We would like to thank all the players who have taken the time to report and contribute to issues on R6Fix.

R6Fix is key in our efforts to improve the quality of the game we offer to our community. Development and QA testing is a significant part of all our processes, but even then, we are not able to prepare for every imaginable setup or scenario, and often the reproductions we receive from R6Fix are integral to our efforts to shorten the time it takes to fix difficult issues.

In this article, we hope to provide an update on its performance so far for Year 7 and grant more visibility into our internal processes to show how the production teams works with the platform.


The QC team reviews new issues reported on the platform every day, with a special focus on major events. Once an issue is set as "Under Investigation" on R6Fix, the issue gets assigned and investigated according to its priority. Critical issues are treated first, dev testers then handle and will close the next issues accordingly. Following that, the issue is updated on R6Fix itself.

Here are some examples of how your contributions have helped our team:


DEV TEAM: "We were able to find the problematic set of challenges using the screenshot provided in the R6Fix ticket. Applying the specific challenges set to our test accounts showed that there was indeed a problem with the tracking of its completion. A fix was deployed to address this issue."


DEV TEAM: "We were unable to reproduce this issue until we applied the same game and display settings as the player’s. The dev team was then able to fix the HUD issues that only occurred using certain Aspect-Ratios display settings."


With the release of R6Fix 2.0 last year, we worked on ways to address frustrations with the platform like search issues, ticket management, duplicates, etc. Here’s an overview of the changes that have been made:

What are the major improvements?

With V2 we have completely overhauled the site, for a better overall user experience and a new severity system. With the severity system, contributors to an existing bug will help classify it and by doing so, help the devs get to the bottom of the issue and fix it faster.

How can the community help?

R6Fix goes a long way to helping us, as some issues can be hard for us to reproduce in-house, they can be hardware specific, timing specific, and so on. The fact is we can’t match the sheer force in numbers of our community, that’s why we invested in R6 Fix 2.0.

Can we use it on mobile?

Yes, and a QR code can sometimes be found in the in-game news to make it easier for console players to access it.


Over the last 6 months, we have had over 157,000 total visits. Almost 889 visitors per day, which helped contribute to 2300 issues!


When entering an issue, please be mindful of duplicates. Reducing the number of duplicates greatly improves our response time. We also encourage you to share your R6Fix link when discussing issues – it’s the easiest way to give others in the conversation the chance to contribute.

You can find a full explanation on how to use R6Fix and the incentive program at {LINK REMOVED}https://rainbow6.com/r6fix_faq.


Our work on R6Fix is not done, we want to keep improving and updating the platform. More initiatives are coming next year so keep an eye out!

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Starting Y7S4, crossplay will also be added to consoles. This will allow you to matchmake with players across different platforms allowing for lower wait times thanks to a larger matchmaking pool. PC and streaming platforms players will however be kept in a separate pool and will not be matched with console players.


The social tab of the Ubisoft Connect overlay will allow players to access their friends list and manage invites. Invites to squad up can be sent through both the first-party platforms and the Ubisoft Connect overlay.

Communication in Siege is key, which means that voice communications will be enabled by default at launch. As long as they have voice communications enabled in their options, players who are on the same team will be able to speak to each other, whether they are on the same platform or not. If needed, other players can still be manually muted in the scoreboard during a match.

The full Y7S4 Reveal can be watched on our YouTube channel.


To specify on which platforms others are, icons will be displayed when in a squad or during the match. Players who are from a platform in a different family will have the crossplay icon. Those on the same platform family as you will show your platform icon.

In case you would only want to matchmake with players on the same platform as you, you will be able to disable the crossplay features at any time by opting out of crossplay matchmaking, in the in-game menu setting options. For more information on how to disable this feature, refer to our {LINK REMOVED}dedicated self-help article regarding crossplay in Rainbow Six Siege.


This feature will allow for unified progression and inventory, letting you share your progress, in-game currencies, and items across all platforms. For more details on cross-progression specifically, head out to our dedicated article on the topic: {LINK REMOVED}https://rainbow6.com/crossprogression

If you need any assistance with your Ubisoft account, reach out to the {LINK REMOVED}Ubisoft Support.

