Sixth Guardian Program Y5S4: The AbleGamers Charity

In Year 5 Season 4, we are launching the Sixth Guardian Program! We aim to support a charity through an in-game bundle on Siege, spanning a full Season per bundle released. 100% of net proceeds, with a minimum of $6 USD per bundle sold will go to the charity.

Your purchases will help to directly support a charity and help a diverse range of causes. Together, we hope to unite the Rainbow Six Siege community and make a positive change outside of our game.

This Season, we’re releasing the Doc Sixth Guardian bundle. All proceeds will go towards The AbleGamers Charity[], whose objective is to combat social isolation and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.

This bundle includes for Doc the Sixth Guardian:

– Uniform
– Headgear
– Weapon skin
– Charm

The bundle will be limited in time and available only for this Season. Make sure to check it out before Season 4 ends!

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