Rainbow Six Siege | Containment Event Live Now!

Times were fun during the first Containment event. Alien parasites were infecting everything in their path and taking on the form of Rainbow Six Operators. REACT Team went from room to room blowing up nests. Carnage was everywhere.

Now years later, the Proteans have resurfaced. It’s night-time at the Consulate in Abidjan and it is time for you to pick a side. Playing as REACT Operators (Attackers), you are tasked to infiltrate the area, locate the nests and neutralize them, while playing as infected Proteans (Defenders), you must protect the nests and take down the REACT Team.

Seize this moment of fear, anxiety and dread once again. They don’t come often. 

In addition to the 22 Operators previously playable, this edition brings in Zofia and Hibana on the REACT Team, as well as infected Bandit and Mozzie on the Protean side. While Proteans can only use melee attacks, they can sustain more damage and have special abilities to swiftly move around the map

Discover the new Containment Collection and get limited-time uniforms, headgear, weapon cosmetics, and more, for Hibana, Mozzie, Zofia and Bandit. A new Containment Signature Pack will also be available with an exclusive drone, charm, and a universal weapon skin for all Operators!

In addition, returning bundles from the 2021 Containment Collection will be available once again. If you previously missed the popular Aruni Ravage bundle, now’s the time to claim it!

And don’t forget to claim your FREE Collection Pack by connecting to the game during the event to have a chance to earn legendary skins!

Will you be the one to stop the dangerous Chimera parasite… or will you allow it to spread?

Read the complete mission brief here![www.rainbow6.com]

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