We have monitored an increase in the amount of DDoS and DoS attacks against our servers following the release of Operation Ember Rise. Below you will find our next steps for how we plan to address the situation and move forward.



We have identified the worst offenders perpetuating these DDoS/DoS attacks, and will be initiating a ban wave. This will apply to both PC and Console players.

Impact: Players that have been found to be initiating DDoS/DoS attacks will be banned.

Target: Next Week, will continue as needed


We currently host 3 matches per server. When a server crashes, or when a DDoS/DoS attack occurs, this results in 3 matches being impacted and taken offline. We are splitting this to have each server host a single match to reduce the impact

Impact: 66% reduction in the impact of DDoS/DoS attacks.

Target: End of this week

We have noted the unintended consequences of the escalating abandon sanction on players impacted by DDoS/DoS attacks. We are disabling this feature to reduce the longer term impact that is felt by legitimate players.

Impact: Reduce impact felt by legitimate players after a match has been ended via DDoS/DoS/Soft Booting.

Target: End of this week

We are making adjustments to how we manage and monitor network data, and how we accept packets sent to our servers. We cannot provide details on this topic, as it will expose information that can be used to circumvent the work we are doing. This will have a substantial impact on DDoS, DoS, Soft Booting, and server stressing.

Impact: This will have a substantial impact on DDoS, DoS, Soft Booting, and server stressing.

Target: Early October

We have discussed the current situation with our legal team, and assessed our options. We will be issuing cease and desists to websites and people hosting these services.

Legal action against prominent DDoS/DoS attackers is in progress.

Impact: Reduce the availability of DDoS/DoS service providers

Target: Ongoing

Development is ongoing with our partners on the Microsoft Azure team, and we are working closely with them to develop both short and long term solutions.

Impact: This will have a substantial impact on DDoS, DoS, Soft Booting, and server stressing.

Target: Ongoing


These terms will be used regularly throughout this article:

DDoS – An attack on the server, or network, from multiple PCs/devices that overloads the network. This results in all players being disconnected and the match ending.

DoS – An attack on the server, or network, from a single PC/device that overloads the connection. This sometimes results in all players being disconnected.

“Soft Booting” – A DDoS/DoS attack that degrades the network/server to the point that some players are dropped from the match.

“Stressing” – A DDoS/DoS attack that degrades the network/server to a lesser degree than “Soft Booting”. This results in all players maintaining their connection, but having a constant ping >1,000ms, making the game unresponsive.

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Highlights of the Y4S3.1 patch includes an update to the Reverse Friendly Fire system with RFF Squad Management, and a change to how Goyo (and Capitao’s) fire interacts with Hostage under the RFF system.

The 3.1 patch is typically smaller as it focuses on addressing immediate issues and some lingering ones from season release as we prepare for the next patch. The Y4S3.1 patch will be deployed Thursday Sep. 19th for PC, we will update you on the dates for consoles as soon as possible.



Hostage has evolved.

  • Hostage is now immune to fire (both Goyo’s Volcan and Capitao)
  • To prevent incidences of team griefing towards Goyo under the RFF system, we’ve decided to make hostage immune to fire.


  • We have now expanded the RFF system to squads. If players of the same squad damage or TK other team members, RFF will be activated for all members of that squad.

  • FIXED – Crashing issues on PS4

We are also in the midst of investigating crashing issues reported for PC and XBONE as well, and will update when we have more.


  • FIXED – Player exploit to vote on themselves when a Vote Kick is triggered and they are the ones being kicked
  • FIXED – If player crouches or goes prone and then falls, their upwards view can be obstructed by their character model.



  • FIXED – Operator’s shield clips through the wall at 2F Offices on Border


  • FIXED – Inconsistent wall destruction in 2F hallway on Coastline


  • FIXED – Players can barricade a door behind the boxes in 1F Hannam Hallway of Fortress
  • FIXED – Flickering wall texture in EXT Garden Path of Fortress
  • FIXED – Small texture gap on Central Stairs of Fortress
  • FIXED – Players can clip through the ceiling domes in Fortress
  • FIXED – Misaligned wall in 2F Bathroom on Fortress


  • FIXED – Missing visual texture on walls in 3F Cigar Lounge on Kafe.


  • FIXED – Mira’s black mirror can clip through an unbreakable surface if deployed at the West wall of 2F Staff Section on Plane.