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In this latest edition of Designer’s Notes, we’ll go into detail about the balancing changes that’ll come with the Solar Raid Season Test Server and give you some insight into the reasons behind them.



Please note that we are using presence to gauge the popularity of an Operator. This notion had to be introduced to reflect the implementation of the pick & ban.

Presence definition: pick rate of an Operator when not banned. Win Delta: The Win Delta is aggregated from Operator’s Win Deltas per Bomb Site.





  • Normalized movement speed while ADS
  • All operators will move at 2.34 m/s – current movement speed of a 3 armor operator – while aiming down sights (2 speed from 2.6 m/s and 3 speed from 2.73 m/s)

Every operator will now move at the same speed while aiming down sights. With this change, fast operators will still get around the map more quickly and heavy operators will tank more damage, but both should be on equal terms when taking on a fight and looking for the headshot. The relationship between speed and armor has always been a bit unbalanced. Speed is beneficial in every situation and has a direct impact on your performance, but armor lacks the same effect when a single headshot can kill you. This means that slow operators are always at a disadvantage during a gunfight when both players have good aim. This change should even the field.

  • Precision when shooting from the hip will always be the same regardless of the operator’s stance. The current precision while standing will be the default.

We are also changing hip fire precision. As mentioned during the announced recoil changes, we want to reward precision and though sometimes useful, shooting from the hip has a strong reliance on luck. When you pair it with an operator going prone, it feels far less tactical than we’d like. So, we have decided to normalize precision regardless of the operator’s position.



  • Removed 1.5x sight from MX4 Storm
  • The Prisma is no longer detected as an operator when thrown outside of the building.

The Mx4 Storm with the 1.5x sight is a very fun weapon to use, and having an agile operator paired with it is a refreshing and interesting way to dethrone Jager’s high presence. But Alibi’s presence is going up too fast and her KD is also too high, so we will remove the sight. Its use has already achieved the original goal of putting Alibi into the spotlight, as we always saw her as a hidden gem. We do not expect her to go back to her presence in Y6S2 (5%) and we hope she remains a fun operator to include more frequently in your defensive setups.

By removing the outside functionality from the Prisma, we can stop the annoyance and stress of attackers having the warning message on screen all the time. Alibi’s other passive ability, which hides operators’ identities when outside of the building, isn’t as frustrating and makes her fun to use, so it will remain.



  • Speed: 1 (from 2)
  • Armor: 3 (from 2)

By reducing her speed, we want to limit the amount of destruction she can cause as the only resource she has to manage is time. We think this change can make it more challenging to leverage the instant destruction of hatches and barricades, as she will move slower.



  • Speed: 3 (from 2)
  • Armor: 1 (from 2)

With her arsenal, having the DMR and the BOSG, Dokkaebi is normally dedicated to holding long angles. She’s used to being far from the action and may need to do long rotations to join her teammates. Additionally, picking up a defender’s phone can force her to completely change her approach, and rotate to the other side of the building to leverage the camera hacking. We expect the extra speed to help her in these situations.

Usually, 3-speed operators have a very aggressive playstyle, but Dokkaebi being limited to the SMG-12 and C75 for close range, reinforces her passive strengths and you will always have better options for aggression.


  • Speed: 2 (from 1)
  • Armor: 2 (from 3)

The added speed will let Echo relocate faster and help teammates with the Yokai drones. At the end of around his ability can be very decisive, as he can win it by himself without having to shoot a single bullet, but the reduction in health will force him to be more careful when taking fights in order to survive that long.

  • Speed: 2 (from 3)
  • Armor: 2 (from 1)

We buffed the recoil of the Scorpion EVO 3 in Y7S3.0 to align it with the new direction, and that made the weapon more useful at all ranges. But her previous speed paired with the strength of her Grzmot Mines, urged us to do something before she becomes an issue. We prefer to be a bit cautious with an operator with this record.

  • Speed: 1 (from 3)
  • Armor: 3 (from 1)

The Banshee is always a useful gadget. Even if it doesn’t trigger, it gives you the information that nobody is coming from that direction. We want Melusi to be more aware of them to leverage their strengths. So, she will be slower and need to stay close to react to any activation. Additionally, the extra health can help her survive more fights around the Banshees or play in close quarters with the shotgun.

