The Y5S1.1 Patch will deploy to both PC and Console on the week of March 23rd.


OBS compatibility with Vulkan (such as capture-mode) will work with the latest version of OBS Studio[github.com] (v25.0).


FIXED – Inconsistent debris when barricades/hatches are destroyed by multiple different weapons.
FIXED – Sound propagation issues when the spikes on a reinforcement are destroyed.
FIXED – Explosion SFX of some gadgets can be muffled if detonated on the back/spiked sections of reinforced walls.
FIXED – Spamming gadget equip/unequip can cause shield operators to take longer to equip their shield.
FIXED – Incorrect animations when performing certain actions.
FIXED – When ADS some parts of the scope will go in and out of focus.


FIXED – Various operator visual animation issues.
FIXED – Operator’s shields will flip if going prone right after a melee.


FIXED – Using ADS while Blackbeard’s shield is equipped causes SFX issues.


FIXED – Castle’s armored panels are destroyed by any explosive if an operator is standing too close to the panel.


FIXED – Clash CCE shield has a slightly overextended hitbox.


FIXED – If Echo gets DBNOed while deploying his Yokai he is unable to deploy his 2nd Yokai later.


FIXED – Missing overheat SFX when firing his Evil Eye.


FIXED – Maverick can instantly destroy hatches with his suri-torch under certain circumstances.


FIXED – Monty’s shield hitbox is larger than the shield and can prevent players from hitting enemies when they hide behind Monty.


FIXED – Sight alignment offset when Nokk goes from prone to standing if Hel is activated.
FIXED – Weapon stays on screen after ADSing with Hel activated.


FIXED – EOR replay camera doesn’t move if Iana activates her gadget at the last moment.
FIXED – After hologram is destroyed or recalled, Iana can sometimes see OOW very briefly.
FIXED – Hologram VFX remains even if her hologram is destroyed right upon deployment.
FIXED – Iana’s operator model remains in the map even if the player leaves the game while controlling the hologram.
FIXED – From 3rd person POV, Iana’s hologram deploys facing the wrong direction.
FIXED – Iana’s hologram doesn’t take the same weapon that Iana is equipped with (Her hologram has a mind of its own).
FIXED – Iana’s hologram can trigger shrapnel holes.
FIXED – Iana can still control her hologram even after Mute places a jammer close by if she is already in the Hologram beforehand.
FIXED – Iana can’t deploy her hologram when there are Lesion Gu Mines in front of her.


FIXED – Scanned Jackal footprints disappear during killcam when Jackal scans them.
FIXED – Scanned footprints disappear during a killcam when the owner of the footprints is killed.
FIXED – Jackal can swap scans between 2 sets of footprints of the same operator without getting his gadget reset.


FIXED – Kali’s CSRX 300 won’t destroy a hatch if it only hits one panel of the hatch.


FIXED – Operators with ballistic shields are stuck in an un-equipped shield state while trying to remove Lesion’s Gu needles.


FIXED – Inconsistent damage and concussion FX when using Oryx’s Remah dash in certain spots or in abnormal ways.
FIXED – If Oryx dashes into a reinforced wall next to a destructible, he will take damage without destroying the destructible wall. (Poor guy doesn’t need any higher insurance premiums).
FIXED – Oryx can sometimes lose control if he is pushed back by a Nomad Airjab at the same time that he attempts to climb a hatch.
FIXED – Players can melee after being knocked down by Oryx or Nomad’s Airjabs.


FIXED – Using Sledge’s breaching hammer on the sides of the hatches does not break them.
FIXED – Sledge continues to reload his weapon even if he cancels it to take out his hammer.


FIXED – Zofia’s impact grenades can pass through Operator’s shields and detonate, if the defending operator is sprinting/walking at the time.


FIXED – Gadget deployment inconsistencies with various map assets.
FIXED – Inconsistencies/issues with the destruction of some map props.
FIXED – Various LOD issues on maps.
FIXED – Various problematic LoS issues on maps.
FIXED – Some pixel peeks and spawn peek spots on maps.
FIXED – Various visual/cosmetic fixes on maps and map assets.
FIXED – Various clipping/dynamic clipping issues with map assets.
FIXED – Various clipping and dynamic clipping issues
FIXED – Various lighting issues for dark spots on maps.
FIXED – Some collision issues with map assets + drones/Operators.
FIXED – When using a breaching charge on the lower section of a barricaded window, it destroys only the top layer of the adjacent floor.
FIXED – Some walls types do not take bullet damage when shot from a certain side.


FIXED – Players can go OOB from the police barricade.


FIXED – Oryx can go through a wall using his Remah dash in 2F Armory Desk of Border.


FIXED – Hibaba’s X-Kairos has no collision with the desk at 1F Lobby of Consulate.


FIXED – Inconsistent vaulting and vault issues for some areas of Oregon.
FIXED – Some collision/navigation issues with some map assets on Oregon.
FIXED – Various areas where players can still receive damage from outside indestructible walls on Oregon.
FIXED – Valkyrie Black Eye can be hidden inside a flower pot in 1F Lobby of Oregon.
FIXED – Indestructible wooden shelf in 1F Meeting Hall in Oregon
FIXED – Players can get stuck after vaulting the metal fence at EXT Construction Site on Oregon.
FIXED – Ceiling fans on Oregon have inconsistent SFX.


FIXED – Wall splinters remain when destroying some of the walls on Yacht.


FIXED – Duplicate running SFX when sprinting close to a wall.
FIXED – Overlapping running SFX when shield is on a shield operator’s back.
FIXED – Players receive a matchmaking error when making a full squad and trying to join an Unranked match.
FIXED – Various minor menu and HUD visual fixes and updates
FIXED – Toggling gadgets too quickly can cause Operators to look strange from 3rd person POV.
FIXED – Various shop and cosmetic visual issues.
FIXED – Various spectator mode visual issues on maps.
FIXED – Various minor menu and HUD fixes and updates.
FIXED – For bright light sources and bright cosmetics, the lens effect with Bloom/Lens flare is too bright.
FIXED – Infinite loading in menu for some Operator/weapon previews
FIXED – Situations: Operators can get stuck and lose functionality during Prep phase after skipping the cinematic.
FIXED – JIP/Reconnecting players sometimes see incorrect information displayed when spectating.
FIXED – Grainy thumbnail texture for maps in the Maps tab of the playlist guides.

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