• Ubisoft Connect: 1.84 GB
  • Steam: 1.1 GB
  • Xbox One: 1.43 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.76 GB
  • PS4: 2.17 GB
  • PS5: 1.51 GB


As mentioned in our thread on the subject, Y7S1.1 includes several fixes for ongoing issues. However, some in some cases, specific problems may still occur in very specific situations.
FIXED – Footsteps SFX are inconsistent when the operator is running.
This includes enemies sounding like they are right next you, even when on the opposite side of the map or a different floor. This may still occur in some niche situations while in drone cam.
FIXED – Gunfire SFX loops infinitely in TDM.
A fix to mitigate this issue is in place, though the problem may continue to occur albeit les frequently.
FIXED – Audio quality decreases before the game crashes.



FIXED – An occasional error when attempting to repick an attacker after switching to another player’s drone.
FIXED – Team killing a player who joins a match in-progress causes the Reverse Friendly Fire icon to appear for the killed player instead of the team killer in the next round.


FIXED – Attackers and Defenders on the same team in TDM have louder SFX in-game.
FIXED – Players can aim down sights during the Victory Screen in TDM.
FIXED – Promotional video is shown before finishing introductory TDM video.
FIXED – Player cards are only visible on first death.
FIXED – Victory dances appear broken on operators with removed gadget models.
FIXED – Respawn timer is longer than the visible countdown.


FIXED – Mira’s Black Mirror’s canister is breakable from the opaque side of the Mirror with a melee hit.
FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barriers don’t destroy damaged barricades when the Barrier deploys.
FIXED – Amaru can’t use Garra Hook on a hatch when a Kiba Barrier covers the hatch from the bottom.
FIXED – Placing a Deployable Shield on top of a Kiba Barrier that’s near a destroyed hatch destroys both devices.
FIXED – Going up a hatch covered by a Kiba Barrier doesn’t destroy the Barrier.
FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier can create small platforms to stand on in various locations.
FIXED – Operators can land in a prone position on their stomach after being hit with a pushback effect.
FIXED – Collision, destruction, clipping, and lighting issues for various Operators.
FIXED – Various VFX and SFX issues with Operators and devices.


FIXED – OTs-03 weapon sights have a placeholder texture.
FIXED – A second scope appears inside of the 3.0x and 2.0x scopes when the Sentinel Spirit weapon attachment skin is equipped.
FIXED – Several headgears and uniforms are incorrectly named "Default" for various Operators.
FIXED – "Reconnect" prompt is displayed for a minute after completing the match if the player reconnected once during the game.
FIXED – "Jynxzi" Streamer Charm is missing from the game.
FIXED – Privacy Mode options are not greyed out when a match is ongoing.
FIXED – The thumbnail for Ace’s Elite skin shows Melusi in the shop instead.
FIXED – Missing 3D preview for shield skins in the shop’s Weapon Skins category.
FIXED – Duplicate items from the Lord Tachanka Bundle do not give renown to the player.
FIXED – Joining an in-progress ban phase on the banning team results in missing UI elements.
FIXED – The last viewed pack is shown by default in the carousel when returning to the Pack Manager.
FIXED – End of match report message is incorrect in the case of a draw.
FIXED – Azami appears to still have a process if unlocked via the Premium Battle Pass.
FIXED – Various issues with Montagne’s MTG MK.II Elite set.
FIXED – Various clipping and visual issues for cosmetics.
FIXED – Various Battle Pass and challenge issues.
FIXED – Various customization issues.
FIXED – Various UI and UX issues.
FIXED – Various localization issues.

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