  • Speed: 1 (from 2)
  • Armor: 3 (from 2)

We want to reinforce the use of the shotgun in low ELOs to help with prep at the site. The extra health will make close-range engagements more appealing and help him survive fights.

  • Speed: 1 (from 2)
  • Armor: 3 (from 2)

Osa only exposes her limbs while holding the Talon-8 Shield, and she is vulnerable when pushing behind it as she cannot fight back without exposing herself. The extra health may help her survive an engagement while the shield is equipped, and get back to safety, to equip the weapon or wait for a teammate, to push again.

  • Speed: 3 (from 1)
  • Armor: 1 (from 3)

While being a 3 armor operator helps to tank more damage when trying to push behind the R.O.U. Projector screen it primarily served as an opportunity to add more variety to the attacking line-up. We believe that Sens will fit better as a 3 speed operator. This change may help them execute faster and follow the R.O.U. Projector closer to leverage its potential.

  • Speed: 1 (from 2)
  • Armor: 3 (from 2)

With this change, we intend to make Sledge play a bit more carefully. Currently, when he takes control of an above floor, he feels free to destroy a lot without facing too much opposition. The slower movement will reduce the reaction time allotted to run away from Nitro Cells and the extra noise will make it easier to punish predictable players. On the other hand, the added health may help him survive less accurate explosions.

  • Speed: 1 (from 2)
  • Armor: 3 (from 2)

We considered a rework for some time but decided to release the EMP impact grenade to see its effect on the game and on Thatcher’s ban rate, before reevaluating his possible rework down the road. It’s still too early to see all the effects of the new gadget, but we can still make some small changes to combat his high ban rate.

By making him a bit slower, he will need more time to rotate after using all his resources to open walls at the beginning of a round. This may make him less ban worthy if players aren’t interested in playing him in every situation.

  • Speed: 2 (from 3)
  • Armor: 2 (from 1)

Thunderbird maintains a high presence on console despite the changes to the Spear.308 in the previous season. Rather than touch the weapon again, we will reduce her speed to encourage more passive play near the Kona Stations. More health also means more opportunities to leverage her gadget and play as an anchor.

  • Speed: 3 (from 2)
  • Armor: 1 (from 2)

Zero has a lot of work to do to create his camera network and can easily spend an entire round trying to properly place cameras. His speed increase should shorten the set-up time and allow attackers to leverage all the information gathered by them before the final execution. The health reduction will make this work more dangerous however, as he will be vulnerable with the Argus Launcher equipped and will resist fewer bullets.

  • Speed: 1 (from 2)
  • Armor: 3 (from 2)

Zofia has a very strong loadout with 4 projectiles and access to an LMG, which isn’t as strong as before but remains a good option. Basically, she can do everything on her own. We do not want to change that, as having more autonomous operators can make things more agile for the attacking team, but we can slow her down. Additionally, it should better differentiate her from Ash, as both have always been quite similar.


AK-12 (ACE & FUZE)

  • Damage: Reduce to 40 (from 45).

The AK-12 is one of the highest damage per second weapons, which makes Ace powerful in the breaching and fragging departments. We want to align him with the other hard breachers, who are more balanced utility-wise. We think the recoil is challenging enough for now so we will reduce the damage to directly affect the DPS.

This change will also affect Fuze, but we do not expect it to have the same effect on him.


  • Magazine: Increase capacity to 30 bullets (from 25 bullets).

With the introduction of the new recoil patterns, and more precisely, how the recoil intensity increases over the duration of the burst, we have considered that the previous magazine change of 25 bullets from 30 is no longer needed. Having a bigger magazine will make the weapon more comfortable to use.
With the aggressive meta we have right now, it is difficult for Jackal to search and take down multiple roamers. We expect this change will help him when facing several defenders in a row.


  • Vertical recoil : Increased upward speed.
  • Horizontal recoil : Increased general spread with slight tendency to the left.

