CoD: Modern Warfare Double XP Event Now Live For A Limited Time

Developer Infinity Ward is rolling out a new update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare soon, which will refresh the game’s playlists and introduce a brand-new mode called Demolition. That’s not the only reason to jump into the game this week, however; the studio is also offering double XP.

To make up for the bug fixes it needed to make this past weekend, Infinity Ward is running a double XP event in Modern Warfare and Warzone for a limited time. Until Friday, May 8, you’ll earn twice the normal amount of XP, weapon XP, and battle pass XP in the online shooter.

The aforementioned new game mode, Demolition, will arrive as part of this week’s Modern Warfare update. Infinity Ward describes it as similar to Search and Destroy, and it’ll have you “attempt[ing] to outsmart and overpower the other team.” Meanwhile, the refreshed playlists include the “all-blueprint battle” mode, Gun Game Reloaded, as well as Shipment 24/7, Blood Money Trios in Warzone, and more.

Beyond that, this week’s update will also disable helicopters in Warzone. Infinity Ward hasn’t provided a reason for this change, but players on the Warzone subreddit have reported that the vehicles are prone to glitching, affecting the game’s balance.

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