Six Invitational 2024

For the first time in Rainbow Six Esports’ history, the Six Invitational takes place in São Paulo, Brazil, at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera from February 13 to 25.

This is our most iconic and renowned event of the year, providing the Siege community with an opportunity to come together and celebrate the game, discover details for the upcoming Year 9 and get the opportunity to watch the World Champions crowned in front of a packed-out arena.

Tune in at or watch the streams on the Rainbow Six Siege product page on Steam.

  • Group stage February 13-17, 2024 // 09:30 local time (BRT) / 07:30 EST / 13:30 CET / 21:30 JST-KST
  • Playoffs Phase 1 February 18-21, 2024 // 09:30 local time (BRT) / 07:30 EST / 13:30 CET / 21:30 JST-KST
  • Playoffs Phase 2 Day 1 February 23, 2024 // 10:30 local time (BRT) / 08:30 EST / 14:30 CET / 22:30 JST-KST
  • Playoffs Phase 2 Day 2 February 24, 2024 // 10:30 local time (BRT) / 08:30 EST / 14:30 CET / 22:30 JST-KST
  • Playoffs Phase 2 Day 3 February 25, 2024 // 12:30 local time (BRT) / 09:30 EST / 15:30 CET / 23:30 JST-KST

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Today, we’ll share what our Player Protection team is doing to reinforce our anti-cheat and security systems, in order to protect the player experience.

We recently {LINK REMOVED}acknowledged the increased frustration that players have felt lately regarding cheating. It is clear that the landscape of cheating in Siege is evolving. For example, the QB System on PC is directly impacting cheat creation by making new cheats more difficult to create. It has been extremely successful in shaking up the cheating ecosystem with some cheat providers leaving or shutting down. However, new solutions and additional security measures can often act as double-edged swords; we deter less experienced cheat makers, but those that are well implanted will work harder to release new functional and undetectable cheats. This is why fighting cheats is a continuous endeavor.

We’ve now made a concentrated push to guarantee the necessary resources that Siege needs, and as part of this, we have created a special task force. We call this task force our Strike Team, supporting Player Protection with anti-cheat and security in Siege. This strike team has brought experts from multiple fields together in order to accelerate our ability to fine tune our anti-cheat solutions and target the most prolific cheats head-on.


We know that there are undetected cheats and gameplay exploits currently live in the game which are leading to a deteriorated gameplay experience. This is why we’ve implemented a strike team to tackle some of the most problematic cheats and exploits currently working in the game. It’s crucial however that we not only react to cheats but also work to make cheat creation more difficult, and to this end our strike team has also been working on adding further encryptions throughout the game.


We’ve addressed a number of cheats over the recent months with updates going live with Y8S4.3.


  • Various navigation cheats.
  • Various shooting-related cheats.
  • Various griefing cheats.
  • Various drone-related cheats.

As well as this, we’ve identified a prevalent cheat provider which led to a large ban wave and contributed to over 9,000 cheaters banned in January 2024, and 10,000 bans within a rolling 30-day period.


Let’s take a look at some of our anti-cheat and security systems, how they’re working for us now, and what we’re doing moving forward.

To start with, we want to assure you that our anti-cheat solutions are always active and are only ever temporarily disabled to resolve issues which could affect our ability to protect legitimate players. Once resolved the affected system is then reactivated.

We do not deactivate our security or anti-cheat measures such as the QB System or MouseTrap for any prolonged amount of time, with BattlEye always remaining active.


In Year 8, we fixed a number of workarounds that were enabling spoofers to avoid or reduce their chances of detection, though we are aware that some players are still able to avoid the full effects of our system. We are working hard to counter these remaining workarounds and we are confident that you’ll see further reductions in spoofing soon.

MouseTrap continues to find, track, and penalize players who use mouse and keyboard on console through the use of spoofing devices and has remained active and effective throughout Year 8. The usage of spoofing devices which saw a drop on the release of MouseTrap has continued to trend at this lower rate since its release. Our data also shows that players do swap to controller if viable MouseTrap workarounds are not available, making a better experience for everyone.

We are currently investigating new solutions to detect more types of spoofing adapters, and we’ve recently pushed an update to MouseTrap to further increase its effectiveness while ramping up its effects.

In this update we have:

  • Optimized our detection thresholds to identify more mouse and keyboard players on console.
  • Fined-tuned maximum latency penalties setting for the remainder of the season.

