes even more exclusive content for PS4 owners.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Activision laid out all of this content, beginning with a new map for the Spec Ops Survival mode. Survival mode will support the Hovec Sawmill map for its wave-based mode with the Season 6 update; this map is set at a sawmill with a barn in the middle and long sightlines for players who like sniping.

In other news about the Survival mode for Spec Ops, after nearly a year of exclusivity to PS4, the mode itself will be available on Xbox One and PC starting on October 1. Activision also clarified that the Hovec Sawmill map for Survival mode will be exclusive to PS4 until October 1.

Another PS4-exclusive coming in Season 6 is the Combat Pack for Warzone. Free for all PS Plus subscribers, the pack comes with the following items:

  • Epic Rodion ‘Red Death’ skin (This skin unlocks the Operator, if not already owned)
  • Epic ‘Shivvie’ Melee Weapon
  • Epic ‘Slipshod’ Handgun Weapon Blueprint
  • Epic ‘Ball and Chain’ Charm
  • Epic ‘Don’t Back Down’ Calling Card
  • Epic ‘Gulag’ Emblem
  • Epic ‘Inside Job’ Sticker
  • 60 Minute Double XP Token

This Combat Pack is exclusive to PS4 until December 1, 2020.

Finally, PS4 users are getting the Tide Pool weapon blueprint, which is exclusive to PS4 until October 1, 2020. This is a special sniper rifle with a shorter barrel, but Activision says it’s still powerful and effective with its “quality scope.” You can unlock the Tide Pool by completing a five-step mission, the full details of which can be found in the Missions tab.

Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 6 goes live very soon on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The free expansion adds new multiplayer maps and a subway system for Warzone, among many other things. For the full rundown, check out GameSpot’s breakdown of everything that’s new in Season 6. You can also watch the video above to learn more.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 6 Is Live Now, Patch Notes Revealed

The next chapter in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the battle royale game Warzone is about to unfold. The Season 6 update for the popular multiplayer shooter has gone live, and the patch notes are also out–you can read them below.

Infinity Ward senior communications manager Ashton Williams previously said in a tweet that the Season 6 update will go live at the usual time–11 PM PT on September 28. That works out to 2 AM ET and 7 AM GMT on September 29. For players in Australia, the patch will arrive starting in the late afternoon, from around 4 PM AEST.

The Season 6 patch includes a number of general fixes. For C4, a beep will now play when you use the quick detonation trigger; throw velocity has also been dropped by 30 percent. The patch also fixes an issue where players could hold unlimited stopping power rounds.

In terms of weapons, the Origin 12 shotgun has seen its damage at close range reduced, while all shotgun slug damage for Warzone has been increased. Additionally, the patch fixes a pair of problems that caused the player’s watch or heartbeat sensor to fail to fully appear when using the XRK chainsaw attachment on the Finn LMG.

For Warzone specifically, Infinity Ward has fixed a collision issue for the Stadium, while the patch also fixes an exploit that allowed players to see through a fence. The patch also fixes an issue whereby players could not damage enemies while using the ascender.

You can see the full patch notes below, as posted by Infinity Ward.

Even before revealing the patch notes, Infinity Ward provided an exhaustive rundown of what’s in the Season 6 update. This includes new maps for Modern Warfare, more weapons, and a new subway system in the battle royale game. There are also new Operators coming, including Farrah from the Modern Warfare campaign while there will be a new Battle Pass to get started on with the Season 6 refresh.

The game will also feature a Halloween-themed event called the Haunting of Verdansk, featuring limited-time modes and rewards. The PS4 version of Modern Warfare will see more exclusive content, but the previously PS4-exclusive Survival Mode will finally be coming to Xbox and PC.

You can read up on GameSpot’s full Season 6 coverage to find out everything that’s new.

Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 6 Patch Notes



  • Ground War
  • Gunfight Blueprint Customs
  • Face Off – Station
  • Killstreak Confirmed
  • Season Six Mish Pit – Season Six maps Broadcast and Mialstor Tank Factory in mosh pit game modes


  • BR Quads
  • BR Trios
  • BR Duos
  • BR Solos
  • Plunder Trios
  • Armored Royale Quads


  • C4: Slight delay when performing a quick detonation. A beep will now play when quick detonation is triggered. Also reduced throw initial velocity by 30%
  • Fix for a bug where, after reviving a teammate in Survival, there will be a 5 second delay before the user is able to use their weapon again
  • Fix for an issue where players could obtain unlimited Stopping Power rounds
  • Fix for an issue where the defending player had a long respawn timer after the HQ was taken back and all players were dead while in a Headquarters match
  • Fix for an issue where it was possible to put a molotov or grenade into a planted bomb causing it to kill the diffusing player


