Y6S4.2 Patch Notes


Find the download sizes for each platform below.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 2.49 GB
  • Steam: 1.01 GB
  • Xbox One: 2.14 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 2.58 GB
  • PS4: 2.68 GB
  • PS5: 1.99 GB

  • Investigations are ongoing for the crashes related to audio issues on Xbox and it’s suspected to be related to sound data corruption.
  • Today’s patch aims to help limit the number of crashes related to these issues and will allow the team to collect data from active cases to help further investigations.
  • A new icon (see below) has been introduced and will appear in-game when a related audio issue is identified on your end.
    • If you see this audio icon, rebooting the console at your earliest convenience should help avoid the issue and minimize the chance of crashing.
  • The team will continue to share progress updates via the Siege Twitter account as a more extensive fix for this issue is worked on.

  • Muzzle Brake attachment can be equipped on the MK14.
  • FO-12
    • Reduced damage to 25 (from 35).
    • Reduced Extended Barrel attachment damage modifier to be consistent with other weapons.
  • Concussion effect of Grzmot Mine and KS79 no longer affects movement speed.


FIXED – Camera goes out of bounds for an Attacker that’s watching a death replay when the end of round replay begins.
FIXED – Bulletproof cam remains visually present when the deploy animation is interrupted.
FIXED – Fuze’s Cluster charge cannot be deployed on Mira’s Black Mirror.
FIXED – Razorbloom and Grzmot mine can be activated through a soft wall if the wall is shot with a small caliber weapon.
FIXED – Ping doesn’t function when looking at a lower angle with Twitch’s Shock Drone.


FIXED – Destruction, clipping, and lighting issues on various maps.
FIXED – LOD issues on various maps.
FIXED – Some devices can be hidden behind the bookshelf in 2F CEO Office on Bank map.


FIXED – While using a controller, player cannot lean and hold Ying’s Candela at the same time.
FIXED – Animation is missing for the Victory Celebration of Ash’s Black Viper elite.


FIXED – Crash occurs when players shoot a certain locations on some maps.
FIXED – Various UI issues.
FIXED – Various BattlePass issues.
FIXED – Various shop issues.
FIXED – The game soft locks when changing the mouse sensibility while eliminated.
FIXED – Various audio and SFX issues.
FIXED – Various localization issues.
FIXED – Various customization issues.
FIXED – Players is removed for inactivity on Xbox after disconnecting and reconnecting a controller during a match.
FIXED – Missing text on 3D preview in Packs after previewing items from different categories.
FIXED – Player gets redirected to the home screen after interrupting a Pack opening by pressing ESC.
FIXED – Compass Location and Orientation doesn’t update for a caster when switching from one player in first person to another in third person.
FIXED – Various HUD issues.

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