These changes will allow MouseTrap to detect even more players who are using mouse and keyboard on console, while adding high latency sooner.

As well as this, we are currently implementing additional in-game warning feedback for detected players and are developing an additional MouseTrap feature which will help to further level out the playing field. This feature will have a further positive impact on the match-to-match experience of console players. We will share more information on this important update during the Six Invitational.


At its core, the purpose of the QB System is to make cheat creation more tedious, difficult, and costly, creating an unfavorable environment for cheat creators and sellers. QB is also beneficial when it comes to bans, having the ability to detect those who attempt to bypass it. We’ve already seen cheat creators giving up on Siege due to the increased effort that is now required for basic cheat development. It’s made waves in the cheat market while having a great impact on Siege.

After the successful launch of the QB System however, it became clear that we did not have the right long-term support in place that was required to ensure the system’s continued effectiveness. We’ve now changed our approach and have committed to regular updates for the QB System going forward.

We are now developing new iterations which will be coming in Year 9, and in the meantime, we continue to fine-tune and further strengthen this innovative security system. QB is a solid system for Siege, and we’re making sure that it’s receiving the resources needed in order to maximize its performance.

We’re excited to share more information on our advancements with the QB System later this year.



Here we have our latest ban data, covering the last 3 months. We can see that while we had over 9,000 bans in January, the previous month of December was less successful in terms of detections and bans. This was due to new blatant cheats becoming available, most of which were not detectable during December, resulting in fewer bans and increased frustration for players. With our team focused on the cheats that are being used right now, we aim to see similar results to January in the near future.

Since their introduction, Data Bans have been a great success for Siege, finding illegitimate players that weren’t already being found by our systems working at the forefront. However, we fully recognize that there is room for improvement, with some high stat cheaters remaining undetected.

Our goal with Data Bans is to ensure that we can find as many cheaters as possible while continuing to protect our honest players. At the moment, we are working to refine our data models by making use of additional player data points. This process will result in a more granular player overview, allowing us to increase the precision of the underlying system and in return boost its potency. As we continue to optimize we’ll be able to adjust our thresholds, casting a wider net with full confidence, and finding and banning more cheaters that may have been going undetected.

There’s more to come on Data Bans. We’re also currently developing a machine learning solution which will aim to broaden our ability to detect cheaters in Siege.

We’ll be sharing more on this in a future update.

BattlEye is the system that makes up for most of our cheater bans. Like our other forms of anti-cheat, BattlEye is never turned off, remaining active at all times, finding and banning thousands of cheaters each month.

As some of you may have noticed, in-game mentions of BattlEye have been removed. This change is to make sure that cheaters aren’t getting information on how or what they were detected by; even minor details such as the mention of a ban system can play a role in the creation of new and undetectable cheats. This small change will help in reducing the chances of our anti-cheat systems being bypassed by cheaters and cheat makers.


We know that cheaters have a big impact on Siege and everyone’s enjoyment of the game, which is why we’re boosting our anti-cheat resources. We already have results to show for this in January, and we have much more to come.

We are focused on strengthening our anti-cheat tools, tackling current high impact cheats, and ultimately giving players the experience that they log on for.

Make sure to watch the Six Invitational for the Year 9 Season 1 and Year 9 reveals on Saturday February 24th and Sunday February 25th, for further information on our Player Protection plans!


Y8S4.2 Patch Notes

You can find here the updates and fixes for the Y8S4.2 patch.

Y8S4.2 Patch Size

Find the download sizes for each platform below.

  • Ubisoft Connect: 1.11 GB
  • Steam: 647 MB
  • Xbox One: 0.95 GB
  • Xbox Series X: 1.2 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 1.55 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 1.14 GB

  • S.E.L.M.A.’s fuse time increased to 4 seconds (from 3.2 seconds)

  • Added Smoke Grenades

  • Added Deployable Shield

  • Added Bulletproof Camera
  • Removed Impact Grenades

  • Zoto Canisters decreased to 3 from 4.
  • Zoto Canisters no longer affect Maverick’s D.I.Y. Blowtorch.
  • The electrical insulation effect from Zoto Canisters on metallic objects (reinforcements, deployable shield, etc.) will remain for an additional 1.5 seconds after the gadget ends or is destroyed.

  • Increased Vertical and Horizontal Recoil.

  • Damage reduced to 32 (from 35).