  • Fix for two issues where the player’s watch and/or Heartbeat Sensor would not be entirely visible when using the XRK Chainsaw attachment on the Finn LMG
  • Fix for a bug where explosive and thermite rounds do not function as intended on the Chronic variant from the Blunt Force II bundle
  • Fixed an issue where the muzzle selection screen for the Finn LMG was hard to view in the Gunsmith menu
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s left hand will not properly grip the weapon when the 23.0” Romanian barrel is equipped on the AK
  • Fixed a few bugs where the prone hipfire view model positioning was not appearing as intended and could disappear in certain circumstances
  • Origin 12: Reduced very close damage in Warzone
  • Shotguns: Increased damage of slugs in Warzone
  • XRK ChainSAW – FiNN LMG:
    • Adding a description in Gunsmith nothing the attachment does not allow for weapon mounting
    • Increased brightness on the Tac Laser attachment


  • Fixed a collision issue in the south corner of the Stadium
  • Fix for an issue where a fence with a white tarp over it near the Hospital was allowing players to see through it on one side
  • Fix for an issue where, on occasion, the train would appear as a white placeholder icon on the map
  • Implemented fixes to help properly track Warzone wins
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to damage enemies with gunfire while on an ascender
  • If a player has their minimap set to not rotate, they will see inaccurate pings on the heartbeat sensor. This has been fixed
  • Fix for a rare issue where the Train’s supply boxes could vanish during longer rounds


  • NVIDIA Reflex is now available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including Warzone, and will deliver latency improvements in GPU-intensive gaming scenarios on GeForce GTX 900 and higher NVIDIA graphics cards
  • Improved stability and performance

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's PS4 Exclusive Mode Will Come To Xbox One And PC Soon

After nearly a year of exclusivity on PlayStation 4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare‘s Survival mode in Spec Ops is headed to Xbox One and PC very soon.

Xbox One and PC players can access Survival mode from October 1, Infinity Ward’s senior communications manager announced on Twitter.

Xbox One and PC users have had access to the Spec Ops mode for Modern Warfare for launch, but Sony paid Activision to keep the Survival mode exclusive to PS4 for nearly a year.

Survival is a Horde-style cooperative mode where teams of up to four players fight against waves of increasingly difficult AI enemies across multiple maps.

Before Survival comes to Xbox One and PC, Infinity Ward will introduce Season 6 for Modern Warfare and the battle royale game Warzone. The free expansion (which is out now) adds new multiplayer maps, introduces a subway system to Warzone’s battle royale map, and includes new Operators. What’s more, the update introduces a new Halloween-themed finishing move that lets you dispatch a bat named Edward to kill your enemies.

You can read up on GameSpot’s full Season 6 coverage to find out everything that’s new.

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone Halloween-Themed Event Starts This October

With Season 6 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone starting on September 29 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, publisher Activision has detailed the new content coming to both games. This includes a Halloween-themed event featuring limited-time modes and rewards. (Update: The Season 6 update for the game is out now)

The event is called the Haunting of Verdansk, and it will run from October 20 to November 3. Activision has not specified what the event is. The publisher also has not detailed what limited-time modes and rewards will be available when the Haunting of Verdansk goes live later next month. Whatever the Haunting of Verdansk has to offer, though, will take place during Season 6. Check out the Season 6 roadmap below, which highlights the Halloween-themed event, additional Operators, new maps and modes, and extra weapons.

There’s a lot coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone this season.

One of the bigger changes coming to Warzone in particular is the addition of a brand-new subway station. Activision shared a Season 6 overview trailer spotlighting the new locations that come with the underground train station, such as the station itself, a downtown district, and the Verdansk airport. We’ve rounded up everything we know about Season 6, including the story, battle pass, file size, map and weapon rotations, and more.

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Here's Everything We Know About Call Of Duty Season 6

Season 6 of Call of Duty starts today at 11 PM PT and this latest update is jam-packed with new features. A new trailer teased what’s to come, but for those eager to know it all, here’s everything you need to know about what’s coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone.


To set the scene for Season 6, recently dispatched Nikolai and Farah discover a huge secret about Al Qatala’s operations in the city of Verdansk: They use the empty subway tunnels to travel unnoticed. By recommissioning the trains, Armistice is put back on track towards freedom from this dangerous international syndicate. These tunnels are key narratively and mechanically, as they facilitate this season’s new fast travel system in Warzone.

Fast Travel

The Metro is your new way to speed around Verdansk in Season 6. It combines pre-existing points of interest with new stations, so players will now have a high-risk, high-reward option while navigating the city.

Traveling between stations happens in seconds, and players will be able to explore the stations before they board giving opportunities to find item spawns on the way to the platforms. The cars themselves have a retro look, but follow modern safety protocols; they won’t take you outside the safe area during battle royale matches and they cease to function if there’s conflict onboard. Fighting on the train is strictly a no no.

That said, fighting in and around the stations is totally fair game.

New Warzone Mode and Weapon Rotation

Armored Royale is the new Warzone mode coming in Season 6. It’s a battle royale variant that gives each squad an armored cargo truck, complete with turret, that doubles as your respawn point. As long as the truck is intact, you and your squadmates can return to the fight. But once it’s gone you can’t come back from a killshot. The last squad standing is the winner, regardless of the state of their truck.

