Call Of Duty: Warzone And Modern Warfare Offer All These Free Items To Twitch Viewers

Activision has rolled out a new campaign for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the battle royale game Warzone where you can get free stuff for simply watching Twitch streams.

Now through August 19, everyone who watches a streamer participating in the event can get bonuses like double weapon XP, special stickers, and calling cards. The most prized item seems to be the “Blast Check” weapon charm, which requires you to watch four hours’ worth of Modern Warfare/Warzone to unlock. Check out the graphic below to learn more.

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How To Access The Free Items

To be eligible to unlock the content, you must have a Call of Duty account–get one here. Next, you need to link your account to your Twitch account, which you can do here.

Existing Twitch users may need to re-link their accounts, and you can do that here.

After that, head to Twitch and search for streamers in the Modern Warfare and Warzone categories. The streams with the bonuses available will include messaging that states “drops are enabled.” Click on one of those and you’re good to go.

You can see a rundown of the bonuses and watch-time requirements below.

Modern Warfare/Warzone Twitch Bonuses:

  • Watching 1 hour – ‘Smoke Up’ sticker
  • Watching 2 hours – 1-hour Double Weapon XP token
  • Watching 3 hours – ‘Big Bang’ animated calling card
  • Watching 4 hours – ‘Blast Check’ weapon charm

In other news, Activision is preparing to announce this year’s new Call of Duty game, which is believed to be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Recent teasers have suggested that Activision will further pull back the curtain on the new game this Friday, August 14.

2020’s new Call of Duty game is developed by Black Ops creator Treyarch and longtime Call of Duty support studio Raven Software.

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