  • Reduced first shot kick.
  • Increased lateral recoil.

FIXED – Player spins in place when having connectivity issues.

FIXED – Blur VFX from damage is not properly applied.

FIXED – Player passes through barricades without breaking them when using ballistic shield to break the barricade and switching to a weapon at the same time.


FIXED – Breach charges and deployable gadgets can’t be placed on the window located at EXT Stable Yard on the Villa map.


FIXED – Tubarão’s Zoto Canister speed reduction isn’t applied if Tubarão is eliminated while holding the canister.

FIXED – Flash VFX doesn’t apply when hiding behind Osa’s Talon-8 Clear Shield.

FIXED – Electricity VFX continues to play after moving away from an electrified wall affected by Tubarão’s Zoto Canister and hit with an EMP grenade.

FIXED – Iana’s Gemini Replicator gauge stays red when affected by an electronics interfering device.

FIXED – Azami’s Kiba Barrier occasionally doesn’t stop bullets.


FIXED – Tubarão’s unlock cinematic plays when reaching the main menu after viewing it the first time.

FIXED – Greyed out settings in Options tab don’t default to intended states when status is set to private in Ubisoft Connect.

FIXED – Caveira’s Luison Silencer missing skin in the loadout menu when the Mata-Leao legendary uniform is applied.

FIXED – View Menu button doesn’t redirect to the Playlist menu from the News menu.

FIXED – Lair playlist uses the wrong image.

FIXED – Yellow dot from Play Section is not removed after Tutorials tab is viewed.

FIXED – M590A1 shotgun clips through walls with specific skins.

FIXED – Animated tag is missing from item preivew in the shop menu when viewed in full screen.

FIXED – Brightness is lower in the main menu while in offline mode.

FIXED – Compass on drone doesn’t work when viewed in spectator mode.

FIXED – Leave Squad and See Ubisoft Connect Invite buttons do not function properly when leaving a squad.

FIXED – Settings are not retained when using play again option in the home tab after playing a versus AI game.

FIXED – In-game inventory UI does not update when transactions are completed.

FIXED – Osa’s idle animation plays for other operators in the Operators tab.

FIXED – Mute buttons aren’t functional when joining a game in progress or reconnecting.

Follow us and share your feedback on X, Reddit, and {LINK REMOVED}Facebook.

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Y8S4.2 Designer's Notes

In this latest edition of Designer’s Notes, we’ll go into detail about the balancing changes that’ll come with the Y8S4.2 Update and give you some insight into the reasons behind them.


Please note that we are using presence to gauge the popularity of an Operator. This notion had to be introduced to reflect the implementation of the pick & ban.

Presence definition: pick rate of an Operator when not banned. Win Delta: The Win Delta is aggregated from Operator’s Win Deltas per Bomb Site.





  • Decreased to 3 from 4.
  • No longer affect Maverick’s D.I.Y. Blowtorch.
  • Electrical Insulation effect extended by 1.5 seconds after Canister destruction.

We’ve seen how Tubarão’s Zoto Canisters can be used with great success during his time on the live server. Although we’re still monitoring his position within the meta as the season progresses and players learn to play and counter play him, we did want to quickly readjust an aspect of his ability following feedback we’ve received. Reducing the amount Zoto Canisters to 3 will mean players will need to use them more strategically throughout the round. The freezing effect will no longer cause any delay to Maverick’s D.I.Y. blowtorch to better position him as a counter to Tubarão. The powerful synergy between Tubarão and Ops like Bandit, or Kaid is something we strongly believe in as it’s an integral part of what makes Siege and its operators so interesting. That being said, we did observe that in his current state, those synergies left little room for counter play from attackers. The electrical insulation on metal objects affected by the Zoto Canisters previously lasted only as long as the Canister was active on a surface. The added 1.5 seconds of electrical insulation allow attacking teams with strong coordination a chance to respond and forces the defense to be much more precise in the execution of their strategy if they want to succeed in denying the breach.



  • Fuse time: Increase to 4 seconds (from 3.2)

Ace doesn’t have many downsides. The S.E.L.M.A. is safe to use, quick to explode, fast to use in succession, opens a relatively big hole, and can destroy bulletproof utility. Its main downside is that it can be destroyed during the breaching process to prevent it from creating a navigable hole. But when compared with the downsides of other Hard Breach Operators, this is clearly not enough:

  • Thermite: Only 1 at a time, must be close to the wall, is exposed while using the charge, but creates a bigger hole.
  • Hibana: Slow deployment, slow triggering, but can be used from very far and has a lot of flexibility.
  • Maverick: Requires quite a bit of time, must be close to the wall, is incredibly exposed while using it, but he doesn’t have counters.

