At the beginning of Y5 we announced an upcoming new Match Replay feature for Rainbow Six Siege.

While originally scheduled to go live in the first half of the year, circumstances have forced us to push back the schedule on Match Replay. Match replay is a feature that requires a great deal of technical development, but we hope to deliver the best experience to our players when it is ready to go live. Despite the delay, we’d like to share an early look at Match Replay with you all.

Match Replay is a system that automatically records your last 10 played games. With it, you’ll be able to re-watch and fully spectate your recorded games from both first-person and top-down points of view, from any player, and any angle.

Our goal with Match Replay is to provide players with an interactive tool that will provide full coverage and perspective on their last 10 games. Through the Watch tab in the main menu, you will be able to access your replays where your last 10 games are saved. Once you’re in the replay, you can use the Spectator mode tools to relive your clutch plays, scrutinize missteps, and analyze your strategy to level up your game.

Further down the road, we would like to give Match Replay even more functions such as storing them on the game server instead of locally, a share feature so you can share your replays with your friends, and even the possibility of downloading and watching replays from official esports matches.

We plan to first push an early version of Match Replay out onto the PC Test Servers for testing before sending it to live, so keep an eye out on the TS Patch Notes for updates on when it will be available!


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