There's A Virtual Tamagotchi In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's New Update

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is known for its cosmetic items, usually in the form of militaristic or cool-looking skins for your operators and their gear. Infinity Ward has now introduced a more playful item, which imitates the Tamagotchi fad of the late ’90s.

The “Tomogunchi” is available from the in-game item shop for 1,000 CoD Points. The bundle includes a charm, emblem, calling card, sticker, and spray. The real star of the bundle is the Tomogunchi toy itself, which is represented as a wristwatch-like item. The tweet suggests that you can check on your little virtual pet, feed it, monitor its mood, and help it evolve.

Modern Warfare has been careful not to sell game-changing items through its shop, so it’s doubtful the Tomogunchi will do anything to help up your game. In fact, if you get too distracted with checking on your pet it might actually be a detriment to the firefights around you. A guide on the Activision blog looks as if the Tomogunchi responds to your in-game play, making it something of a real-time performance tracker.

The new addition joins the rest of the recent patch notes, which makes some balance changes and other adjustments. We’re also expecting the much-rumored and partially leaked Warzone battle royale mode to drop sometime soon. If you haven’t picked up Modern Warfare yet and the Tomogunchi was the thing you needed to push you over the edge into purchasing it, you can get a pretty good discount through GameStop’s tax refund sale.

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