By increasing the fuse time, we want to give defenders a better chance to prevent the breach when a lot of resources are dedicated to protecting the wall. The extra time will increase the synchronization required between the breacher enabler (Thatcher, Impact EMP, etc.) and Ace to open an actively defended wall successfully.



  • Added Bulletproof Camera.
  • Removed Impact Grenades.

Kapkan has a huge impact on every round regardless of the number of traps triggered. The way attackers must approach the map changes after spotting him or triggering one of his traps. They have to slow down and start paying attention to every window and door frame to ensure they won’t blow up. The last buff to the EDDs made this psychological effect even stronger because you may not get a second chance.

We considered that he already has enough tools to make attackers lose time and the Impact Grenades are helping him be more elusive, allowing him to create rotations on the fly and make attackers invest even more time hunting him through a minefield.



  • Added Smoke Grenades.

We are aware that Maverick is a bit situational without Frag Grenades, and despite not having hard counters, there are not too many situations that justify bringing him over other Hard Breachers and an EMP source. It is dangerous to rely on him as the main breacher because of the time and danger he is in while doing the job. And as a secondary breacher, someone more flexible, such as Ace or Hibana (even the Hard Breach Charge), is usually a less limiting choice for the team.

We hope that the Smoke Grenades can help him be more appealing as a secondary breacher and increase his flexibility, so he can also help with site execution, or even cover himself while breaching through reinforcements.



  • Added Deployable Shield.

We finished her transition to a more supportive role with the latest tweaks to the Kona Station and loadout changes back in S2.0 but it seems like her utility is not appealing enough.

The addition of the Deployable Shield will allow her to create genuine strongholds for defenders by herself. The protection from the shield and the backup from the Kona Stations can make any defender in these positions a hard target to deal with. You can add a few Active Defense Systems or Mag-Net Systems to prevent the shield from getting destroyed too easily and attackers will have a tough time trying to move you out of position.

Additionally, the SPAS-15 is also improved to encourage her to contribute to site setup.

We believe that these changes can make her more appealing to players who like to experiment with different setups and help their teammates from the backline.




  • First shot kick reduced.
  • Lateral recoil increased.
  • Elastic time increased.


  • Caveira
  • Thunderbird

Automatic Shotguns were left on the sidelines during the Shotgun rework. We were aware that some of the changes introduced could be a bit scary at first sight, so we wanted to be sure that we didn’t enter a new Shotgun meta era by buffing the automatic ones too much.

Despite this, we don’t have plans to touch them again in the near future (we want to see how everything settles), As we wanted to buff Thunderbird, we found it a good opportunity to make a slight tweak to the SPAS-15. Depending on the effect of these changes, we might give similar treatment to the other automatic shotguns.

We are reducing the first shot kick, which eases landing consecutive shots on the target and taking full advantage of the automatic mode. On the other hand, we are increasing the lateral recoil and adding a clear tendency to the left, which also reduces its tendency upwards.



  • Vertical recoil increased.
  • Horizontal recoil increased.


  • Ash
  • Iana

Both the R4C and ARX-200 have received balancing changes to reduce their power level in the last few years, this has made players gravitate towards the G36C. That combined with Ash and Iana being two of the strongest fraggers on Attack have made the G36C the weapon with the highest Kill Death Ratio on Attack. This alone isn’t an issue; it is a strong weapon in the hands of Operators dedicated to "kills", but the difference between this weapon and other high KDR weapons in the game is too high. Access to the 1.5x sight is an element that strongly affects this weapon’s power level, but also differentiates it from its Loadout competitors the R4-C and ARX-200.

With all of that in mind we’ve decided to modify its recoil. It will be harder to control on every axis which will require players to use more "recoil control" attachments and increase the difficulty of long-range engagements while using the 1.5x.



  • Damage: Reduced to 32hp (from 35).


  • Amaru
  • Mute
  • Smoke
  • Solis

For a very long time, the SMG-11 has been the weapon with the lowest Time to Kill among all automatic weapons by far. The change in damage will put it more in line with all the other weapons, while remaining among the fastest. The change will increase the bullets required to kill 1-armor operators by 1, rewarding precision and punishing spraying and praying.

