Welcome a new Operator to your squad with the free Holiday Pack!

Happy Holidays from the Rainbow Six Siege team! We have got a surprise for you!

The free Holiday Pack is available from December 22nd 2023 through January 3rd 2024!

The Holiday Pack contains 1 random unowned Operator or a Bravo Pack if all Operators are already owned. To get your pack go to the shop and claim the “free gift” item. The in-game news bulletin should also direct you there.

We hope you enjoy and have a great time heading into your new year.

Enjoy the Holiday Season with the Limited-Time Freeze For All Event!

The festivities continue until Jan 5th and winter descends upon Siege as Attack and Defense sides cease to exist with only a Free For All in the cold.

Prepare to survive the thrills of the Holiday season in a brand-new limited-time Event as we ship Team Rainbow members to the fresh Arctic Workshop map. You will be able to stalk your fellow Operators in a Free(ze) for All where even death won’t be the end as you respawn on the rooftops to rain down snowballs on your enemies!

Join Jäger, Ace, Flores, Valkyrie and Ying with their new Freeze for All bundles along with returning Snow brawl collections for your favourite Operators and a chance to gain exclusive skins through Event packs! Grab a free Collection pack upon login from the store during the event!

Discover the new Operation Deep Freeze features!

Siege continues to evolve in its brand-new season: Operation Deep Freeze!

Control the pace of battle with latest Portuguese Operator, Tubarão, and his new Zoto Canisters which are throwable devices which can stick to any surface, freezing it. They temporarily disable all gadgets while slowing and revealing their location to Defenders.

Deep Freeze also introduces a brand-new Ranked map, Lair, item trading with the Marketplace (beta), an updated Reputation system, balancing updates, and a new Versus AI playlist to polish your tactics and aim!

Get the most out of the last season of Year 8 by purchasing R6 credits in-game to acquire cosmetics for your newly unlocked Operator or to get these exclusive limited-time Freeze for All bundles!

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