Verdansk also has a new shipment of weaponry scattered across the map, giving players access to a new weapon rotation this season. You’ll be able to find these weapons on the ground or in supply boxes, and there will be a combination of familiar tools and new armaments to try out. Season 6 will offer up six common, ten uncommon, 13 rare, 18 epic, and 24 legendary variants.

Modern Warfare Maps

The full version of Modern Warfare is getting four new multiplayer maps, one of each size.

Station is a rural train station in Kastovia and serves as the latest gunfight arena. It has a relatively simple design, but provides opportunities to find jump spots and varying tactical angles. This map embraces verticality by allowing you to climb every boxcar and passenger car, though these areas are more exposed. If you stick to the ground, there will be more cover in the way of crates and even tank parts.

Broadcast is a map franchise long-timers will recognize. It debuted in 2007, and is making its return for season six. As the name implies, Broadcast is an abandoned communications center that you’ll infiltrate in 6v6. It features plenty of tight corridors and even some limited verticality of its own.

Mialstor Tank Factory can be played in both 6v6 and 10v 10 modes, and its playable dimensions change depending on the lobby size. Either size will feature both indoor and outdoor combat as the focus of the map is the tank factory and adjoining warehouse which have accessible rooftops. Still, there are other buildings your squad will be able to explore including a workshop, a skybridge, a residential zone, a scrap yard, and a shipping area. Some of these will be sectioned off in 6v6.

Verdansk Riverside is a previously unlabeled map location that’s actually a suburban area located across the Gora River from the Verdansk International Airport. As you’d expect from a suburb, this map largely consists of two-story homes and buildings you’d find in a strip mall like a pharmacy and a chain restaurant. There’s also a small construction project of some kind that doesn’t seem to have an end date. This is a Ground War map, and will focus heavily on vehicles to navigate in and around the neighborhood.

Modern Warfare Modes

Killstreak Confirmed is the new Kill Confirmed variant to shake up killstreaks in multiple ways. You can only rack up killstreaks by getting enemy dog tags, but your streak won’t reset if you die, so you’re going to want to keep hustling for those tags. This mode will also allow you to “wrap” killstreaks so you can earn the same one multiple times in one life. Whichever team collects the target number of dog tags despite killstreaks wins.

Get ready for the random weapon assortment of Gun Game to come to Team Deathmatch in Gun Game TDM. You get to choose your loadout for perks and equipment, but you’ll have to be prepared to use whatever you’re dealt once the match starts. Each kill with a given weapon cycles you through a predetermined list of weaponry. First team to the target kill count wins.

Headquarters is getting a new spin with HQ: Firefight. This mode gives a team score for both holding the objective and getting kills. After a team captures an HQ, respawns are disabled until the enemy team neutralizes it. The team that gets to the target score first wins.

Hardpoint: Hills and Kills is similar to HQ: Firefight; it gives a team score for holding hills and earnings kills. First team to the target score wins.

There are also nine trials this season to spend your trial tickets on, alongside additional side missions and challenges where you can earn blueprints and items.

Battle Pass

This season’s battle pass comes with 20 tiers of free content for all Warzone and Modern Warfare players. Just by playing, you can earn a few blueprints, cosmetics, and some Call of Duty Points. The free tiers also provide opportunities to unlock multiple new war tracks to play while driving. Some of these war tracks come from outside the CoD universe, including DMX’s “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem.”

There are two new weapons that can be unlocked in the free tiers: the SP-R208 marksman rifle (Tier 15) and the AS-VAL assault rifle (Tier 31). The SP-R208 is a bolt-action rifle that’s one of the most accurate in its class. The AS-VAL is an assault rifle built for stealth and accuracy.

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If you purchase the battle pass, all 100 tiers open up and you’ll get access to unlocking a variety of goodies. Farah and Nikolai are both unlockable operators, and the paid pass includes perks like double XP and weapons tokens, weapon charms, watches, stickers, emblems, and calling cards. The paid version of the battle pass also includes skins for operators and vehicles, additional weapon blueprints, and a new finishing move that features a pet bat named Edward presumably eating the faces of your enemies. Players can also look forward to some seasonal Halloween content coming to the store soon, and the Halloween event The Haunting of Verdansk will kick off October 20.

Season Six Download Sizes

Please note that the Season Six update will have a download size of approximately 19.6 – 63 GB for owners of the full version of Modern Warfare and free-to-play Warzone, who are up to date with the latest update.

  • PlayStation 4: 19.3 GB
  • Xbox One: 22.66 GB
  • PC: 57 GB (Modern Warfare owners) and 25.5 GB (Warzone only owners)

At launch on console, owners of the full version of Modern Warfare will also have to download the Compatibility Pack to access Multiplayer and Special Ops, and the Survival Pack to access Survival. File sizes for these two Packs are below:

  • PlayStation 4 Compatibility Pack: 7.8 GB
  • PlayStation 4 Survival Pack: 5.8 GB
  • Xbox One Compatibility Pack: 8 GB
  • Xbox One Survival Pack: 5.9 GB

Note that on October 1, Xbox and PC players can access the Survival mode.

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