We could have reduced the damage even more without affecting the TTKs, but we want it to remain appealing enough to pair with primary shotguns.

Follow us and share your feedback on Twitter and Reddit.

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Welcome a new Operator to your squad with the free Holiday Pack!

Happy Holidays from the Rainbow Six Siege team! We have got a surprise for you!

The free Holiday Pack is available from December 22nd 2023 through January 3rd 2024!

The Holiday Pack contains 1 random unowned Operator or a Bravo Pack if all Operators are already owned. To get your pack go to the shop and claim the “free gift” item. The in-game news bulletin should also direct you there.

We hope you enjoy and have a great time heading into your new year.

Enjoy the Holiday Season with the Limited-Time Freeze For All Event!

The festivities continue until Jan 5th and winter descends upon Siege as Attack and Defense sides cease to exist with only a Free For All in the cold.

Prepare to survive the thrills of the Holiday season in a brand-new limited-time Event as we ship Team Rainbow members to the fresh Arctic Workshop map. You will be able to stalk your fellow Operators in a Free(ze) for All where even death won’t be the end as you respawn on the rooftops to rain down snowballs on your enemies!

Join Jäger, Ace, Flores, Valkyrie and Ying with their new Freeze for All bundles along with returning Snow brawl collections for your favourite Operators and a chance to gain exclusive skins through Event packs! Grab a free Collection pack upon login from the store during the event!

Discover the new Operation Deep Freeze features!

Siege continues to evolve in its brand-new season: Operation Deep Freeze!

Control the pace of battle with latest Portuguese Operator, Tubarão, and his new Zoto Canisters which are throwable devices which can stick to any surface, freezing it. They temporarily disable all gadgets while slowing and revealing their location to Defenders.

Deep Freeze also introduces a brand-new Ranked map, Lair, item trading with the Marketplace (beta), an updated Reputation system, balancing updates, and a new Versus AI playlist to polish your tactics and aim!

Get the most out of the last season of Year 8 by purchasing R6 credits in-game to acquire cosmetics for your newly unlocked Operator or to get these exclusive limited-time Freeze for All bundles!

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Reputation System: Activation & More


Operation Deep Freeze has brought with it the full release of the Reputation System in a grace period. Here we’ll be covering what the full release means for players, how it will continue to improve, and the actions we’ve recently taken to further protect players.


With the Reputation System, we are staying true to our core pillars:


Following our core principles, we aim to shield our players against toxicity, curb in-game disruptions and negative behavior, encourage "pro-social" behavior, reform or remove toxic players, and more, while ultimately reinforcing the cooperative nature of Siege.

Our guiding philosophy with the Reputation System itself is that each player should know why they have a particular Reputation Standing, what they can do to modify their playstyle or interactions and improve their position in the Reputation System. We want to ensure that players have the proper tools available to them and the opportunities to make any necessary adjustments. This release of the Reputation System marks an essential step for us, and with player feedback being a crucial part of our strategy, we will be listening to your thoughts and concerns.



Before we delve into the latest Reputation System update, if you didn’t see our Operation Deep Freeze reveal panel, we’ve got a recap covering what’s been added in Y8S4 and what to expect in the future.


The Reputation System has been released with updated features and UI, and an ongoing grace period. This grace period means that there will currently be no impact based on a player’s Reputation Standing alone, giving players an opportunity to become accustomed to the updated system and to adjust any behaviors before the impacts go live. In the meantime, we will be monitoring the system, collecting feedback, and performing calibrations, ensuring the Reputation System is ready before the grace period is lifted. Note however, that this grace period does not affect currently implemented penalties such as communication penalties and reverse friendly fire that are already live.


We’ve updated the Reputation Center to bring even more information to players. Now you’ll be able to see your biggest opportunities for improvement, the impacts that your Reputation Standing could have (after the grace period), and more.

Two new sections in the updated Reputation Center are Tips and Guides. Here we’re sharing tips that can help players to improve their Reputation Standing and on their way to becoming great Siege community members and players.

With this release you’ll start to see notifications with information about changes to your Reputation Standing. Players will be notified of Reputation Standing adjustments, as well as any possible effects current behavior could have on their Reputation Standing in the future. As part of these notifications, we’ll also share the impacts that a player could face once the grace period has come to a close.


