Y8S2.1 Patch Notes


Find the download sizes for each platform below.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 0.92 GB
  • Steam: 0.69 GB
  • Xbox One: 1.00 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.23 GB
  • PS4: 1.13 GB
  • PS5: 1.10 GB


Custom game team mixer

  • New button added to allow hosts in custom online games to randomize teams.



FIXED – Grim is missing from the Operators roster in the Golden Gun game mode.
FIXED – Dummy Health option doesn’t affect newly spawned dummies.
FIXED – Terrain destruction is not reproduced when players join a match in progress.
FIXED – Players get trapped when spawning at 1F Vending Stair of the Nighthaven map.
FIXED – FPS drops when Solis’ SPEC-IO Electro Sensor scans Sens’ R.O.U. Projector System.
FIXED – Opponents can activate devices that stick to walls from behind barricades.
FIXED – Barricades are destroyed after shooting 20 bullets into a specific spot to avoid the "vault" prompt.
FIXED – Loadout is randomized when eliminated for the first time in an arcade match in progress and spawning as a random Operator.
FIXED – Various Team Deathmatch issues.


FIXED – Defenders are detected outside when navigating in B Old Office of the Villa map.
FIXED – Unfair line of sight can be gained using Azami’s Kiba Barrier to vault on to a table at 2F Yellow
Stairs of the Consulate map.
FIXED – Record player can’t be broken at 1F Lounge of the Emerald Plains map.
FIXED – Unintended line of sight towards 1F Vista Office through the drone vent on the eastern wall at
EXT Parking of the Consulate map.
FIXED – Exploitable line of sight from a table at 1F West Corridor of the Consulate map.
FIXED – Exploitable line of sight on stacked supply crates at 1F Piano Room of the Consulate map.
FIXED – Players get stuck in the generator after rappelling at EXT Garage Way of the Consulate map.
FIXED – Players can spawn kill from 2F catering on players exiting Police Line spawn of the Consulate map.
FIXED – Collison, asset, and texture issues on various maps.


FIXED – SFX missing when hitting Azami’s Kiba Barrier with a shield.
FIXED – Multiples voice lines plays when Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine is thrown.
FIXED – Voice chat audio comes from Windows default devices instead of selected options in-game.
FIXED – Incorrect SFX play when Brava’s Kludge Drone hacks Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine.
FIXED – Various audio issues.


FIXED – Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher can’t break wooden floors with carpet over it.
FIXED – Bailiff 410 reloads faster when activating Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine.
FIXED – FPS drop occurs when Clash’s CCE Electro-Shield ability is spammed.
FIXED – Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine location appears as placeholder when placed in EXT Coast Guard
Roof of the Kanal map.


FIXED – Multiple strings of text are missing from the Battle Pass progression tab.
FIXED – stick input when rotating camera in match replay doesn’t reflect the input by user.
FIXED – Players get an error after accepting an invite from a player that was previously in their Squad.
FIXED – Toggle for match replay missing from custom games.
FIXED – Various Shop and Customization issues.
FIXED – Various UI issues.

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