  • FIXED – Level skybox sometimes visible when loading in on the first boot
  • FIXED – Stat tracking issues when using Twitch drones to destroy gadgets
  • FIXED – Various minor visual cosmetic fixes on headgears and uniforms.
  • FIXED – Phone reset animation plays on the wrong side when getting a call from Dokkaebi.
  • FIXED – [Caster] Operators are detected on the basement level instead of the first floor in spectator mode.

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When we announced our Y4 roadmap, we revealed several major playlist changes with the addition of the Newcomer Playlist, updates to Ranked Playlists and Casual, and more. For this purpose, we created the Playlist cell, a multidisciplinary team dedicated to working on the Playlists. With the playlist changes, our goals were to provide more guidance in the onboarding experience for new players, foster a healthier competitive scene at the higher ranks of play, while also finding better ways to disseminate information to ease the leap between casual and Ranked.

This dev blog aims to provide insight on the changes and improvements that have been made to Playlists throughout Y4, and will shed some light on the decision process that goes into helping us look for ways that we can improve the player experience for all types of players in our community.


Rainbow Six Siege is a complex game to pick up. Even for experienced FPS players, Siege requires more than just shooting, as there is an expanse of game knowledge that can and should be learned as you grow as a player. As the game continues to grow, we realized that we had to begin developing initiatives to ease the learning curve and better guide our players.

Entering a casual PvP game as your first Rainbow Six experience is daunting and can easily turn into a frustrating experience for new players. The creation of the Newcomer playlist aimed to offer a compact experience for new players. So with only three bomb-only maps, and a maximum Clearance Level of 50, we sought to create a space for newer players to learn among themselves in a more controlled environment.

The Newcomer playlist is just one step in our plans for improving the onboarding process, and we are continuing to search for more ways to inform, guide, and educate players. The Operator selection screen now contains difficulty ratings and full loadouts. We also added in default loadouts for new players as well. Furthermore, we have been monitoring feedback and understand that the Clearance Level cap prevents new players from playing with their friends. Part of the solution to this is the upcoming Unranked Playlist (read for more on this below), but we are continuing to look into ways we can improve the Newcomer playlist further while keeping our core purpose of the playlist intact.


At the other end of the spectrum, we also wanted to focus more on creating a better Ranked experience for our highly dedicated competitive players. We wanted to provide an experience that more closely mirrored Pro League, improve Ranked competitive balance in all aspects, and develop long-term engagement with players and Ranked. It was time the Beta tag came off ranked.

We first began with the introduction of Ranked Pick and Ban as a first step to bring Ranked closer to Pro League. A logical next step with our pool of Operators increasing season by season, Pick and Ban has helped to shift the meta, act as a balancing check, and refresh gameplay experience from one match to another. With the next season, we’re taking one more step closer to Pro League by changing the plant and defuse timer to 7 seconds, forcing teams to plan and commit more in order to plant.

Next, we turned our eyes towards shaking up the Rank distribution. While the average player placed in Gold, what we knew from feedback and what our data was telling us were that progression in lower ranks felt very difficult and led to diminished motivation to rank up. As a result, we added an additional fifth Rank to Copper, Bronze and Silver and removed the fourth Rank in Gold – making movement for players at lower Ranks feel more progressive as they climb up the ladder.

Additionally, we’ve added a new Rank for our top skilled players. Any player that reaches 5000 MMR will enter the Champions Rank and maintain a leaderboard position. The more MMR you have, the higher your Champions positions. We believe this will help ignite the competitive spirit at the top, and drive our best players to show they are at the top.

Further changes coming to Ranked in Y4S3 bring the focus on improving competitive health, balance, and integrity. The Rank restriction will prevent players with greater than a 1000+ MMR gap from playing with each other as a means to prevent boosting, and the new Ranked map pool will be reduced from 14 to 12. We will be looking at feedback on these changes with the new season to see what tweaks and further improvements can be made.


The leap from Casual to Ranked can be overwhelming due to the stark difference between competitive and casual players in terms of mentality, playstyle, and even personal comfort level. This gap was the driving motivation behind the new Unranked playlist.

The Unranked playlist maintains all the same rules and settings of Ranked, but without the pressure of Ranks, MMR, and importantly, no Rank restrictions. Players can warm up in a more focused environment, create pre-made squads with friends without restriction, and familiarize themselves with Ranked to prepare themselves for the next step up.

Unranked is a new playlist, and we hope it will be the answer to players’ needs. We will be gathering data during this Season to see if we achieve the results we are aiming for!


Finally, information and knowledge is everything in Siege, but sometimes finding that information can be difficult. To better disseminate this wealth of information and to keep our players updated on any and all changes, we’ve made a couple of improvements.