Once the grace period has ended, there will be a range of positive and negative impacts depending on a player’s Reputation Standing. We will share further updates in the future regarding when the grace period will end.

Having positive and good behaviour could bring:

  • Improved Renown gain.
  • Increased experience points.
  • Bonus Alpha Pack progress.
  • Unique rewards.

Alternatively, negative and unwanted behavior could lead to:

  • Reduced experience and rewards.
  • Ranked rewards locks.
  • Playlist locks.

These negative impacts have been specifically chosen to help players to rehabilitate and adapt their behaviors in order to have those effects reversed or removed later in their journey.


Players who find their playlists restricted will need to increase their Reputation Standing in order to make them available once more. This means that players who have the lock enabled will actively need to change their behaviors in the remaining game modes, resulting in those good behaviors being reinforced.

The Ranked rewards lock will behave similarly to the playlist lock, and those who receive a lock on the upcoming Ranked rewards will also have opportunities to rectify the situation. In the following season players who increase their Reputation Standing to Respectable, will have their previous rewards granted.


In-game reporting is incredibly helpful to our Player Protection team. Your in-game reports help to make our automatic detection more robust; they assist in investigations carried out by our Player Protection team, and aid in creating a safer playspace for everyone.

We do also want to reiterate to players that while in-game reporting continues to be an invaluable tool for our Player Protection team to leverage, players will not be sanctioned based on in-game reports alone.

We want players to know they can make use of the in-game reporting system, though we know that there are others looking to misuse these reporting tools as a method of abuse. Following your feedback, we’ve updated our system to better account for and to prevent report spamming. Critically however, players with poor behavior will still be able to be reported correctly, resulting in possible Reputation Penalties or game sanctions. In the future, we will continue to strengthen our validations while building upon and creating new safeguards, further increasing the robustness of our systems.


Currently, the Reputation System already takes advantage of a whole host of positive and negative stats including in-game reports, Commendations, Reverse Friendly Fire, abandon abuse, and more, with the use of safeguarding logic. While these have given us enough data overall to provide a fair representation of a player’s behavior, we know that we can further increase precision with additional data points covering other common player behaviors. To this end, we’re working on including more granular data to define a player’s Reputation with even more accuracy.


The new improvements we are introducing this season should greatly reduce occurrences of players finding undeserved reports on their Misconduct page, while also stopping illegitimate Reputation Penalties in worst case scenarios. If you continue to experience any issue with the Reputation System after this update, please report it via {LINK REMOVED}R6Fix.

You should expect to see additional adjustments and communications in the months to come around balancing, additional actions and protections, and Reputation Standing impacts, as we work to create a system that works best for everyone. We are always listening to your feedback and working on improvements to better reflect our goals; we want to make sure we’re achieving the right results by rewarding positive and reputable players, while helping other players to improve their behavior.

As we continue into Y8S4 Operation Deep Freeze, keep in mind that the Reputation System will remain in a grace period. During that time, you’ll get to see the impact of your in-game actions in the Reputation Center without having the effects applied. None of the impacts highlighted in the Reputation Center will be activated until this system is fully balanced and officially released, however, Reputation Penalties which are already live such as voice or written chat Penalties will continue to work as usual.

We want Siege to not only be a game of competitiveness and strategy, but also of joy and comfort. The Reputation System forms an essential component of our strategy to protect players, and we remain dedicated to our mandate of creating a welcoming environment for all.

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Operation Deep Freeze Live!

Operation Deep Freeze sees new Defender Tubarão keep the competition hot. He stays cool-headed with his Zoto Canister gadget, which releases a freezing compound that will impair Operators movement and any other gadgets in its area of effect. Due to the “cold zone” left behind, any Operator footprints passing the area will be recorded. This gadget can disrupt both enemy and friendly gadgets, but with strategic placement, offers players an opportunity to regain control of a round. Tubarão is a two speed and two health Operator, with a loadout featuring an MPX or AR-15.50 as his primary weapon and a P226 MK 25 as his secondary weapon.

Get instant access to Tubarão and other rewards with the Deep Freeze Battle Pass including: a Bravo ticket, 18 Bravo packs, Operator and weapon skins, and 600 R6 credits back. If you are short on credits, look no further than the Premier or Signature packs for the best deal on R6 credits.

