See the upcoming changes to Rainbow Six Siege with the release of Y8S3.1.

Y8S3.1 Patch Size

Find the download sizes for each platform below.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 5.82 GB
  • Steam: 16.9 GB
  • Xbox One: 3.09 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 3.27 GB
  • PS4: 3.99 GB
  • PS5: 3.26 GB


FIXED – Ram’s BU-GI Auto Breacher doesn’t completely destroy first floor walls of 1F Strip Club on the Club House map.

FIXED – Ram’s BU-GI Auto Breacher doesn’t destroy Thunderbird’s Kona Station if it’s placed on a reinforced surface.

FIXED – Operators get stuck inside of a barrel when exiting rappel on the Fortress map.

FIXED – Defuser can’t be retrieved if dropped when entering or exiting rappel stance at EXT North Rappel on the Tower map.

FIXED – Ram’s BU-GI Auto Breacher can’t go through the wall at 2F Infirmary on the Yacht map.

FIXED – Attacker drones can reach a spot with a useful line of sight and can’t be destroyed on Nighthaven map.

FIXED – Third spawn location description is missing for Attackers on the Bank map.

FIXED – Fenrir’s F-NATT Dread Mine doesn’t open in the end of round replay when activated.

FIXED – Some gadgets are missing collision and can be deployed inside Ram’s BU-GI Auto Breacher.


FIXED – Staircase connecting 1F Central Hallway to 2F Central stairs is labeled as B Central Stairs on the Clubhouse map.

FIXED – Indestructible windows can be barricaded during the Defense tutorial.

FIXED – Wall studs are visible in B1 Red Stairs of the Kanal map.

FIXED – Barricades float when placed in the doorway at 2F Dorm Main Hall on the Oregon map.

FIXED – Can’t properly destroy the wall between 1F Bar and 1F Lounge on the Tower map.

FIXED – Operators can get out of bounds by using a space between a ladder and railing at EXT South Roof on the Tower map.

FIXED – Portion of the wall can’t be destroyed at 2F Master Bedroom of the Chalet map.


FIXED – Missing SFX when destroying the canister on Mira’s Black Mirror.

FIXED – Missing VFX when Operator phones dropped for Dokkaebi are hacked by the Kludge Drone.

FIXED – Missing SFX when drones are destroyed while in support mode during the end of the round.


FIXED – Ram’s BU-GI Auto Breacher laser is visible through walls with low quality settings.


FIXED – User doesn’t receive a penalty when reported for voice abuse in multiple sessions.

FIXED – Warden’s Smart Glasses thumbnail appears in low resolution in the Operators tab.

FIXED – Cursor doesn’t appear in the Operator Guides while using free camera during Match Replay.

FIXED – Players aren’t highlighted after swapping teams in a Custom Game lobby.

FIXED – Saved game mode settings for the Quick Match and Arcade playlists reset after restarting the game.

FIXED – Hot and Spicy attachment skin is missing from the exclusive set highlighted on the Intro section of the Battle Pass.

FIXED – Text for device name overlaps in Ram’s Operator section.

FIXED – Interaction animation doesn’t play when players spectate Fenrir.

FIXED – Missing reward image for when the free Alpha Pack reward popup appears.

FIXED – Compass appearance can’t be changed while using the normal HUD preset.

FIXED – Dread Factor Ranked charms are displayed with Heavy Mettle rank information.

FIXED – Multiple LOD issues on various maps.

FIXED – Various Shop and Customization issues.

FIXED – Various Localization issues.

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