The Y4S2.2 patch will be primarily bugfixes aimed at cleaning up issues raised during the Test Server and during the early weeks of season release while we prepare for the next update and work on other major issues. Clash and deployable shields have previously been re-enabled on live servers across all platforms, but we are continuing to monitor the fix that went out.


Updated parameters for Reverse Friendly Fire interactions with hostage
  • RFF triggers for hostage interactions have been aligned to be more reflective of global RFF parameters
Lesion Gu Mine Cloaking
  • Lesion Gu Mine cloaking mechanics have been updated with Echo’s cloaking mechanic to prevent detection through ballistic shields.
Idle Kick
  • Reduced Idle kick timer during prep phase.
  • Additional new idle-kick feedback warning prompt.
  • Fixed – Attackers can break their rotation axis through a series of steps, allowing them to spin like a top. No more Beyblade.
  • Fixed – Placing certain gadgets (Jammer, Prisma, Evil Eye, etc.) in front of a destructible wall segment can interfere with later attempts to reinforce.
  • Fixed – Shield operators can see an invisible Yokai VFX through their shield when the glass is damaged.
  • Fixed – Players can lose partial functionality if they started to defuse at the same time as another defender.
  • Fixed – Sometimes the Defuser can be pushed outside the bomb site by interactions with barricades and wall reinforcements.
  • Fixed – Players are kicked after putting the hostage in DBNO during prep phase. 


  • Fixed – Echo drones fixed on a ceiling hatch continue to stay in place even after hatch is destroyed.
  • Fixed – Mozzie’s hacked drone view for Defender Operators in Support mode are in color when they should be black + white. (Only Mozzie should see hacked drones in full-color).
  • Fixed –Airjab proximity SFX is not present in replays.
  • Fixed – Glitches feedback in first person POV continues playing after leaving rappel.
  • Fixed –HUD becomes larger when deploying a shield, placing a reinforcement, or when on a ladder.
  • Fixed – Shock drone’s beams cannot travel through railings on some maps to destroy cameras
  • Fixed – Twitch drone view for Defender Operators in Support mode are in color when they should be black + white. (Only Twitch should see her drones in full-color). 

  • Fixed – Players can vault the shelves at 1F Electrical Room.
  • Fixed – Drone can be thrown into ceiling of 1F Teller’s Office.
  • Fixed – Missing entry prompt when rappelling down from EXT Low Roof Skylight.
  • Fixed – Operators clip through the South building’s wall when rappeling down EXT Low Roof while holding the hostage.
  • Fixed – Lesion cannot deploy his Gu mines on a specific location at the entrance of Ext Tunnel.
  • Fixed – Players can vault and go through ceiling areas of EXT Pedestrian Customs.
  • Fixed – Missing drone collision with in 1F Workshop allows drones to scan without being spotted.
  • Fixed – Attackers can vault onto the purple tarps from EXT rooftop.
  • Fixed – Defender drones lose reception in the 2F VIP Lounge drone hole.
  • Fixed – Drones can be thrown between the floorboards above B Garage.
  • Fixed – Obstructed ADS vision in B Escape Tunnel.
  • Fixed – One of the soft walls in B Container cannot be reinforced from the outside at EXT Construction Site.
  • Fixed – LOD issues with glass display in 2F Museum Room.
  • Fixed – Missing barricade at the start of a round in 2F Sewing Room.
  • Fixed – Various window clipping and texture issues.
  • Fixed – Flash Bang effects can pass through the stained glass windows on Villa onto the other side.
  • Fixed – It is difficult to deploy Gadgets on some of the windows/flat window surfaces where they should be able to be deployed.
  • Fixed – LOD issue in 2F Pillar Room.
  • Fixed – Players can prone and hide in a shelf in 3F Bar Backstore.
  • Fixed – Blocked windows from previous Kafe showing red outlines during preparation phase.
  • Fixed – Operators can hide inside the cupboards in 1F Dining Room
  • Fixed – Floating debris after destroying the wall in 2F Fireplace Hall.
  • Fixed – Minor missing visual elements.
  • Fixed – [Situations] Drone can remain stuck inside a tree after spawning in EXT Park.
  • Fixed – Missing collision with doorstep when the floor is destroyed allows gadgets to pass through a beam.
  • Fixed – Operators can clip through the B Tower Stairs.
  • Fixed – Players can vault onto the vending machine in 2F Garage Lounge.
  • Fixed – Missing compass location after rappelling towards EXT Dragon Statue. 


  • Fixed – Spamming of special characters in All Text chat causes freezing.
  • Fixed – Players are put into a situation instantly after cancelling a discovery queue.
  • Fixed – Updates to various UI elements.
  • Fixed – Fixes for some modeling and texture issues.
  • Fixed – Swapping between guns will make ADS to be offset when in Support mode.

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