The Signature and Premier packs are the best way to acquire the Battle Pass for Operation Deep Freeze alongside exclusive skins and a 7-day Renown Booster! The Signature Pack provides you with 7,560 R6 Credits, exclusive signature skins while the Premier Pack grants you 2,670 R6 Credits to ensure swift progression through the Battle Pass and all the offerings of the season.

Competition heats up this season with the new Ranked map Lair. Lair is the base of operations for Deimos, and the map is designed for players to experiment with different playstyles as they navigate its multiple entrances and three floors. Each floor has a distinct and the exterior has unique entry points to all three floors. Just as Deimos created this facility to calculate his operations against Rainbow, players can strategize their navigation of Lair for success during matches.

Player protection efforts continue to grow with a Reputation System update, providing more information on what impacts player standing. This season introduces the Grace Period phase where players will be onboarded, learn more about player standing, and give everyone a chance to improve their standing without any penalties before the Reputation System fully launches. This builds on the Commendation System, which allows players to commend each other after a match and rewards players with increased Alpha Pack drop rates. For more information on the Commendation System, please visit:

Players can go to to register for a chance to access the Beta of the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace to sell or buy in-game items with R6 Credits. Additionally, two new features arrive this season: Versus AI and Map Training. Versus AI will allow players to do a match a against AI defender bots that mimic real players, while Map Training is an innovative tool to learn and master maps. Map Training will launch with seven maps to start, including the brand-new Lair map. For player comfort, the update will also add full controller remapping, controller deadzone customization, including Lean Behavior, a big feature for controller players coming later this season. Also coming to Operation Deep Freeze is balancing for Operator Mira, major updates to the Frag grenade, and two new Elite skins.

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Y8S4 Streamer Charms

New Rainbow Six Siege Streamer Charms for Y8S4!
Announcing the next Streamer Charms!

Each season will bring the release of new charms, as well as the return of streamer charms from previous seasons!



{LINK REMOVED}Giselleglezv




{LINK REMOVED}Alfredoplays
{LINK REMOVED}AnneMunition
{LINK REMOVED}Heideltraut
{LINK REMOVED}Lusorkoeffizient
{LINK REMOVED}Narcoleptic Nugget
{LINK REMOVED}PaladinAmber
{LINK REMOVED}WhiteShark67
{LINK REMOVED}yo_boy_roy
{LINK REMOVED}Nerdengenheiro
{LINK REMOVED}Rainbow6itacom
{LINK REMOVED}Minimichegga
{LINK REMOVED}rasco100
{LINK REMOVED}Vetelcito01

How to acquire charms

These charms are only available by subscribing to the respective streamer’s Twitch channel with a linked Ubisoft account. For more information on how to link your Ubisoft and Twitch account, as well as opt in for Twitch Drops, please refer to {LINK REMOVED}this FAQ.

How to get involved

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Whether you’re jumping into Arcade or getting your squad together for a Ranked session, the one thing that all players need is a reliable online experience. In this blog, we’ll shed some light on connectivity in 2023, look at what we’ve achieved, analyze any unplanned downtime, and take a peek at what the Connectivity team is working on.


Firstly, let’s take a closer look at some of the changes brought to the game over the past year that had directly impacted Connectivity, so that we can deep dive into some of the solutions put in place to improve the overall player experience.


Downtime is likely to be the biggest concern for most players when it comes to connectivity. Downtime of a game’s online services can have a wide array of causes, many of which are not linked to the game’s servers themselves. Issues related to new features included as part of an update or the process and logistics behind patch deployment are just a couple of examples of triggers that could result in an online services outage. While our Connectivity team works to ensure our servers are ready for players at all times, we have multiple teams who are making improvements on their side too, with an aim to minimize these extra trigger sources as much as possible.

Below you will see the total unplanned major downtime for each month this year so far. We can see that while the most recent months of September and October have been a relative success, there are three main spikes throughout the year prior to this. Let’s inspect those spikes, why they occurred and how our teams responded.

January saw 15 hours and 54 minutes of unplanned downtime with a number of unique causes being identified, part of which was related to the release of Crossplay. The Connectivity team worked through both December and January bringing stability to the game and establishing areas where revisions or improvements were required. Each instance of downtime was also independently investigated by our teams, with steps taken on how to avoid or mitigate the effects of similar issues in the future. Changes made as a result of the investigations have since helped to reduce impacts from similar events.

