Y8S2.2 Patch Notes

Find the download sizes for each platform below.
• Ubisoft Connect: 1.32 GB
• Steam: 0.97 GB
• Xbox One: 1.19 GB
• Xbox Series X: 1.53 GB
• PS4: 1.93 GB
• PS5: 1.45 GB


Defuser Pickup option
This new option lets players decide the defuser pickup behavior from these choices:
• Automatic
• Manual
• Both (Default setting)


Modified the calculation of Squad matchmaking ratings to ensure fairer matches.

Player Protection

Sanction messaging in the match feed will no longer mention BattlEye™ and instead use more generic messaging while still listing the sanction reason.



FIXED – Small gap on the left side of Mira’s Black Mirror when deployed in the center of the reinforced walls.

FIXED – Kali’s CSRX 300 has excessive lateral recoil on consoles.

FIXED – Lesion can reinforce walls and put up barricades in the team deathmatch game mode.
FIXED – Fenrir receives additional scoring points each time he redeploys the F-NATT Dread Mine.


FIXED – In Article 5, matchmaking between Sony and Xbox is possible when players have crossplay matchmaking turned off.

FIXED – Gap can be created after destroying the soft part underneath a reinforcement.

FIXED – Stacking 10 Observation Blocker will block bullets.


FIXED – Exploitable line of sight on stacked supply crates at EXT Garage in Consulate map.
FIXED – Unfair line of sight when using Azami’s Kiba Barrier on the door frame in 2F Solarium on Chalet map.

FIXED – Unfair line of sight when using Azami’s Kiba Barrier on the door frame in 1F Bar stock on Chalet map.
FIXED – Players can destroy devices on the other side of a reinforced wall by destroying the breakable floor underneath it.


FIXED – Wrong footsteps SFX if another player is on a different floor.
FIXED – No SFX play when Attacker uses a melee attack on Castle’s Armor Panel.

FIXED – Various Audio issues.


FIXED – Toggle for match replay missing from custom games.

FIXED – The Tactical Timeout scoreboard is empty in custom games.

FIXED – Various UI Issues.

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