In the Casual Playlist, we’ve enhanced player comprehension by adding the “Locations” screen by allowing players choose their Attack spawn point and highlighting the objective room for Defenders. For Ranked, we’ve created the Ranked Guide which provides Ranked rules, ban policies, the current map pool rotation, information on ranks and rank distribution, and more to prepare and inform players before queuing up for Ranked.

With all the Playlist changes, we feel that they will all contribute to improving player experience, no matter what type of player you are. These changes are by no means the end and we look forward to your continued feedback as we move towards even more improved Playlists.

Stay tuned for more future updates from our Playlist cell!



"I was two years old when Papá first took me to the museum. I asked to visit my ‘yaya’ so often that we went every Friday, rain or shine. I think it helped him to get me out of the garage! But as I grew up, those visits became less and less important."

“They say time heals all wounds. What does it do for those that never began to close in the first place?”

"Now, looking back on her life, I realise I know so little. My earliest memory is of her smile, but her dreams, her desires – her fears – those are all missing. What I love most is the light her memory brings to my father’s eyes. She is still very much alive in his heart. Now, whenever I visit, I spend hours listening to him talk about her, trying to capture that light for my own.

The death toll of a war never tells the whole story. It says nothing of the casualties that occur after the treaties are signed. Bad habits, old wounds, memories – these kill so much more slowly. We can never understand, but we can remember and maybe, God willing, we can keep such a tragedy from ever happening again."


“The past gives us a lens through which to view our future. Inspiration and opportunity come from introspection and observation.”



With Ember Rise release, comes the latest balancing changes. Our goal is to offer you a list of what has been adjusted for the new season and to share our thoughts on these tweaks.



Shotgun destruction
We are continuing to improve the reliability of soft wall destruction with shotguns. Our goal is to make sure that any wooden beam preventing the creation of rotation hole is consistently destroyed. By doing so, we hope to make site preparation easier for defenders.

Keratos .357 and LFP 586.

The Italian and the French revolvers destruction output will be on par with the D-50. We expect this minor improvement to offer more viable loadouts and increase their attractiveness.


Added 100 extra bullet to the G8A1 LMG.
IQ’s LMG, which will also be Amaru’s is receiving more ammo to be on par with other weapons of the same class as this LMG had even less ammo than most of our assault rifles.

417 DMR
Expanded magazine capacity by 10 rounds.
To try and make the 417 a more appealing option, we have decided to increase the number of bullets per magazine. Twitch and Lion will be able to rely on 10 extra bullets per mag with this DMR upgrade.

Base damage: 34.
Damage at 18m: 34.
Damage at 28m: 26.
The SMG will now boast regular damage drop-off, like any other weapon of its class. It will still remain a completely viable option for the Spanish Operator.

AugA3 damage increased from 33 to 36.
The TCSG12 continues to be Kaid’s weapon of choice, but we would like the Aug A3 to be a viable alternative. Now that the Moroccan defender has received a C4 and impacts, he is able to remodel any site to his convenience, even without a shotgun. Increasing the AugA3 damage should bring the SMG on par with the TCSG12.


Penalty on posture change: 30%
Penalty on movement: 20% per meter
Time before penalty removal is set to 0.1s
Full recovery is changed from 1s to 0.5s
Penalty on rotation is removed
Penalty on lean: 20%
Following last season changes brought to Glaz, we are looking to implement a similar system to Warden’s ability. The system used for the Russian sniper enables us to have more options to tweak Warden’s vision.

This modification is also a good opportunity to reduce his movement penalty. The greatest mustache in Siege should now be more comfortable to play with, have more mobility and be a bit more powerful.

Improved visual and sound effects for Capitão’s Fire Bolts.
Fire bolts will now have the same visual and sound effects as Goyo. This change is primarily made for consistency but will also increase the visual feedback of his ability. It should now become easier to figure out if you are going to roast your toes.

Changed fuze deploy speed from 2 seconds to 1.6 seconds.
Fuze’s ability is very risky to use, especially on windows. With an improved deployment speed, his gadget should be safer to use and more likely to surprise an unsuspecting enemy. Our goal here is to try to find a way to increase Fuze’s attractiveness and boost his pick rate.

Increase the ADS time when the shield is equipped from 0.4s to 0.6s.
Operators using shields were too complicated to take down and the window of vulnerability they offered when switching to ADS was limited. We hope that increasing the time needed to ADS when using a shield will result in more fair gunfights.


