How To Unlock CoD: Black Ops Cold War's New Vargo 52 Assault Rifle Early

Call of Duty Season 2 is currently underway in Vanguard and Warzone, but 2020’s Black Ops Cold War is still getting updated with more maps and a new weapon to unlock. While the content is unannounced and likely not meant to be released yet, players have already discovered ways to unlock the game’s new Vargo 52 assault rifle.

A recent update to Black Ops Cold War added unannounced new content, including the remastered versions of Black Ops 1’s Jungle and WMD maps and the new Vargo 52 assault rifle. However, the Vargo 52 is currently still locked and hidden in Black Ops Cold War, but strangely enough, players have discovered they could unlock the weapon by playing Modern Warfare multiplayer instead.

How to unlock the Vargo 52

Image credit: Activision/JGOD

Players are reporting that the rifle is unlocked by scoring 1,000 points of damage using an assault rifle in 15 different matches of Modern Warfare multiplayer.

For this challenge, you can quickly unlock this weapon by choosing Modern Warfare’s smaller map playlists with Shoot House and Shipment. Matches in those playlists usually offer high engagements and tend to take a shorter amount of time to complete.

The Vargo 52 won’t even appear in the Black Ops Cold War menus until the you unlock in Modern Warfare first, but once unlocked you can use it for both multiplayer and Zombies. And unfortunately, the Vargo 52 is still missing in Warzone for those who have already completed the challenge, but the gun will likely appear once it is officially released. We’ll update this guide if more unlock challenges become available for the Vargo 52 in either Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.

Additionally, Call of Duty Season 2 recently added the new KG M40 assault rifle and Whitley light machine gun for you to unlock in Vanguard and Warzone.

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