Suppressors across all weapons have seen an increase in usage of about 10% since the release of Y7S3.0, where we removed damage penalization. This is within the limits we were targeting. We expected to have outliers that would need adjustments after the change, and the FMG 9 is the first that has appeared.
Nokk’s ability synergizes well with the silencer, therefore a higher silencer pick rate is not concerning. The current values show us that the FMG 9 may be too easy to pair with this attachment. So, we will make using this combination more challenging, especially at long range, by increasing both vertical and horizontal recoil.

6P41 (FINKA & FUZE) [console]

  • First bullet kick: Intensity increased.
  • Vertical recoil: Increased upward speed.

One of the objectives of the recoil changes were to adjust the power of LMGs. This was effective on PC but not as much on consoles. So, we are going to increase the intensity of the 6P41’s recoil by another step.

LMG-E (ZOFIA) [console]

  • First bullet kick: Intensity increased.
  • Vertical recoil: Increased upward speed.

Even with changes in the pick rates between Zofia’s weapons, the shift can mostly be attributed to the M762 buff rather than the LMG-E nerf. The slow increase in the LMG-E’s pick rate shows players realizing that it’s still better. So, recoil will be increased to bring it in line.


  • Friendly Fire: Disabled during prep phase.

This is a change made mostly for player comfort and should prevent accidental ally damage when opening rotation paths or hunting enemy drones. It should also address some instances of griefing and toxicity known to occur in that phase.


Y7S3 Mid-Season Roadmap Update


Each season, as we introduce new content, we will now also provide an updated Roadmap to ensure transparency on upcoming features.

We’ve stated previously that the reality of developing for a live game means that our roadmap may evolve depending on the priority given to each feature and various other factors.

As you’ll get to see below, Y7S4 is packed with new features and in order to deliver a strong season, a few topics have also moved around.

That said, let’s dive into the mid-season Roadmap update.



Status: confirmed for Y7S4

The Ranked 2.0 system has been fine-tuned and is ready to be released during Y7S4. This will change the way your ranks are attributed as well as updating several other parameters. More information on this feature will be shared during the Y7S4 reveal panel.


New targeted delivery: Early Y8

Our team is currently working on several improvements for consoles such as Advanced Controller Options to customize aiming, which will be released during Y7S4. We’ve decided to move the release of the Controller Layout Presets to early Year 8 to focus on these other console quality-of-life updates.


New targeted delivery: Y8S1

We are hard at work to bring several former Arcade Game Modes into the game permanently, but in order to finalize their implementation we will need more time than anticipated. In order to bring you the best experience, we are shifting the release date of this feature from Y7S4 to Y8S1.


New targeted delivery: Y8S1

We want our players to feel protected, by allowing them to play safely and avoid any undesirable verbal abuse. The end goal is to reduce behaviors such as insults, threats, offensive language and more. We will also continue to adjust the thresholds of reputation penalties that were previously released in order to detect and look at repeat offenders that perform regular abuses through our game systems (friendly fire and unwanted communication). We need time to learn from the Reputation Penalties that have recently been deployed, so we are shifting the release date of Early Voice Chat Penalties from Y7S4 to Y8S1.


Status: confirmed for Y7S4

This new feature will allow players to access their Reputation Standing. During the beta phase, coming in Y7S4, players won’t receive any positive or negative effects based on that Standing. Our objective is to start with a safe onboarding process that gives everyone a chance to adapt and modify their playstyles and interactions accordingly. We are looking forward to the community’s input as we continue to improve this feature.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Y7S4 reveal and join the discussion on Twitter, Instagram[www.instagram.com], Reddit, Discord[discord.gg], Facebook[www.facebook.com] and forums[discussions.ubisoft.com].

Check out the public Roadmap[rainbow6.com] for more information on the changes coming your way!

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Anti-Cheat Status Update – November 2022


We recently released a security update to the PC population. This new initiative was developed over the past months to combat cheating.

While we cannot share details of the update in order to protect its integrity, we’re confident of the solution we’ve been able to put in place. We take the cheating concerns the community has shared with us seriously and are always looking for novel ways to secure both our game and players.

Note that we will be monitoring the effects of our change closely as it will have an impact on some third-party applications. We will also keep an eye out for any of your reports on changed behaviors.

