Rainbow Six-Style FPS Ready Or Not Is Still Alive, New Details

It’s been several months since we’ve last heard about Ready or Not, the ambitious Rainbow Six-like shooter from developer Void Interactive. Despite this lengthy silence, the studio assures that development is progressing steadily, and now it has shared some more progress details about the game.

Like the Rainbow Six and SWAT series, Ready or Not is a tactical police shooter that puts players in the role of an “elite SWAT team tasked with defusing hostile situations in intense, claustrophobic environments.” Void hopes to set it apart from similar titles with its emphasis on realism, which extends to all facets of the game, particularly its animation and AI.

“For the last year, we’ve been writing Suspect and SWAT AI that will challenge the player and act realistically,” Void said on its blog. “Our suspect AI can be surprisingly spontaneous and very lethal. For example, failure to restrain a suspect may result in them getting up when the SWAT are no longer around, and finding something to defend themselves with. Players will have to be strategic and mindful of their surroundings, and use the tools provided to ensure rooms are safe before and during entry.”

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Void also shared several brief gameplay clips of Ready or Not, showcasing the game’s animations and various systems. Most notably, the developer has expanded the reload system; on top of being able to swap magazines by pressing the reload key, players will be able to double-tap the same key to perform a quick-reload. “This will quickly eject the mag to the floor and allows players to quickly resume combat in the event they can’t afford to waste time replacing magazines in their kit,” Void says.

In terms of the kinds of items players will find in their kits, Ready or Not features four types of grenades: the Flashbang, CS-Gas, Stingball, and the Nine-Bang. Void says that each one fills a particular role and can be thrown both overhand and underhand. Some grenade effects can also be mitigated if players have a particular item equipped.

You can read the latest details about Ready or Not on the game’s blog. Void hasn’t announced a release date for the title or the full list of platforms it will support, but it is at the very least coming to PC. The developer has teased it will show off more features from the game in an upcoming gameplay trailer; in the meantime, you can watch Ready or Not’s initial reveal trailer at the top of this story.

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