  • Smoke: Impacts replaced with a Deployable Shield.
  • Rook: Deployable Shield replaced with Barbed Wire.
  • Jager: Deployable Shield replaced with Bulletproof Camera.
  • Frost: Barbed Wire replaced with Deployable Shield.
  • Mira: Deployable Shield replaced with Barbed Wire.
  • Lesion: Deployable Shield replaced with Bulletproof Camera.
  • Maestro: Deployable Shield replaced with Impact Grenades.
  • Warden: Impact Grenade replaced with Deployable Shield.
  • Dokkaebi: Stun Grenades replaced with Frag Grenades.
  • Glaz: Claymore replaced with Frag Grenades.
  • Nøkk: Stun Grenades replaced with Claymore.

The arrival of the updated Deployable Shield[preview-rainbow6.ubisoft.com] has forced us to rethink the utility used by all our operators. We want attackers to have the right tools to counter any defence relying heavily on these shields. Also, Warden and Nøkk will finally receive their initial secondary gadgets, which were temporarily replaced[preview-rainbow6.ubisoft.com].


  • Defusal planting or deactivation increased from 5 secs to 7secs.

Planting or deactivating a bomb defuser proved to be too short. To try and reward effective control over a bombsite more fairly we have decided to increase the planting or the defusing of the device to 7 seconds. We hope that this change will give more time to both teams to react accordingly.

Full Ember Rise patch notes are available here[rainbow6.com].

Try out the latest Rainbow Six updates on the Test Server and earn an exclusive charm through the BugHunter program[rainbow6.com].

Follow us and share your feedback on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook[www.facebook.com], and on our forums[forums.ubisoft.com].



With Operation Ember Rise coming to the live servers, we wanted to shed some light on the Casual Playlist changes coming at the launch of Year 4 Season 3, and around the 3.3 patch.

We currently have a total of 22 maps; 14 in the Ranked Playlist and 20 playable in Casual. As announced on the Seasonal Patch Notes[rainbow6.ubisoft.com], we will implement a new Casual map pool rotation. This Playlist will now have 14 maps instead of the current 20. Moving forward we will rotate 4 maps in and out of the playlist with each rotation.

With the release of Operation Ember Rise, this is what the Casual map pool will look like:

In a mid-season patch, we will replace Skyscraper, Hereford, Fortress, and Chalet, with House, Plane, Favela, and Tower. We will post updates on social media channels before it reaches the live servers.

Bartlett University and Theme Park will not be playable during Season 3. The latter will be receiving a rework with the release of Y4S4 and won’t be available throughout this season.

Our goal is to give players the ability to familiarize themselves with a more curated selection of maps. We are also aiming to make the playlist more dynamic and enjoyable. Remember to follow us and share your feedback on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook[www.facebook.com] and on our forums[forums.ubi.com].



Something new is on the horizon, and Operation Ember Rise will shed light on it. Two operators, Amaru and Goyo, were recruited from Peru and Mexico, bringing with them innovation and change to Rainbow Six, along with a thrilling rework to Kanal.

Besides that, numerous changes and new features are on their way. As you scroll through the Patch Notes below, you’ll find more information on our plans for a Battle Pass, the new Champions rank and Unranked playlist, our new Operators menu, changes to the Shop interface and Player VS AI, and which Operators are getting a price decrease.

View Patch Notes[rainbow6.com]

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“Save you once, shame on me. Save you twice? Well. You’re family now, and we don’t keep count.”

"They said I’d never make anything of myself. They said that if I couldn’t be taught, I’d never learn anything worth knowing. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s all rubbish. You’ve had to sit through years of them filling your heads with what they want you to think, all for a fancy bit of paper. Worth it, was it? I’ll tell you what. You get out there, you never hold back, and someday some professor who doesn’t remember tossing you out of his class will ask you to come and inspire the next generation. Lucky for all of you, I’ve got a bit of skin in the game as far as young whippersnappers go, so you’d better shape up to be something pretty bloody marvelous.



“Anyone who says you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure has never made friends with a chemist.”





"Harry –
I understood that our new Operator’s grappling hook made her fast, but I never expected it would have that much of an effect on the pacing of our training matches. In less experienced hands (mine), the Garra Hook is a slightly-more-convenient way of scaling a wall or breaking through a barricaded window. But for her, it’s an extension of her body. The way she swings her legs, the way she tucks her arms into her sides, everything is geared toward making her as agile as possible. I made the mistake of challenging her, one-on-one. Then for a rematch. Each time, she took me down from an angle I wasn’t expecting, with a speed I couldn’t adapt to. I have to adapt to it.