Please do not hesitate to let us know if any new issues are encountered through the R6Fix platform as it will help us improve our solution.


For an overview on bans, we bring our latest BattlEye and Data Ban numbers, including data until the end of October.


Since our last Anti-Cheat update and with our latest game updates, we’ve continued our work on addressing cheats that have been affecting players. Below are the cheats that we’ve been working on, with updates to them now being live.

• Pause in planning phase
• Amaru NoClip
• Aruni Melee exploit
• Iana NoClip
• Force Gadget
• Infinite Ammo
• Remote/instant Kill


Report Cheaters In-Game

In-game reporting continues to be the best way to get your reports to us. If you’re reporting a cheater on social media, the following can help us to identify and sanction them.

• Clear video or photo proof of the incident
• The offending player’s Username and User ID
• Match ID for any relevant matches
• Date and time of the incident

Can’t see their Username due to Privacy Mode? Getting their Display Name and the Match ID will help.


What it is

With Y7S3.3, we introduced an update to the Reputation System to reduce unwanted communication and the impact that top offenders can have on others, by triggering countermeasures when text abuse is detected.

Text Chat – Grace Period Ended

Going forward, if an offending player continues to be abusive in text chat after two warnings, a Reputation Penalty will be triggered leading to their text chat being restricted for the next 30 matches.

Text Chat Penalties

Players with penalties will start each of their matches with their text chat muted for others by default. Players will still have the option to unmute the offending player, allowing other players to have a choice, while also allowing an extra layer of safety against toxicity.

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Game Health Toxicity: Reputation Update


What Is It?
The written chat penalty aims to reduce unwanted communication and the impact that top offenders have on others in our game by triggering counter measures when repeated abuse is detected.

Expected Penalty Behavior
Players who engage with a high amount of text chat abuse will firstly receive warnings. If the offense continues after two warnings, the written chat penalty will be triggered, leading to the player’s outgoing text chat being muted to others by default for the next 30 matches.

Current State
Currently the system is in a grace period and during this period players will only receive warnings. Once over, players who did not adjust or amend their ways of communicating, will be sanctioned. We’ll continue to monitor and improve this feature.


What Is It?
The Reputation Center in its current release displays information about a player’s active penalties and their remaining duration. As the Reputation system evolves, this section will update to display more information about a player’s Reputation as well as active penalties.

Where To Find It
With two penalties being live, a Reputation tile has been added to the Home section, below the Alpha Packs tile. This tile will display the number of active penalties and provide access to the Reputation Center.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Story Recap — What To Know Before MW2

Call of Duty campaigns have shipped with nearly every game in the series, and 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot featured a new, gritty–or grittier–take on the first-person shooter genre. Its story featured an action-packed blend of action, intrigue, and mustaches, and if you’re preparing to play the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, we’ll get you caught up. Here’s a recap of everything that happened in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And if you want a video version of this recap, it’s embedded below.

Fog of War

The game kicks off in the fictional region of Verdansk, where a CIA operative known simply as Alex is raiding a facility with a team of marines to search for a shipment of chemical gas. Once the gas is located, things go sideways for the Americans very fast. The gas is stolen by a team of hostile insurgents who kill everyone except for Alex.

We then jump to the fictional country of Urzikstan, which is where much of the game’s action takes place. Here, we’re introduced to Station Chief Laswell–Alex’s CIA handler–who calls in the legendary Captain John Price to assist in the chemical gas mission.


24 hours later, we head to London, where Sergeant Kyle Garrick is investigating a terrorist group affiliated with an organization called Al-Qatala. After intercepting a van full of terrorists, Garrick and his team are thrown into heavy combat, with Captain Price arriving to avert a larger crisis.

Embedded/Proxy War

The story cuts back to Alex in Urzikstan, who is sent to rendevous with Farah Karim, a local resistance leader and Captain Price’s contact. Reaching a mutually beneficial deal, the two agree to help one another. Karim will aid Alex’s search for the chemical gas in exchange for help defending Urzikstan from Russian occupiers–led by General Roman Barkov. Alex assists Farah and her brother Hadir, taking down two helicopters.