In April, we had 7 hours of unplanned outages across three separate incidents all again having a unique cause. In all cases, the Connectivity team was able to detect the point of failure which was causing players to be unable to connect, and was then able to make immediate or planned changes to our systems and procedures to remedy the issues going forward.

Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle was released on August 29th, and with this we encountered a major outage with overall downtime totaling 17 hours and 49 minutes. In essence, this outage was caused by a specific group of conditions arising, which led to our services being unable to handle the high amount of players attempting to connect at season launch.

To alleviate the issue, the team disabled systems that would deliver Rank information to players, while still allowing Rank calculations to take place in the background. This allowed players to connect, matchmake, and complete meaningful Ranked matches while the team continued their work to get the game services fully operational once more. The team was then able to reinstate the delivery of Rank information to the game once conditions were stable.

In response to this situation, teams were able to make both specific and systemic changes to help ensure that the same outcome would not be repeated under similar circumstances.


When talking about game server DDOS, we’re looking at DDOS that directly affects players as well as a group of matches hosted on the targeted game server. The team have previously implemented a feature to reduce the number of matches affected by these attacks, resulting in less players being ejected from matches.

Although the team has made progress in this area this year, we know that players still experience some issues with this. We see your feedback; we want to share that our work continues in this area and that the team will be making further changes in the future to help improve this situation.


When a player boots up Siege, it checks to find the server which will provide the lowest ping based on the player’s current location. This functionality has allowed us to run live tests using new data centers, while gathering performance data. These tests are helping us to understand how activating new locations can not only improve connectivity for certain communities, but also impact the experience of all the other players.

During 2023, after such tests had been completed, the Connectivity team made two new server regions available (one for Korea and another one from Europe Central). We’ve found that these new locations have been a boost for many players, enabling them to play with decreased pings leading to an improved experience overall.

We’ve got nothing final to announce regarding additional new server locations as of right now, though we can confirm that it’s an area the Connectivity team is putting a lot of resources into. In the coming seasons, the team will be running new internal tests, and we’ll share more updates on this as soon as results become available.

In addition to testing new server locations, the Connectivity team is also working on updating and evolving its tooling. This will allow the team to pull more detailed information regarding their usage and ultimately facilitate decision-making when it comes to deciding which regions could benefit from additional resources the most.


Crossplay was implemented back in December and has been one of the biggest online changes to come to Siege. The feature has been a great success, though it’s important to highlight just how this affected our online services in the weeks following release. During this time, we did experience issues leading to downtime which ultimately stemmed from the Crossplay feature. These issues were due to the challenges of deploying such a game-changing feature, while ensuring that all of our systems were ready to provide a stable experience with this additional load. Crucially however, the team was able to ensure that the feature remained live, while bringing stability to the game’s online services, providing a highly awaited change that many players had been asking for.


Over the last few seasons, our teams have been working iteratively to replace older technology which is integral to our online services. Some of this technology has been in place since Siege’s early development, and as the game continues to evolve, there is a need to ensure that we still have state-of-the-art systems in place. Once complete, our team and players alike will be looking to gain multiple advantages, including decreased maintenance downtime.


At Ubisoft we have a wide range of titles, each with their own Programming, Art, and of course, Connectivity teams. In the last year, our Connectivity team has found new ways to collaborate with such teams from other titles, including For Honor and Roller Champions. Since the new efforts were established, the data being shared has enabled us to mitigate online issues that might have otherwise affected players and has resulted in a significant positive impact overall.


The team has made multiple learnings over past seasons and applied a number of changes while working on others which will be implemented in the future. While some of these changes only represent remedies for a fraction of causes, there is no doubt that the steps taken will be beneficial moving forward.

To sum-up, here’s a look at some of the areas the Connectivity team is currently working on:

  • Putting strategies in place to minimize unplanned downtime.
  • Reducing the impact of game server DDOS.
  • Tightening collaboration with other titles including For Honor and Roller Champions.
  • Testing for possible new data centers.
  • Removal and replacement of old technologies used throughout the game’s life.
  • And much more behind the scenes.

This is just a brief overview of what the Siege Connectivity team has been up to, we hope that this article provides useful insight into some of the topics that are being looked at. We want to add that this is only a snippet of what this team is working on, and we’ll share more on this topic in the future.

We thank you for providing feedback on your online experience as it’s extremely helpful to the team and we couldn’t make improvements without you!