My only consolation is that she works best when her opponents are distracted. If she goes charging in, she’s going to get a bullet to the face. And she’ll deserve it. But for now, with her unpredictability, she’s set to turn our whole routine upside down. I can’t wait.

Our other new Operator is a special one. He’s quiet, but thoughtful. I’m not surprised his invention is the same. In both cases, if you underestimate or misjudge he’ll be on you like lightning.

I appreciate fielding another defense that more than one person can use. We have our cameras, and we need to check them, but the Volcán gives us something else to keep an eye on. Plus, it’s impressive. Smoke’s “toxic babes” keep people at bay, and do it well, but an unexpected explosion causes a split-second of disorientation that leaves you vulnerable to attack. When I’m right there behind my mirror, protected from the blast, that split-second is all I need.

You asked if they’re ready. They are. As for how they’re going to change the way we approach each other, we’ll just have to wait and see."

— Specialist Elena “Mira” María Álvarez, Rainbow R&D Director

Visit our Rainbow Six Twitch Channel[www.twitch.tv] on August 18th for the full reveal of Operation Ember Rise during the Six Major Raleigh.



The primary focus of the Y4S2.3 patch brings balancing around shields, Glaz buffs, Jackal nerfs and a QOL change for Maverick torch SFX. There’s also a few other balancing tweaks as well as further improvements to the RFF system to moderate griefing teammates. Check out more detailed explanations on the balancing changes in our Designer’s Notes[rainbow6.ubisoft.com].

The Y4S2.3 patch will release to PC on July 22nd and console on the 24th.



  • Addition of further RFF parameters to take into account damage history to a player from the offender over multiple rounds in a match.
    – Continued chip damage to an individual from another teammate over several rounds will stack RFF points more quickly.
  • Putting a teammate into DBNO will activate RFF.
    – Reviving the DBNO teammate will remove the RFF activation.
    – Bleeding out from DBNO will prompt the dead player to mark the TK as intentional or not.


  • Idle kick warning timer will display 10 seconds before a kick.


  • LAN/Offline modes in-game voice chat has been removed for optimization purposes.
  • PvP/Online voice chat will not be affected.



  • Hip-fire cone increased.
  • We have standardized the hip-fire penalization when you have a Ballistic Shield equipped. Having a shield equipped will now increase it by the same amount. Spread has increased for every Operator when a shield is equipped, but Fuze, Montagne and Blitz will be the most impacted by the change.


  • Performing a melee attack with a Ballistic Shield equipped will now only injure and DBNO the opponent, instead of killing them.
  • The new changes for melee attacks while using a Ballistic Shield will impact Blitz, Fuze, Montagne and Recruit.


  • Reduced Yokai Sonic Burst disorientating effect base duration to 7 seconds (down from 10s).

We are running low on AAA batteries, so to save energy we’re tuning down Yokai’s power a bit.


  • Reduced time it takes to trigger the vision penalty when moving or rotating, lowering the overall vision penalty when moving.
  • Movement time before complete vision is lost is now 6 seconds (up from 2.5s).
  • The speed at which the vision penalty is applied when rotating has also been slowed down.

Glaz has been feeling a bit left out so we gave him some incentive to join the party.


  • Reduced the number of pings from a scan to 4 (down from 5), reduced time being tracked by 5 seconds.

You can rest easier now. Maybe.


  • Modified breaching torch sound SFX.
  • Breaching torch sounds will now be easier to hear when Maverick is making a hole close to you.

Can you hear me now?


  • Increased Nøkk’s ability duration to 12 seconds and increased the refill timer to 12 seconds.
  • With the longer duration, and cooldown, you’ll be able to better leverage her ability.

As per the law of equivalent exchange, you can now spend longer being spooky, but also spend longer getting a full refill.



  • FIXED – Under certain circumstances, after emptying the magazine, weapons cannot be reloaded.
  • FIXED – After joining in progress, any Yokai drones or hacked Mozzie drones outside will not display the jammed VFX to the player who joined midway.



  • FIXED – Missing SFX for Clash when equipping her CCE Shield.


  • FIXED – Sometimes placing Mira’s Mirror on a reinforced wall may not breach both sides of the wall.



  • FIXED – Players can spawn peek the Docks.


  • FIXED – Starting any situation after completing a Custom Online game will start a Thunt Lone Wolf on the same map and mode as the Custom Online game.
  • FIXED – Players are unable to reconnect to a Ranked session via the dynamic Play button and remain in queue unless they relaunch.

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