Clean House

Back in London, Garrick has managed to track down the terrorists’ safe house. The information leads to a raid by Garrick and Price, where they learn the name of Al-Qatala’s leader: Omar Sulaman, better known simply as The Wolf.

Hunting Party/The Embassy

From here, Alex is brought on a mission to capture The Wolf at a nearby hospital in Urzikstan. He succeeds in his mission, but after bringing The Wolf to the US embassy, his right-hand man–The Butcher–launches an attack to rescue him. The Wolf is freed despite the best efforts of both Captain Price and Garrick to assist Alex and Farah.

Highway of Death

A controversial mission because of its name (the Highway of Death was a real location during the Gulf War), Highway of Death sees Farah, her brother Hadir, and Alex on a sniping post as they wait to ambush an Al-Qatala convoy. However, chaos soon erupts as Barkov’s men start shooting indiscriminately, and Hadir is revealed to be the person who stole the chemical gas. Triggering a bomb, Hadir’s gas kills everyone in range, though Farah and Alex both narrowly escape.


Set 20 years earlier, Hometown sees the earliest days of Farah’s resistance. During Barkov’s initial invasion of Urzikstan, her father is murdered and gas destroys much of her neighborhood. Farah and Hadir both survive, as you’d expect given what came later, but are caught by Barkov and his men.


10 years later, Farah is held captive by Barkov. It’s Captain Price who finally comes to the rescue, freeing her and many of her fellow resistance fighters–setting the stage for the brutal war to come.

Old Comrades/Going Dark

Returning to the present, the story heads to St. Petersburg, Russia, where Price and Garrick believe Hadir is planning an attack. The two interact Al-Qatala fighters and locate The Butcher, who reveals Hadir’s plans only after Price threatens his family. Hadir is headed for Barkov’s estate in Moldova, and the two jump in a cop car to make it there before it’s too late.

The two avoid guards and locate Hadir on the third floor, extracting him and sparing his life in exchange for information on Barkov’s gas facility. However, Laswell turns Hadir over to the Russians before Price and Garrick meet up with Farah and Alex–the four head to Georgia to face Barkov.

Into the Furnace

The final mission sees Price and Garrick leading an assault on Barkov’s men, working to plant explosive charges as Farah and Alex move to intercept Barkov himself. However, Alex holds the detonator for the charges, and it malfunctions, requiring him to activate them manually at the cost of his life. Farah makes sure his death is not in vain, stowing away on Barkov’s personal helicopter and stabbing him to death before she makes her escape alongside Price and Garrick. Back at base, we get a tease of what’s to come later, with Task Force 141 making its debut. Garrick is revealed to be “Gaz,” and the team will also consist of Soap MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley.

Spec Ops

Taking place after the campaign mode, the cooperative Spec Ops mode takes us to Verdansk. Al-Qatala has a new leader named Khaled Al-Asad, who you might remember as the initial antagonist in 2007’s Call of Duty 4. He’s doing business with Victor Zakhaev, the son of Imran Zakhaev, who ended up being the final antagonist in Call of Duty 4.


It’s unclear how much of Warzone’s content will be canonical in the rebooted Modern Warfare timeline, but the mode features several familiar characters. Gaz and Price move to Verdansk as they work to bring down Zakhaev, with a PMC known as Shadow Company joining, as well. Farah and ally Nikolai join the fight, as well, with Price stopping an extremely powerful missile from launching as Zakhaev is killed.

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Below you will find the download sizes for each platform.

Ubisoft Connect: 675 MB
Steam: 1.4 GB
Xbox One: 854.90 MB
Xbox Series X: 1.17 GB
PS4: 922.3 MB
PS5: 874.8 MB


After monitoring a shadow deployment over the last weeks, abusive text chat penalty will now be activated, starting with its "grace period".

During grace period all players will only see warnings so they can adapt to the new system.

After the grace period is over, players who have sent too many hateful or abusive text chats will receive the abusive text chat penalty which will be active on their account for 30 matches.

For more information: {LINK REMOVED}https://www.ubisoft.com/en-ca/game/rainbow-six/siege/game-info/seasons/brutalswarm#patchnotes-features.


