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Ready Or Not Developer Confirms It Was Hacked, Source Code Stolen

Void Interactive, the developer behind the tactical first-person shooter game, Ready or Not, has confirmed that it was hacked. Fortunately, no player data or staff data was stolen.

In a statement to Kotaku, the developer blamed the hack on “critical vulnerabilities” that were discovered in TeamCity’s cloud services for build management. No sensitive information was leaked and the hackers were only able to get away with “some” source code and screenshots of its upcoming projects.

According to Insider Gaming, the hack reportedly happened in March, prior to the studio publicly revealing it, and the perpetrators made off with 4TB of data. The data was reportedly stolen in March, and apparently contained Ready or Not builds for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Ready or Not was released into Early Access in December 2021 and launched into 1.0 in December 2023. Its original publisher, Team17, dropped the game after it gained controversy for promising a school shooting mission. Its Steam page indicates that Void Interactive moved forward with self-publishing after losing Team17’s support.

Ready or Not has garnered mostly positive reviews, sitting at a 79% on Metacritic. However, the game has gotten some criticism lately for the 1.0 version’s gameplay changes and bugs.

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“Positively Shocking” – Firearms Expert Reacts To Ready Or Not’s Guns

Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of Ready Or Not including a number of non-lethal firearms such as the Taser and a paintball gun that fires irritant, as well as more conventional weapons like the MP5 and the FN FAL.

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Tactical Shooter Ready Or Not Loses Publisher After Dev Promises School Shooting Mission

Tactical shooter Ready or Not, which sees players commanding a S.W.A.T. team to defuse hostile situations and rescue hostages, will no longer be published by Team17.

While no specific reason was given by the publisher, many are pointing to the fact that a Ready or Not developer from Void Interactive recently made a (since-removed) comment on Reddit to say, “You better believe it’s gonna,” when asked if the game would receive a mission set during a school shooting. While there isn’t currently a mission set in a school in the game, Ready or Not’s cinematic reveal trailer does include a brief glimpse at what looks to be a school setting.

Team17 has not elaborated on the reason for ending the partnership, telling Kotaku in a statement that the agreement to no longer publish the game was mutual, that it wishes Void Interactive the best, and that it has no further comment at the moment.

Void Interactive’s statement also doesn’t mention a reason for the breakup, only stating that the decision was mutual.

“Void Interactive and Team17 have mutually agreed that Team17 will no longer publish Ready or Not,” a tweet from Void Interactive reads. ” We are confident that this is the right path for the future of Ready or Not, and we thank Team17 for their partnership and wish them great success with their spectrum of games.”

In a follow-up tweet, Void Interactive stated that it is still dedicated to supporting Ready or Not and will be taking into account player feedback as it looks to roll out frequent updates to the game in the coming weeks and months. The developer also promised improvements to AI behaviors, adding more voiceovers, mod support, and new levels. It’s currently unclear if those new levels would include a school shooting mission. Ready or Not recently entered Early Access on Steam and currently has “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews.

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Team17 To Publish Tactical FPS Shooter Ready Or Not

Team17 has announced that it’ll be teaming up with developer Void Interactive to publish its tactical FPS game Ready or Not. Sharing a few similarities with Ubisoft’s popular Rainbow Six Siege and the cult classic SWAT series of games, Ready or Not sticks firmly to the thin blue line of law enforcement and focuses on an elite team of operatives being sent into hostile territory.

Players will have to think tactically and use an assortment of special gear such as riot shields, mirror guns, smoke grenades, and more to rescue civilians. Several modes will also be available, with Void Interactive emphasizing that the game is built around realistic non-military combat situations and that players can also use non-lethal options to take down and arrest criminals.

“We’ve been working hard to make Ready or Not an immersive and engaging tactical shooter, and have already attracted a keen and excited community around the title,” Void Interactive chief executive officer Julio Rodrigeuz said in a statement. “We’re thrilled that Team17 shares the same passion and ambitions for the game as we do, and we’re already working together to deliver an immersive and adrenaline-fuelled experience.”

If you’re interested in seeing more of Ready or Not’s gameplay, which also includes projectile expansion and momentum, plate dynamics, and a speech recognition system for commanding players and NPCs, you can check out the game’s Steam page. There’s no concrete release date yet, but Ready or Not will be made available as a Steam Early Access game in June.

Team17 is a veteran of the video game industry, having made its name with the Worms series of games, and has also published several titles including Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, Blasphemous, and The Escapists in recent years.

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Rainbow Six-Like FPS Ready Or Not Gets An Extended Gameplay Trailer

After months of silence, developer Void Interactive has released a lengthy gameplay trailer for its upcoming Rainbow Six-like shooter, Ready or Not. The video, which you can watch above, provides our first extended look at the gameplay, which is strongly reminiscent of the SWAT series.

Ready or Not is billed as a “realistic tactical shooter” that’s “set against the backdrop of political and economic instability in the United States.” The game casts players in the role of Judge, a SWAT solider “tasked with defusing tense, hostile situations in a morally bankrupt city.”

Void Interactive had previously confirmed that Ready or Not will feature both competitive and cooperative modes, as well as a single-player mode. In the latter, the developer says players will be able to command their AI teammates using either an on-screen interface or with voice commands through the game’s “finely tuned speech recognition system.”

Ready or Not still doesn’t have a release date, but the game is projected to launch in late 2020. Ahead of that, players can pre-order it through Void Interactive’s website. The game is available in two versions; the standard edition (which runs for $40), and the $120 Supporter edition.

Along with the full game, the standard edition grants players access to a beta taking place in June 2020. The Supporter edition, meanwhile, also includes access to an alpha build in August of this year, as well as an FBI HRT pack and a 25% discount on the game’s first expansion.

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