The Reputation section currently displays information about a player’s active penalties and their remaining duration.

As the Reputation system evolves, this section will update to display more information about a player’s Reputation as well as active penalties.

You can access this new section by clicking on the Reputation tile in the Home section.


With two penalties live, a Reputation tile has been added to the Home section, below the Alpha Packs tile.

This tile will display the number of active penalties and provide access to the Reputation section.


FIXED – Camera gets stuck in drone view. FIXED – Operators in downed state are eliminated if they fall through a hatch. FIXED – Dot reticle remains on screen if player aims down sights multiple times at once.


FIXED – Multiple LOD issues on various maps. FIXED – Using Kiba Barrier on top of shelves in Basement Arsenal Room of Club House allows players to climb on top of them.


FIXED – Warden is unable to activate his Glance Smart Glasses during a custom session occasionally.
FIXED – Under Barrel Laser cannot be equipped on the RG15.
FIXED – Grim does not receive score points when an ally eliminates an enemy pinged by the Kawan Hive.
FIXED – Ace’s S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher will attach to the opposite side of a wooden wall, but will destroy the wall as normal.
FIXED – Dokkaebi is able to use her Melee during the deployment of the Logic Bomb.
FIXED – Vigil is not receiving score points when activating ERC-7 before entering the Kawan Hive.


FIXED – Objective Markers, Operator Names, and Icons disappear the first time the spectator changes floor in Spectator Mode.
FIXED – Barricades are still visible after being destroyed if the player is joining a match in progress.
FIXED – Unmoved hostage eliminated by Goyo’s Volcan Shield will be attributed to the one detonating it.
FIXED – In Match Replay, users are unable to select drone view after using the rewind function to go back to the preparation phase.
FIXED – Crosshair Occasionally missing after spawning.
FIXED – Various UI issues.
FIXED – Various Shop and Customization issues.
FIXED – Various Localization issues.

Try out the latest Siege updates on the Test Server and don’t hesitate to report any bugs or issues you encounter on the {LINK REMOVED}new and improved R6Fix.

Follow us and share your feedback on Twitter, Reddit, {LINK REMOVED}Facebook and on our {LINK REMOVED}forums.

Kompletter Artikel: Y7S3.3 PATCH NOTES



Please note that we are using presence to gauge the popularity of an Operator. This notion had to be introduced to reflect the implementation of the pick & ban.

Presence definition: pick rate of an Operator when not banned. Win Delta: The Win Delta is aggregated from Operator’s Win Deltas per Bomb Site.


  • Logic bomb now affects defenders in Support Mode.
  • Population targeted by this change: All.

This change is meant to curb the advantage of eliminated or Joining-in-progress defenders sitting on cams, particularly at bomb sites. Dokkaebi can now more reliably create openings in the defenders’ network for diffuser plants and other strategies.

  • Armor Vests grant withstand.
  • Population targeted by this change: All.

The impact of Armor Vests are difficult to measure in most encounters. To make them more interesting to use and useful in tough situations we’ve added the withstand ability.

  • Each projectile heals 200 hp (from 40)
  • Add Balif as 3rd Secondary
  • Population targeted by this change: Casual.

The effectiveness of Doc’s healing ability suffers greatly from the newly enhanced functionality of Rook’s armor plates. So, it’s been increased to better match the skill required to hit friendly allies with healing projectiles.

  • Add M45 Meusoc
  • Population targeted by this change: All.

We wanted to add a weapon choice for Castle’s 3rd weapon slot.

  • Increase damage to 135 (from 127)
  • Population targeted by this change: All.

To provide a counter for Rook’s new utility we’ve increased Kali’s damage output.

  • Increase maximum ammo to 121 (from 71)
  • Population targeted by this change: All.

Ammo has been increased in order to make the TCSG 12 a more attractive option.

  • Increase maximum ammo to 121 (from 71)
  • Population targeted by this change: All.

Ammo has been increased in order to make the TCSG 12 a more attractive option.

  • Reduce maximum Overheal to 20hp (from 40)
  • Population targeted by this change: All

We hoped to reduce any frustration caused by boosted characters as well as normalizing the limits of Oveheal.

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